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Selections from a President's Cup Match that took place on the First of February on a Sunday in the Year of Our Lord Two Thousand and Fourteen in ye London public house called the Calthorpe Arms on a road named Grays Inn

(Reasons why it isn't a full match: I'm ah gonna recycle them other sums ah beetches. Aw yeahh! Yee-ha! I'm a grizzled Forty Niner Miner jumping round in his long johns! Who needs all the questions he writes and can't be wasteful giving them away FOR FREE.)

Blank answers, you know, tumbleweed and howling wind from both teams, test them on yo'self. Word.

In which film remake does Nicolas Cage scream: "Oh no, not the bees! Not the bees!"?  
The Wicker Man
Which former Tory Foreign Secretary wrote the political novels The Shape of Ice and Image in the Water
Douglas Hurd
The 1963 film Nine Hours to Rama climaxes with the real-life assassination of which man? 
Mahatma Gandhi
Semiconductor industry pioneer Victor Grinich was one of the 'traitorous eight' that founded which 'Valley'? 
Silicon Valley
Shah Muhammad Rais is the title subject of which 2002 non-fiction book by Åsne Seierstad? 
The Bookseller of Kabul
1 In May 1535, which English bishop was created Cardinal Priest of San Vitale by Pope Paul III? 

Which political newspaper's first issue was published on May 5, 1912, costing two kopeks and consisting of four pages? 
Which Tory politician became European Commissioner for Trade in 1995? 
Leon Brittan
Who made a famous speech known as the 'Appeal of 18 June' on BBC radio in 1940? 
Charles de Gaulle
The Basij is a paramilitary volunteer militia established by which revolutionary leader in 1979? 
Ayatollah Khomeini
Sung by Edda Dell'Orso, the piece The Ecstasy of Gold is part of which Ennio Morricone western movie score? 
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
2 Renzo Piano is designing a new main building for which art museum in New York's Meatpacking District? 

3 Which two-word title links songs by The Beatles, Mary J. Blige, Jody Watley and Clean Bandit and Jess Glynne? 

Sharing his name with an author of the same nationality, which Scottish civil engineer (1772-1850) designed Bell Rock Lighthouse (1807-10)? 
Robert Stevenson
4 Which Brookside actor played DCI Charlie Wise in the TV drama Cracker

Stephen King's time travel novel 11/22/63 is about an attempt to prevent which assassination?
5 Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, The Honourable Schoolboy and which other novel form John le Carre's Karla Trilogy? 

John Edward Gray (1800-75)  was the first known collector of which items? 
Postage stamps
In 2012, Mike Williams succeeded Krissi Murison as editor of which music weekly? 
NME (New Musical Express)
Which execution device was invented by the dentist Albert P. Southwick of Buffalo, New York? 
Electric chair
Starring Elizabeth Olsen as the book's title character, the 2013 film In Secret is based on which Emile Zola novel? 
Thérèse Raquin
Who has played Queens Elizabeth I, Elizabeth II and Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz? 
Helen Mirren
Designed by Marcello Nizzoli in 1949, what type of device is an Olivetti Lettera 22? 
Mechanical typewriter
6 Who directed the banned 1977 prison TV film Scum and its 1979 cinema remake, as well as the Northern Ireland-set film Elephant

Formed in L.A. in 1965, which pop group was the brainchild of TV producers Bob Rafelson and Bert Schneider? 
The Monkees 
7 Which infection of the small intestine derives its name from the Greek for 'bile'?

Which country has the largest Gypsy population in Europe? 
Which two-word French phrase gives the title of the 1970 Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young LP featured the singles Woodstock, Teach Your Children and Our House
Déjà vu
Which detective is a 93-year-old retiree in Mitch Cullin's 2006 novel A Slight Trick of the Mind
Sherlock Holmes
8 Winner of the 1958 Albert Einstein Award, which Budapest-born theoretical physicist lost his right foot in a streetcar accident when he was a young student? 

9 In 1324, the Irish servant Petronella de meath became the first person in Europe to be burned at the stake for which crime?

Charles-André Merda claimed to have fired the shot that broke which man's jaw?
Maximilien Robespierre 
Which Northumberland racing track is England's most northerly National Hunt course? 
Hexham Racecourse
In 1917, Fireman Jim Flynn became the only boxer to defeat which future heavyweight champion by knockout? 
Jack Dempsey
10 Which Swedish city was founded by royal charter in 1621 by King Gustavus Adolphus? 

