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Last Original Friendly of the Season

So we collected our President's Cup trophy (our third in four years) in surprisingly raucous yet slightly bittersweet fashion, while I made the usual silly elementary errors like confusing Australian lakes and deserts in the Brain of London final and finished third, one point behind Kevin, just like last year.

However, Kevin didn't win and since this was our third final together I think I may act as some kind of mystic jinx on his chances at winning his 11th BoL title. But very well done to Dave, whose dominant debut final performance did everything just right. Unlike me, who was told by Jesse straight afterwards: "You do better at written quizzes". Why, thank you for that piece of knifey knife insight.

WQC preparation madness syndrome has set in like never before, and as for the May 21st Clockwork quiz, it has even compelled me to - once and for all - learn about Francobelgian comics in détails graves (aid comes in the form of such UK publishers as Cinebook and starting buying series like XIII), with tentacles spreading into other area of BD Europe: the Italians! The Swiss! There be so many ... yet no longer will points be thrown away on such things. We Brits can't give up on such subjects because they come up time and time again and all we Anglos do is go 'huh?' because our own island's pop culture is horribly ignorant of its impact on the continent. Well, I won't have a really confident grasp for a few years - the kind of understanding that comes easily with the American graphic novel side of things (it helps if you actually read them rather than read Wikipedia synopses, I find). Let's see how it goes in the mean time - a time in which I feel utterly overwhelmed by the amount of info/sources/old quizzes/new books/old books that I have stacked in my room or stuffed in bags and lug around in a state of derangement. And there's still one month to go (so very little time, when one comes to think of it, considering Seneca now). However, I get a funny feeling in my tummy when I think about the work I'm putting in, meaning that I really do enjoy the prep, the revision, learning the new stuff. I wouldn't do it if I didn't like it.

Anyway, last bit of seasonal business to clean up: my last originally written friendly of the season. Memories are hazy, with regards to who got what right. I mean, I'm not even sure who won. Was it Beds & Herts? Was it Sussex? It's a 50/50. If it was the Brain of London final I would undoubtedly go for the wrong one, such is my QLL life.

Unanswered Qs bolded up yadda yadda ... you know the score ... hundred and five for septic ... and he kills the bad guys ... old Machete trailer quotes creeping in.

Yet I fear the following quiz is riddled with mistakes. Blame the lag time between writing and posting. So be warned and be wary of what purports to be the 'truth'.

President's Cup friendly: February 20

Round 1
1 Published in 1932, which Stella Gibbons debut novel parodied the so-called 'pessimistic ruralism' of Thomas Hardy?
Cold Comfort Farm
2 Which saint gives her name to the chapel that is Edinburgh's oldest building?
St Margaret
3 In Scotland, banknotes are issued by the Royal Bank of Scotland, the Bank of Scotland and which other bank?
Clydesdale Bank
4 Named after the Spanish king who abdicated in 1931, which bridge gives Seville access to the Atlantic?
Alphonse XIII
5 Belgica antarctica, the largest land animal on Antarctica, is a flightless species of which insect?
6 Known by the code BZV, Maya Maya airport serves which African capital city?
7 The Kuna is the currency of which former state of Yugoslavia?
8 Directed by Casey Affleck, the documentary I’m Still Here turned out to be a hoax. Which starring actor grew a beard, appeared on Letterman and embarked on a fake career in hip-hop?
Joaquin Phoenix

Round 2
1 The birthplace of Jimi Hendrix, which US city is home to the Experience Music Project museum?
2 Which ruler of ancient Palestine was responsible for the beheading of John the Baptist?
Herod Antipas
3 The world's largest natural bridge with a span of 86 metres, which rock bridge is located in southern Utah, just north of the border of the border with Arizona? It takes its name from a weather phenomenon.
Rainbow Bridge
4 In 1846, the American inventor Richard Hoe was the first printer to develop a successful type of which press?
Rotary press
5 From 1701 to 1918, the kings of Prussia came from which German dynastic family?
6 In 1896, the American engineer Herman Hollerith founded a company that later expanded to become which corporation?
7 Which Irish dramatist wrote the plays Faith Healer and Dancing at Lughnasa?
Brian Friel
8 Gustav Holst wrote four sets of Choral Hymns from which Hindu sacred text?
Rig Veda

