Friday, February 29, 2008

Being Rubbish


...I have not returned all the Blockbuster answers and dished out the bonus quiz. This has something to do with my internet access being very haphazard. That and the fleeting nature of time. And something else I would mention, but I guess you're past caring.

So, even if you have already furnished me with your desired address, please send it again to

Also, if you haven't sent me a cheque or payment, please remind me. I do have a list of participants with their preferred method, but it is far far away at the moment and I am aware that some chose to forego PayPal, as they had previously stated, and instead decided to sling some cash in my hands, all direct-like.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

If We Were a Rowing Team ...

... We Would Be Oar-some!

Champions once more.

Better than Arsenal. The crappy football analogies will never stop, I swear!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

How Not to Capitalise On Extra Blog Hits

Time and the lack of it

I've just got back from Budapest. The weather was bliss and the pickling of our livers was predictably harsh. Some more so than others, though I am glad to report that I was not mugged by a lady, completely shafted over a bar bill by nefarious siren means or have my foreheard bloodily smashed into a wall during a pillow fight. I am, however, truly tired and really want to go home home, but must first go to work, play in the crucial QLL title decider tonight against Nomads before I stumbled shattered and hazy onto the last train home. The only cultural thing I vaguely did was walk past St Stephen's Basilica and mock-ravedance to the thunderous ding-dong of its enormous bells, so it didn't exactly enhance my GK. I think reading the Easyjet city guides ('Key Area', 'Day Trip' and 'No Way' bits) did more to improve the old know how, so much so that I took the inflight magazine home. Watching I Love New York and Jason Statham films certainly did not.

Anyway, must dash from this internet cafe and tell you more later about last night's TV quiz at Shoreditch House and foreign quiz shows. And, of course, glorious winning things, if that be the case.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Provisional Blockbuster Scores

This is the vanilla version, and not necessarily the final one. I have to check a few scores, but for now ...

BB Results
1 Kevin Ashman (UK) 367
2 Mark Bytheway (UK) 329
3 Pat Gibson (Ire) 317.5
4 Eric Wildsmith (UK) 308
5 Steve Perry (US) 302
6 Jesse Honey (UK) 299.5
7 Sean Carey (UK) 289
8 Ian Bayley (UK) 287.5
9 Randall Shane (US) 285
10 David Stainer (UK) 279.5
11 Barry Simmons (UK) 274
12 Scott Dawson (UK) 273
13 William De Ath (UK) 262
14 Dorjana Sirola (Cro) 253.5
15 Phil Duffy (UK) 245
16 Erik Derycke (Bel) 241
17 Chris Quinn (UK) 237
18 Thomas Kolåsæter (Nor) 233.5
19 Nick Mills (UK) 232.5
20 Alan Gibbs (UK) 229
21= Harald Aastorp (Nor) 225.5
21= Tore Dahl (Nor) 225.5
23 Fred Filby (UK) 225
24 Chris Jones (UK) 221
25= Ole Martin Halck (Nor) 216.5
25= Diane Hallagan (UK) 216.5
27 Nic Paul (UK) 216
28 Kathryn Johnson (UK) 212
29 Jenny Ryan (UK) 206.5
30= Peter Ediss (UK) 205.5
30= Quentin Holt (UK) 205.5
32 Steven De Ceuster (Bel) 198
33 Tim Westcott (UK) 192.5
34 Lars Heggland (Nor) 188
35 Knut Heggland (Nor) 185.5
36 Trine Aalborg (Nor) 185
37 Phil Smith (UK) 184.5
38 Rob Hannah (UK) 184
39 William Barrett (UK/Irish) 180.5
40= Alan Bowell (UK) 179
40= Gwilym Owen (UK) 179
42 Christian Flermoe (Nor) 175
43 Andrew Whittingham (UK) 174.5
44 John Seager (UK) 173
45 Will Jones (UK) 172.5
46 John Harrison (UK) 166
47 CJ de Mooi (UK) 151.5
48 Jon Strøm (Nor) 140.5
49 Bjørn Revil (Nor) 138.5
50 Karen Skjånes (Nor) 132
51 Ivar Areklett (Nor) 97
52 Lars Andre Gundersen (Nor) 96
53 James Middleton (UK) 95
54 Judy May (UK) 88
55 Ian Jackson (UK) 81
56 Christian G Lie (Nor) 67

Don't Worry!

I will be publishing the BB results tonight. Maybe late, though. Very late. So don't stay up or anything in sweaty, excited anticipation.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Awfully Sorry ...

... about the non-blogging.

Some brief catch-up news: we won our seventh President's Cup match (hurray!) and lost our first QLL play-off against Allsorts (boo!). Scored 20 in the former and 11 in the latter - now what does that say about the respective compeitions? Didn't make any stupid mistakes. Never the mind.

Apparently, Jesse is going to be sent to trial at the International Criminal Court for the friendly he set, so great and mighty was the pain and anguish he wrought amongst the league flock. But since it was a friendly, I think we should let him off. For now.

The question I have been pondering today: should family entertainment quiz shows feature questions about Nazi "butchers"? I'm thinking, yeah, why not. It was so long ago. Or maybe it wasn't. It is in the living memory. You see the dilemma.

Blockbuster Baloney
Still marking sheets and waiting for answers. I promise you, I truly do, that the results will be here next week, waiting for your eyes to look upon them, and go ahem, could've done better/could've done worse/in the faces of those I have vanquished so comprehensively!

Random quiz question so rare among these parts of late
Q:The Madiba Legacy comic book series concentrates on which real-life man?


A: Nelson Mandela, of course. It looks like an ace read!

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

The Oh So Predictable Postponement

I Don't Usually Do This Kind of Thing

Yes, today was the supposed day of Blockbuster reckoning and lo, I found myself unable to complete quizmasterly duties and do a full results table thingummybobbins due to a slightly foreseen change in work circumstances and a Norwegian comedy of errors. If you think that I am actually making sense, well done!

Well, for the first time in two years, four months and six days (hey, that could almost be the title of an elephant abortion film ... my sweet lord, that is NOT funny ... but yes, it has been that LONG). I have been working in an office, surrounded by PEOPLE, and getting up at times of the day good citizens of this fair nation deem NORMAL, and being a PRODUCTIVE member of society. It's to do with TELEVISION. Glamorous? As glamorous as Charlie Brooker makes it out to be, but without the rampant runner-on-producer/star oral sex. It won't last I tells ya, and not just because I am getting a sniffely, red nosed-cloud and a throat as dry as my driest humour missiles (and you know how Gobi dry that can be when I am on form). RANDOM CAPITALISED WORDS.

Therefore, the Blockbuster deadline is delayed til February 17. Sometime during the day. I dunno when. Try me. Go on.

Instead, momentarily amuse yourself by watching me hold a sheet of ice while my hyperactive monkey of a mate, Oliver Marsh, headbutts it into many jagged splintery splashy pieces. See how we amuse ourselves in the Sussex countryside (at least, we don't have sex with animals and burn immigents.)