11 The French cartoonist Marius Rossillon, aka O'Galop, famously created which tire manufacturer mascot? 

The 1824 monograph Reflections on the Motive Power of Fire was which French scientist's only publication? 
Sadi Carnot
What type of financial capital is given to early-stage, high-potential, growth start-up companies? 
Venture capital


The Unanswered
1 John Fisher
2 Whitney Museum of American Art
3 Real Love
4 Ricky Tomlinson
5 Smiley's People
6 Alan Clarke
7 Cholera
8 Edward Teller
9 Witchcraft
10 Gothenburg
11 Bibendum aka the Michelin Man

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

President's Cup Friendly 11/1/2015

Howdy. The friendly score was 38-32. Scores were equal going into the last found, I think. Not much more to say. Ummm....

1 Featured at the end of the film Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Al Khazneh (The Treasury) is an elaborate temple in which ancient city? 

2 Cape Agulhas is the place where which two oceans meet? 
Atlantic and Indian Oceans
3 Which West German Chancellor was the first leader of the Christian Democratic Union? 
Konrad Adenauer
4 Known for recently playing Steven Hawking, which British actor married Hannah Bagshawe in December 2014? 
Eddie Redmayne
5 Which German composed the 1861 work Variations and Fugue on a Theme by Handel
Johannes Brahms
6 Who commanded the British Expeditionary Force during the Battle of the Somme? 
Douglas Haig
7 Home to the largest winter ice sculpture festival in the world, which 'Ice City' is the capital and largest city of China's Heilongjiang province? 
8 The gymnast Olga Korbut was born in which former Soviet republic?

1 America's University of Georgia is located in which college town, associated with such music groups as REM and the B-52s? 
2 A favourite snack of Elvis Presley, a Fool's Gold sandwich includes a loaf of bread, one jar of grape jelly, a pound of bacon and one jar of what? 
Peanut butter
3 Fairbanks is the largest city in the Interior region of which US state? 
4 Which actor accompanied Charley Boorman on the motorcycle journey TV documentary Long Way Down
Ewan McGregor
5 In two films, Gemma Jones and Jim Broadbent have played Pamela and Jim, the parents of which fictional diarist? 
Bridget Jones
6 Which prince was the son of George II and father of George III? 
Frederick, Prince of Wales
7 The bronze statue Let Us Beat Swords Into Plowshares (1958) by Soviet sculptor Evgeny Vuchetich symbolises the main goal of which political organisation? 
United Nations
8 Taught after the trivium, the quadrivium consisted of arithmetic, geometry, music and which scientific subject? 

1 What breed of dog was Balto, the leader of a team that made a heroic journey across Alaska with serum for a diphtheria epidemic? 
2 Boris Karloff's ghost is said to haunt which New York apartment building, better known as the scene of John Lennon's shooting? 
The Dakota
3 As portrayed in a recently released Netflix series, Marco Polo met and lived at the court of which Yuan dynasty emperor? 
Kubla Khan
4 In which 2014 comedy sequel was Wet n' Wild Gold Coast fictionalised as the water park Splash Planet? 
The Inbetweeners 2
5 Which stadium is known as `'the house that Ruth built"? 
Yankee Stadium
6 In 1931, which US firm became the first company to produce electric guitars? Rickenbacker - founded as the Ro-Pat-In Corporation
7 Which branch of physics is concerned with heat and temperature and their relationship to energy and work? 
8 What is the ring name of 7ft-tall WWE wrestler Paul Donald Wight? 
The Big Show

1 Which town's name features on the postmark on the British Guiana 1c Magenta, the world's rarest stamp?

2 Which pie is a traditional part of Thanksgiving meals in North America? 
Pumpkin pie
3 Which coffeehouse company was founded by Jerry Baldwin, Zev Siegl and Gordon Bowker in 1971? 
4 In 2002, what did Paul Kelleher try to decapitate with a Slazenger V600 cricket bat? 
A statue of Margaret Thatcher on display at London's Guildhall Art Gallery (he succeeded with a metal bar)
5 Which German footballer scored the extra-time goal that won the 2014 FIFA World Cup final? 
Mario Götze
6 Which Sri Lankan cricketer played his final Test innings in August 2014, ending his career with 11,814 test runs? 
Mahela Jayawardene
7 Which quiz show has been hosted by Regis Philbin, Meredith Vieira, Cedric the Entertainer and Terry Crews? 
US Who Wants to be a Millionaire 
8 Which two giants, whose names appear in the Old Testament, are associated with Guildhall, London? 
Gog and Magog

1 The US socialite Fanny Ronalds was known for her affair with which English composer, who was played by Allan Corduner in the film Topsy Turvy
Arthur Sullivan
2 The third tallest secular tower in medieval Italy, the Torre del Mangia is a 88m-tall structure in the Piazza del Campo of which Tuscan city? 
3 Mattala Rajapaksa International Airport serves the city of Hambantota in which Asian country? 
Sri Lanka
4 In 2014, the Elton John Stand has opened at which football ground? 
Vicarage Road
5 Which South Korean ferry capsized and sank in April 2014 with the loss of at least 295 lives?  

