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Me So Friendly

This be another friendly wot I wrote from last year. I am really spoiling you with two loads of questions in three days. And these questions are ALL my own. No looking through quiz books in desperation for the purpose of filler questions. Not like the besmirched one directly below this question set.

Unanswered questions answers, as per usual are underneath the Spares.

1 Which hero of classical myth was accidentally killed with a poisoned robe by his wife Deianira?
Hercules / Heracles
2 Recalling the African origin of its cocoa bean ingredients, which animal features in the logo of the Belgian chocolate-maker Cote d'Or?
3 Which classic jazz album by Dave Brubeck features the tracks Strange Meadow Lark, Pick Up Sticks and Take Five?
4 The 2013 Ridley Scott film The Counsellor has an original script written by which Pulitzer Prize-winning author of The Road?
Cormac McCarthy
5 Who reprised his role as the Eighth Doctor Who in the 2013 webisode 'The Night of the Doctor'?
Paul McGann
6 Whose poem 'Ode on a Distant Prospect of Eton College' features the phrase "ignorance is bliss"?
Thomas Gray
7 Originally called Julio Gonzalez, which French-based Spanish painter is known for such Cubist still-lifes as Violon et Guitare, which sold at auction for $28.6m in 2010?
Juan Gris
8 The Casement Report outlined abuses in which free state, the private estate of King Leopold II?
Congo Free State

1 Warning against their machinations, which Roman's sixth Satire warned "who will watch the watchmen?" when talking with regards to women?
2 Which proverbial principle is embodied by the three monkeys named Mizaru, Kikazaru and Iwazaru? 
See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil
3 Which man - the first Jewish Prime Minister of France - ended up in Dachau but survived and served once more in the Fourth Republic?
Leon Blum
4 Lord Hate-good, Pliable, Faithful, Formalist and Hypocrisy are characters in which 17th century book?
The Pilgrim's Progress
5 Advertised on TV by Charlize Theron, J'adore is a perfume by which fashion house?
6 The grandson of Mieszko I of Poland, which king received the last Danegeld and defeated Edmund Ironside at Assandun?
Canute I / Canute the Great / Knut
7 In 1902, the occultist Aleister Crowley and Oscar Eckenstein unsuccessfully tried to climb which Pakistani mountain?
8 What one-word title links the latest entry in the Call of Duty video game franchise and a play by Henrik Ibsen?

1 In the style of rugby union's All Blacks, what is the nickname of New Zealand's national football team?
All Whites
2 Which two-word term describes a star when the core runs out of hydrogen leading to an expansion and cooling of its atmosphere?
Red giant
3 Which architect's designs include the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts at the University of East Anglia and the Stansted airport terminal building?
Norman Foster
4 The Fauvist painter Andre Derain produced a painting of which London bridge in 1906?
5 In some Tarot card decks, The Hierophant is known by the name of which religious figure?
6 The England wicketkeeper Matt Prior plays county cricket for which club?
7 Which retailer is the world's third largest employer with 2.1m employees?
8 Tacloban City is the capital of which Philippine province?

1 At the 1978 World Cup, West Germany were defeated 3-2 in a match that became known as the 'Shame of Cordoba' by which team? 
2 Born Johannes Bouwens, which Dutch singer had a global hit in 1975 with Paloma Blanca?
George Baker [Selection]
3 Who married Roxana of Bactria, Stateira II of Persia and Parysatis II of Persia?
Alexander the Great
4 The Oriental Small-clawed is the smallest species and the sea and the great the largest of which mammal?
5 Which American fashion retailer owns the Hollister brand and the Gilly Hicks lingerie chain?
Abercrombie & Fitch
6 A moshav shitufi is a type of cooperative village in which country?
7 The youngest noncommissioned American officer in history, Johnny Clem served as a 12-year-old drummer boy in which war?
US Civil War
8 In 1993, Tansu Ciller became the first and so far only woman prime minister of which country? 