Round 3
1 Which Jewish spring festival commemorates the defeat of Haman's plot to massacre the Jews?
2 The Pygmalion that fell in love with an ivory statue was a mythical king of which island?
3 The term 'Pyrrhic victory' comes from Pyrrhus, who was the king of which ancient country?
4 Which American Nobel Prize-winning physicist coined the term 'quark' from the phrase 'Three quarks for Muster Mark' in James Joyce's novel Finnegans Wake?
Murray Gell-Mann
5 Which jockey rode Arkle to victory in Cheltenham Gold Cup three times in the 1960s?
Pat Taaffe
6 Which 1971 film, starring Steve McQueen, is said to capture accurately what it feels like to drive a Gulf Porsche 917 at 200 miles per hour?
Le Mans
7 Aytron Senna made his Grand Prix debut in Brazil in 1984 with which team?
8 Who became the first person to sail non-stop and single-handed around the world in his boat Suhaili?
Robin Knox-Johnston

Round 4
1 Which rotund snooker referee from Northern Ireland was immortalised in a 1985 song by Half Man Half Biscuit?
Len Ganley (as in The Len Ganley Stance)
2 In squash, what two-word term describes a super slow ball that is used at championship level?
Double yellow
3 In 1570, the Frenchman Henri Saint-Didier originally coined the names for the various movements used in which Olympic sport?
4 Named after an American newspaper tycoon, what is the most celebrated trophy in hot-air ballooning?
Coupe Aeronautique Gordon Bennett
5 Which pseudonym was used by the American writers of detective fiction Frederic Dannay and Manfred Lee?
Ellery Queen
6 Meaning 'fast' in Hawaiian, what word generally refers to a website that can be edited by anybody?
7 Which IBM computer beat Jeopardy! champions Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter in a series of TV shows that was broadcast in the US this week?
Watson - or Evil Watson, as I like to call him/it
8 Corregio decorated the dome of Italian city's cathedral with a highly influential illusionistic fresco?

Round 5
1 Later known for a brand of eponymous breakfast sausage, which country star had a 1961 US no. 1 with Big Bad John?
Jimmy Dean
2 The 1990 Mazda Cosmo was the first car to be equipped with what type of navigation system?
3 An invention of Queen Victoria’s lady-in-waiting, the Duchess of Bedford, what was first served at the Langham Hotel in London’s Regent Street in 1865?
Afternoon tea
4 Which King of England married Isabel, Countess of Gloucester and Isabelle of Angouleme?
5 Known by the abbreviation RLC, which corps, with over 16,000 soldiers, is the largest in the British Army?
Royal Logistics Corps
6 Used in the tea ceremony, which type of Japanese lead-glazed earthenware has a name that means 'enjoyment'?
7 What is the surname of Barbie's first boyfriend Ken?
8 Which film features Laurence Olivier asking Dustin Hoffman the question "Is it safe?" repeatedly?
Marathon Man

Round 6
1 Which movie news and reviews website derived its name from a John Travolta quote in the film Broken Arrow?
Ain't It Cool
2 Which BBC Monday night cookery show is hosted by model-turned-chef Lorraine Pascale?
Baking Made Easy
3 Napoleon Bonaparte is usually and wrongly blamed for destroying the nose of which monument?
Great Sphinx
4 The gardener Paulin Paulet and farm worker le père Alexander posed for which series of paintings done by Paul Cezanne in the 1890s?
The Card Players
5 Baal Shem Tov founded which branch of Orthodox Judaism?
Chasidism / Hasidic
6 A 55-foot high statue of which company mascot is found in Blue Earth, Minnesota?
Jolly Green Giant
8 Created in 1864, what is the world's best selling marmalade with over 14 million jars sold worldwide every year?
Robertson's Golden Shred