6 Which Soviet icebreaker was the world's first nuclear-powered ship? 
7 Which American actress was the first person to accrue 10 Oscar nominations for acting? 

8 The Trialmaster is a motorcycle jacket produced by which British firm, also known for making the coat worn by Benedict Cumberbatch in Sherlock

1 In 285, which Roman emperor partitioned the empire's administration into eastern and western halves? 
2 Which American's 15 major title wins remains the all-time record for a female golfer? 

3 Barnard's star is in which 'Serpent Holder' constellation? 
4 Which team never missed the NHL playoffs between 1949 and 1967? 

5 In 1907, which composer of the opera Lea married Crown Princess Louise of Saxony? 

6 Which New York City bridge was described by Le Corbusier as "the only seat of grace in this disordered city"? 
George Washington Bridge
7 A delicatessen favourite, knishes are soft dough shells filled with what? 

8 Originally from Memphis, the hip hop group Three 6 Mafia have been called the "Originators" of which rap style, whose name they coined as a description of their Southern or Dirty South type sound? 

1 Similar in appearance to the xylophone and marimba, which percussion instrument was invented in 1927 by Henry Schulter, Chief Tuner of the company J.C. Deagan, Inc.? 
2 Which sea's name is Kazakh for 'Sea of Islands'? 

3 Khlestakov pretends to take on the title job in which Gogol play? 
The Government Inspector / The Inspector-General
4 Which British actor's movie roles include Sallah in Raiders of the Lost Ark and Gimli in The Lord of the Rings trilogy? 
John Rhys-Davies
5 Who is best known for singing the title theme tune from the film Ghostbusters
Ray Parker Jr
6 The 'Ndrangheta is a Mafia-type criminal organisation based in which Italian region? 
7 Consisting of a long pole with a noose at the end, the Uurga is a type of lasso used by which Asian people? 
8 The banded anteater, marsupial anteater and walpurti are alternative names for which marsupial of Western Australia, whose diet consists almost exclusively of termites? 

1 In 1968, who became the first Dutch cyclist to win the Tour de France? 

2 The famous American Civil War site Fort Sumter is off the coast of which state? 
South Carolina
3 The avoirdupois system of weights is based on a pound of how many ounces? 
4 Produced in Nicaragua, Flor de Cana - Spanish for 'sugarcane flower' - is a brand of which spirit? 
5 The plantar reflex is elicited when which part of the body is stimulated with a blunt instrument? 
The sole of the foot
6 Which American social psychologist is known for his controversial experiment on obedience conducted in the 1960s at Yale, as well as his small-world experiment? 
Stanley Milgram
7 Which country's flag is known as the Hinomaru
8 The Scottish botanist Robert Fortune, who died in 1880, is best known for introducing which plants from China to India? 
Tea plants

Tom Nero is the central character in which 1751 series of Hogarth engravings? 
The Four Stages of Cruelty
What is the most common bird in the world? 
Domestic chicken, with around 50 billion birds
Which US film director created the View Askewniverse? His more recent films include Tusk, Red State and Cop Out
Kevin Smith
Which US city is home to the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden? 
Washington DC
James Boswell wrote a 1786 Journal of a Tour... to which islands? 

Answers to the Unanswered Questions
R1 1 Petra
R1 8 Belarus
R4 1 Demerara
R5 5 MV Sewol
R5 7 Bette Davis
R6 2 Patty Berg
R6 4 Montreal Canadiens
R6 5 Enrico Toselli
R6 7 Oniony mashed potatoes
R6 8 Crunk
R7 2 Aral Sea
R8 1 Jan Janssen

Saturday, December 06, 2014

This Blog Shows a Flickering Sign of Life

President's Cup Friendly November 16, 2014

In a unique turn of events, I had a 10 round match ready to go, but since there was 10 players in the room, it was converted into a five-a-side 8 round match. That's right FIVE PLAYERS on each team, not a measly FOUR. I know, 'twas a radical turn of events. REVOLUTION!