1 The historic centre of which Polish city is situated at the foot of Royal Wawel Castle?
2 Which division of General Motors introduced the Corvette sports car in 1953?
3 Which title links a 1964 Buffy Saint-Marie protest song and a 1992 film starring Jean Claude van Damme and Dolph Lundgren film? 
Universal Soldier
4 A villain in the Bond film Live and Let Die, which loa of the dead in Haitian voodoo is married to Maman Brigitte? 
Baron Samedi
5 The human body contains twice as much blood of which other fluid? 
6 A Neo-Druid movement supporter, the physician William Price pioneered which funeral practice in Great Britain? 
7 Born in 1842, which French composer is best known for such operas as Manon, Werther and Thais?
Jules Massenet
8 The Atash Behram, meaning 'fire of victory', is the highest grade of fire temple - the place of worship in which religion?

1 Which Russian composed his fourth symphony between 1877 and 1878 during the breakdown of his marriage to Antonina Milyukova? 
2 Which Cornish fish pie is cooked as part of traditional celebrations for Tom Bawcock's Eve?
Stargazy pie
3 Which silent film star's debut movie role was in the 1917 short comedy The Butcher Boy alongside Fatty Arbuckle who played the title character? 
4 Which late snooker player won the World Professional title at his first attempt, was the first winner at the Crucible Theatre and was the inaugural winner of the Masters?
John Spencer
5 Which Swedish band released the '90s albums Emmerdale, Life, and Gran Turismo?
The Cardigans
6 What is the more common name of the disease osteomalacia when it occurs in children? 
7 BRIAN the Robot appears in TV ads for which insurance price comparison website?
8 Which current Cabinet minister wrote a biography of William Pitt the Younger?
William Hague

1 Enceladus is the only geologically active moon of which planet where active eruptions have been observed?
Saturn - hindsight repeat!
2 In a Roman public bath, if the caldarium was the hot bath and the frigidarium the cold bath, what was the warm bath?
3 The Sky Arts series A Young Doctor's Notebook stars Jon Hamm and which English actor as his physician character's younger, shorter version?
Daniel Radcliffe
4 Who had a no.4 hit in 1986 when she sang the EastEnders theme tune in the song Anyone Can Fall in Love?
Anita Dobson
5 The Savannah is a domestic hybrid cat breed that is a cross between the domestic cat and  which African wild cat?
6 Which charity for helping young people was founded by Prince Charles in 1976?
The Prince's Trust
7 What is the name of the youngest of Boris Johnson's three siblings?
Joseph / Jo
8 Owned by Pearson, which leading publisher of educational materials for schools is the world's oldest commercial imprint, having been founded in 1724?

1 Originally named Polarbjorn, the Arctic Sunrise is an ice-strengthened ship that was purchased by which organisation in 1995?
2 The cardoon is the wild variety of which flower vegetable, whose traditional cultivars include Romanesco, Violet de Provence and Verde Palermo?
Artichoke / Globe artichoke
3 Shared with the closely related perennial delphinium, which common name is given to the flower genus Consolida due to the shape of the calyx?
4 Jose Eduardo dos Santos has been president of which African country since 1979?
5 Richard Kay has stepped down as the gossip columnist of which newspaper after 10 years?
Daily Mail
6 Atomic number 85, which of the halogens derives its name from the Greek for 'unstable'?
7 England's rugby union Head Coach, Stuart Lancaster, was Director of Rugby at which club before joining the national set-up in 2011?
8 Founded in 1999 by US computer science student Aaron Peckham, which user-edited online slang dictionary has become infamous for its many colourful entries and definitions? It uses the slogan 'Define Your World'.
Urban Dictionary

T-back, V-string, Cheeky and, for men in Asia, Fundoshi and Kowpeenam are types of which undergarment?
Which mild-flavoured cheese is drained, but not pressed, so some whey remains and the individual curds remain loose? When pressed, it can become hoop cheese or pot cheese.
Cottage cheese
Founded in 1951, which Group is the oldest centre-right think tank and shares its name with an area of East London? Past chairmen include Geoffrey Howe and Norman Lamont.
The Bow Group
Which city, situated on the plain of the River Guadalquivir, is home to the Giralda bell tower, the Plaza de Espana in the Maria Luisa Park and Cajasol Tower skyscraper?
Which Oscar-winning director played Leopoldo Pisanello in the 2012 Woody Allen film To Rome with Love?
Roberto Benigni

Answers to The Unanswered
R1 3. Time Out
R2 5. Christian Dior / Dior
R3 4. Charing Cross Bridge / Hungerford Bridge
R3 5. The Pope
R3 8. Leyte
R5 5. Lymph
R6 3. Buster Keaton
R7 8. Longman
R8 4. Angola
R8 7. Leeds Carnegie

Monday, January 20, 2014

Gotta Post Sumting: Questions in Yer Eye-Holes!