Round 7
1 In 1768, Bayleys of Bond Street was challenged by Count Orlof to create a perfume that embodied the distinctive aroma of the Russian court. Which fragrance was the result?
Imperial Leather
2 What is the only South American country with coastline on the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans?
3 Which capital city on the Atlantic coast derives its name from the Arabic for 'fort of victory'?
4 Piccadilly Circus gets its name from 'picadiles'. What item of clothing is a 'picadile'?
Stiff collar
5 What word comes after ‘Space’, ‘Splash’ and ‘Big Thunder’ to give the names of Disneyland rides?
6 Which 1964 Burt Bacharach and Hal David cover gave Cilla Black her first UK number one single?
Anyone Who Had a Heart
7 Which 'Project' is the name of the government deal on banking reform?
Project Merlin
8 Starring Tura Satana as Varla, the 1965 cult classic Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill! was directed by which American filmmaker?
Russ Meyer

Round 8
1 What will become the world's newest state on July 9 this year?
South Sudan
2 The world's biggest landfill, Jardim Gramacho, is a 300-acre site located on the edge of which South American city?
Rio de Janeiro
3 Written by James Q. ‘Spider’ Rich, which Benny Hill theme tune was released as a 1963 single by Boots Randolph?
Yakety Sax
4 Which Master of the King's Musick composed the 1922 work A Colour Symphony?
Arthur Bliss
5 The 'instant' form of which drink was invented by the Japanese-American chemist Satori Kato in 1901?
6 The TV station Al Jazeera is owned by the Sultan of which country?
7 A sabaton is a piece of armour that protects which parts of the body?
8 Which Vanilla Ice number one sampled the Queen and David Bowie song Under Pressure?
Ice Ice Baby

Which Asian revolutionary leader worked as a waiter at London's Carlton Hotel?
Ho Chi Minh
Eleanor of Aquitaine's marriage to which French king was annulled in 1152??
Louis VII
What was the four-letter acronym of Chile's notorious secret police?
Directed by Michael Mann, the film Manhunter was based on which Thomas Harris novel?
Red Dragon
Google Honeycomb is a version of which operating system that is optimized for tablet computers?
The NRA Imperial Meeting is a shooting event that takes place at which Surrey location?
Bisley Camp
Who was the father of King Henry IV?
John of Gaunt
Which US state's flag was designed at the request of King Kamehameha I?
Named from the Aramaic for ‘house of suffering’, which Biblical location is known by the modern name al-Eizariya and is home to the reputed Tomb of Lazarus?
Quilling is the art or craft of what?
Paper filigree
Derived from an American Spanish word, what form of betting sees the better select the first two place-winners in a race, not necessarily in the correct order?
Which 1st century AD Roman rhetorician is best known for his work Education of an Orator?
Which Polish-born ballet dancer formed the Ballet Club in 1930, a company that bore her name from 1935?
Marie Rambert (originally Cyvia Rambam)
Pope Honorius II granted papal sanction to which military order in 1128?
Knights Templar
The 1689 painting Avenue at Middelharnis is perhaps the best known work by which Dutch landscape painter?
Meindert Hobbema
Which architect designed St Mary's Scottish Episcopal Cathedral in Edinburgh?
Sir George Gilbert Scott
Which Pope excommunicated Elizabeth I in 1570?
Pius V
The Mara Salvatrucha gang were founded in Los Angeles in the early 1980s by immigrants from which Central American country?
El Salvador
The Royal Albert Memorial Museum is the largest museum in which county town?
Princess Diana was a direct descendant of which king?
Charles II
As part of Tory defence cuts, the withdrawal of which patrol vessel is said to have encouraged Argentina to believe that Britain was no longer interested in the Falklands, thus resulting in the 1982 war?
John Biscoe


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On a point of pedantry, Coupe Aeronautique Gordon Bennett is for gas (helium) balloons not hot-air balloons.

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Anonymous Quiz Ed said...

Impressive stuff, I could only get about 2 or 3 in each round. Congratulations!

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