The score was, um, 56-48?? Or something like that. And it was exhausting dealing with an extra player on each side. I know. Poor moi. 

Usual things apply, like leaving out the answers for questions people couldn't answer and sticking them at the bottom. Plus, there are a load of spares.

Round 1
1 Which Japanese tennis star is the first Asian player to take part in the ATP World Tour Finals, losing in the semi-finals this year to Novak Djokovic? 
Kei Nishikori
2 Which people, starting with the reign of Kenneth MacAlpin, merged with the Gaels to form the kingdom of Scotland? 
3 Who donated his tomb to Jesus and supposedly brought the Holy Grail to England? 
Joseph of Arimathea
4 The Bethesda system is used to detect the effects of which virus, known as HPV? The vaccine Gardasil is used against it. 
Human papilloma virus 
5 Which fruit shares its name with the historical region in Kyushu where Saigo Takamori led a failed rebellion in 1877? 
6 Which character in the movie Gremlins was voiced by future US Deal or No Deal host and America's Got Talent judge Howie Mandel? 
7 Which Chinese-American cellist, founder of the Silk Road Ensemble, uses a Davidov Stradivarius and a cello called Petunia? 
Yo-Yo Ma
8 Who is the first permanent president of the European Council? 
Hermann van Rompuy
9 Alexander's Ragtime Band was which composer and lyricist's first major hit? 
Irving Berlin
10 Which play by Jerome Lawrence and Robert Edwin Lee fictionalised the 1925 Scopes “Monkey” Trial? 
Inherit the Wind

1 In 1977, James L. Elliot, Edward W. Dunham and Douglas J. Mink discovered which planet's ring system? 
2 Disposable Teens, The Dope Show and The Fight Song feature on Lest We Forget, the greatest hits collection of which American rock act?
Marilyn Manson
3 Depicting a rehearsal of a play titled Caliban's Day, The Habit of Art by Alan Bennett features a fictional meeting between W.H. Auden and which composer? 
4 Mykonos, Tinos, Syros, Paros and Naxos are part of which Greek archipelago? 
5 In April 2002, which Cambodian king became possibly the first head of state to start a personal website and blog? 
Norodom Sihanouk
6 Which German composer created the Tristan chord (notes F, B, D sharp, and G sharp)? 
Richard Wagner
7 According to the 12th century Chronicle of St. Neot’s, which king burned some cakes? 
Alfred the Great
8 A Dorgi is a cross between a corgi and which other dog? 
9 Which character gives his name to the authorised 2014 Sherlock Holmes novel by Anthony Horowitz?
10 Patong Beach is said to be the biggest tourist draw on which Thai island? 

1 Which musician is the co-author of the debut picture book Gus & Me: The Story of My Granddad and My First Guitar
Keith Richards (with his artist daughter Theodora Richards)
2 The Tenth Labour of Hercules involved obtaining which giant’s cattle? 
3 Vincent van Gogh called which flower-themed painting “the lightning conductor for my illness”? 
4 Which Canadian snooker player is remembered for his second round match against David Taylor at the 1983 world championship because he stopped playing and wanted to see Cliff Thorburn complete his 147 break?
Bill Werbeniuk
5 Played by Mark Wahlberg, Marcus Luttrell is the title US Navy Seal in which 2013 film? 

6 In a Bulwer-Lytton novel, which title cardinal states that “the pen is mightier than the sword”? 
Richelieu: Or the Conspiracy
7 The invention of which incendiary weapon is credited to architect Callinicus of Heliopolis? 
Greek fire 
8 Which Florentine sculptor's statue of the prophet Habakukk is nicknamed “Le Zuccone” ('pumpkin head')? 
9 Which English sailor was the first person to circumnavigate the globe single-handed and non-stop?
Sir Robin Knox-Johnston
10 The Isadorables were a group of six dancers, including Elizabeth Milker and Anna Denzler, who were taught by which dancer?
Isadora Duncan

1 Arthur Sasse is best known for taking a photograph of which man sticking his tongue out?
Albert Einstein
2 Which scandal involved the Soviet naval attaché Yevgeny Ivanov?
The Profumo Affair
3 The artwork Four Marlons by Andy Warhol features Marlon Brando in his role from which film?
The Wild One
4 Selkirk Rex, Havana Brown and Norwegian Forest are breeds of what?
5 Which country is ruled by a queen from the House of Glucksburg?
6 Wichita is the largest city in which US state? 
7 The Dutch-born pianist Suzanne Leenhoff married which French painter in 1863?
Edouard Manet
8 Nicknamed (more recently) 'The Cobra', which Dutch darts player of Indonesian ethnicity is the youngest ever winner of a world championship?
Jelle Klaasen
9 Sigourney Weaver once lost on Oscar night in both the Best Supporting Actress and Actress categories when she was up for her roles in Working Girl and which other film?