MM vs Sussex Friendly: 19/1/2014

MM Win 44-38 or something

Mildly Naughty Disclosure: Some questions were written with the aid of an Encyclopædia Britannica quiz book (I wrote it yesterday morn in three hours; sometimes a leg-up is needed to turn one round in such a short space of time, he says with the excuses, and more excuses). EB-aided Qs are thus starred *

The unanswered Qs' answers are below the Spare...

1. What was the first and surname of Margaret Thatcher's father? 
Alfred Roberts
2. The football team Real Betis is based in which city? 
3. Which Seinfeld star plays US Vice-President Selina Meyer in the TV comedy Veep
Julie Louis-Dreyfus
4. Diamorphine is the technical name for which drug? 
5. Based on a book by Jon Krakauer, which Sean Penn film tells the real-life story of Christopher McCandless who starved to death in Alaska in 1992? 
Into the Wild
6. James Turner Street in Birmingham is the setting for which Channel 4 show? 
Benefits Street
7. Complete the title of the painting in New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art: Aristotle Contemplating a Bust of...
... Homer
8. Which British philosopher, in his treatise Principia Ethica, held that 'good' was indefinable and that it was a non-natural quality? 
G.E. Moore

1. Which two word title links a poem by Hart Crane, a biography of Barack Obama by David Remnick, and a TV drama featuring the role of 'Saga Noren, Malmo County Police'? 
The Bridge
2. The Step Pyramid of King Djoser, the earliest monumental construction made of stone, is located where in Egypt? 
3. Which 17th century Spanish painter is known for such works as The Little Fruit Seller; Beggar Boys Eating Grapes and Melons; and his portraits of St Isidore of Seville and St Leander of Seville in Seville Cathedral? 
4. Succeeding Leonid Kravchuk, Leonid Kuchma became the second president of which country in 1994? 
5. Which provincial Irish rugby union team plays its home games at the Galway Sportsgrounds? 
6. Which letter of the alphabet is the name of the agent played by Tommy Lee Jones in the Men in Black films? 
7. Who published The Hired Man, the first novel of his 'Cumbrian Trilogy', in 1969? His non fiction books include 2003's The Adventure of English
Melvyn Bragg
8. Lord Puttnam of Queensgate is the Chancellor of which university, whose motto is "Live and Learn"? 
Open University

1. Which Urdu word, derived from the Arabic for 'organiser', is used for a coordinator of a city or town in Pakistan, a position similar to mayor?
2. Which singer reputedly wrote the song Splish Splash in only 12 minutes?* 
Bobby Darin
3. Which moon, similar in size and density to Pluto, is thought to have been formed elsewhere in the Solar System before being captured by Neptune?* 
4. Ochlophobia is a common fear of what?* 
5. The Timken Museum of Art is located at 1500 El Pardo in which Californian city's Balboa Park? 
San Diego
6. The smallest penguin species, the Little Blue or Little Penguin, is also known by which common name? 
Fairy penguin (Eudyptula minor)
7. What is the only halogen element that is liquid at room temperature?* 
8. Which New York City-born jazz and salsa musician was known as 'The Musical Pope', 'The King of the Timbales', and 'The King of Latin Music'? He guest starred in The Simpsons double-episode 'Who Killed Mr Burns?' 

1. In 1900, the army pathologist Walter Reed demonstrated that mosquitoes transmitted which disease?* 
Yellow fever
2. Famously associated with Jane Goodall, Gombe Stream National Park is in which African country?* 
3. Which Google operating system is the world's most widely used smartphone platform? 
4. Shepherd's, Battle, Broad, Sparth, Dane and Long-Bearded are types of which weapon? 
5. Which maker of cigarette lighters began in the US as the Art Metal Works in 1886? Its one-word name completes the ad slogan "You're a Winner - with a ______!"? 
6. The cruciate ligaments are found in which part of the body?* 
7. Which green pigment can be obtained through the application of acetic acid to copper plates? 
8. Which small nocturnal fox of the Sahara gives its name to the nickname of Algeria's national football team; a lightweight helicopter made by Eurocopter; and the code name of the Mozilla Firefox for Mobile web browser? 

1. Who played Prince Vultan in the 1980 film Flash Gordon
Brian Blessed
2. Who released the solo studio albums Here Come the Warm Jets, Another Green World and Ambient 1: Music for Airports
Brian Eno
3. Gracia, L'Eixample, Nou Barris and Sant Marti are districts of which city in Spain? 
4. Which 1837 novel is alternatively titled The Parish Boy's Progress
Oliver Twist
5. Sigmund Romberg's operetta Blossom Time was based on the life of which Austrian composer?*
6. Enceladus is the brightest of all moons orbiting which planet?* 
7. Which New Zealand cricketer, who debuted in 1997, is the 8th player in Test history to take 300 wickets and score 3000 runs? 
Daniel Vettori
8. Which castle was owned by the Greville family until it was bought by the Tussauds Group in 1978? Its name is that of the earldom bestowed upon the Grevilles in 1759. 
Warwick Castle

1. Endemic to Tasmania, what type of creature is a Black Currawong?
2. In 2011, Philip Clarke replaced Sir Terry Leahy as chief exec of which retailer? 
3. Which term is used for the gel-like substance enclosed within the cell membrane, and the organelles, the cell's internal sub-structures? 
4. Who began his first stint as manager of Stoke City in 2002? 
Tony Pulis
5. Known by the abbreviation TMV, what became the first virus to ever be discovered in 1898? 
Tobacco Mosaic Virus
6. Which ITV sitcom was adapted for television by Eric Chappell from his 1971 play The Banana Box
Rising Damp
7. Jake, Ben and Karen are the names of 'The Children' in which sitcom, first broadcast in 2007? 
8. What is William Shakespeare's star sign? 

1. Which porn star, real name Lindsay Honey, is the father of actor Tiger Drew-Honey, who plays Jake in Outnumbered
Ben Dover - good knowledge Nic!
2. Popular in Trinidad and Tobago, the Aloo Pie is a variant of which savoury pastry with origins in Uttar Pradesh? 
3. Which French tennis player won the 2005 Australian Open ladies singles title? 
Amelie Mauresmo
4. According to tradition, which apostle reached Muziris in India in 52 AD, and died in either Mylapore, India 20 years later, or Persia? 
Thomas / Didymus
5. The 6th century ruler Guaram I of Iberia and George XII, who died in 1800, were the first and last kings of which country and former Soviet republic? 
6. In the language of Esperanto, all singular nouns end in which vowel?* 
7. Which type of nut comes from deciduous trees in the genus Juglans?* 
8. The Montreal Shamrocks, Winnipeg Victorias and Ottawa HC were early winners of which major trophy? 
Stanley Cup

1. What is a male giraffe called?* 
2. Which term was coined by Peter Karlson and Martin Lüscher to describe a chemical used to communicate between individuals of the same species?* 
3. Which singer, killed at the age of 30 in a plane crash, was born Virginia Patterson Hensley?* 
Patsy Cline
4. Which substance in the human body is the main product of the parotid gland?* 
5. Which Norman King of England shares his name and regnal number with the men who, respectively, became king of Germany in 919 and king of the Franks in 1031? 
Henry I
6. Which tycoon set the world's land plane speed record in 1935?* 
Howard Hughes
7. Which order's emblem features the motto "HONI SOIT QUI MAL Y PENSE" in gold lettering? 
Order of the Garter
8. The Lapin, Splash, Landy and Swift are cars produced by which Japanese automaker? 

The Procuress is a signed and dated work of 1656 in Dresden's Gemäldegalerie Alte Meister  by which Dutchman? 

Unanswered Question Answers
R3 1. Nazim
R3 8. Tito Puente
R4 5. Ronson
R5 5. Schubert
R6 1. Bird
R7 2. Samosa