10 The actor Adam West voices the mayor Adam West in which animated TV series?
Family Guy

1 Which city airport is located on Sea Island in Richmond, British Columbia?
2 Robert O'Neill, aged 38, has hit the news headlines for claiming to kill which man? 
Osama bin Laden  
3 The Legacy of Elizabeth Pringle is the debut novel of which Newsnight presenter?
Kirsty Wark
4 Funky Drummer and My Thang are much-sampled songs released by which soul music star?
James Brown
5 The world's shortest man, according to Guinness World Records, the 21.5-inch tall 75-year-old Chandra Bahadur Dangi comes from which country?

6 Which English city featured in the name of the Mark 1, one of the world's first recognisable modern computer?
7 Played by Stanley Tucci, the talk show host Caesar Flickerman features in which movie series?
The Hunger Games
8 In 2004, which boxer had the first of his four fights with Juan Manuel Marquez, at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas?
Manny Pacquaio
9 Which French composer created his piano piece Gaspard de la nuit specifically to outdo the notorious difficulty of Balakirev's Islamey
Maurice Ravel
10 What is the UK's second largest supermarket chain, Tesco being number one?

1 The tea, rooibus, takes its name from the words for 'red bush' in which language?
2 Which European Space Agency probe shares its name with an island in Lake Nasser, also known as Qasr Anas al-Wujud, that the ancient Egyptians believed was a holy place for the goddess Isis?
3 Which English celebrity chef shares her name with the subject of love poems by the Roman poet Tibullus?
4 Which mausoleum is the burial place of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert?
Frogmore Mausoleum
5 Who directed the films My Beautiful Laundrette, Dangerous Liaisons, High Fidelity and The Queen?
Stephen Frears
6 Which medical condition is also known as podagra when it involves the big toe? 
7 Meeting at the St. Paul's Church in 1848, Germany's first freely elected parliament was named after which city? 
8 Which country's fleet fired on British fishing boats in the North Sea in an October 1904 incident?
9 Which London-born stand-up comedian's The 'Out Out' Tour was the best-selling debut DVD of 2011?
Micky Flanagan
10 The taka is the currency of which Asian country? 

1 Which two Prime Ministers are named in the Beatles song Taxman?
Mr Wilson & Mr Heath 
2 Which star in the constellation Lyra will become the Pole Star in some 10,000 years' time?
2 David Suchet played the role of Augustus Melmotte in the 2001 TV adaptation of which novel?
The Way We Live Now
3 The title of a Harold Pinter play, which three-word phrase's various definitions in the OED include 'a state of confusion or uncertainty', 'a dangerous or forbidden place' and 'a stretch of disputed territory'?
No man's land
4 Which Californian wine valley gives its name to the annual event that is the largest wine auction in the world?
Napa Valley
5 Craster kippers come from the village of Craster in which county? 
6 In 1520, who became Sultan of the Ottoman Empire on the death of his father, who was known as 'the Grim'?
Suleyman the Magnificent
7 Which organisation was Benito Mussolini talking about when he said that it was "very well when sparrows shout, but no good at all when eagles fall out"?
League of Nations
8 Which hill top town in Umbria is famous for its university and for its 'baci' or chocolate kisses and chocolate industry as a whole?
9 Calling itself the world's only seven star hotel, the sail-shaped Burj Al Arab is located in which city?
10 Owned by the John Lewis Partnership, which department store in Sloane Square is named after the son of a Carmarthenshire hat manufacturer, who was born in 1842?
Peter Jones

1 Located in Picardy, which French city's incomplete Cathedral of Saint Peter - the "The Parthenon of French Gothic" - has the world's highest church nave, with a height of 156ft?
2 Nicknamed the "Good Lord's Lantern" or "la Lanterne du Bon Dieu", the Saint-Etienne cathedral in which city in Lorraine displays the largest expanse of stained glass in the world, with 69,920 square feet?
3 Which Malaysian dollar billionaire is chairman and chief executive of Beryjaya Corporation Berhad and became owner of Cardiff City in 2010?
Vincent Tan
4 In 1975, which rereleased song became David Bowie's first UK number one single?
Space Oddity
5 The title of a novel by Ian McEwan, which term in Christian theology describes how human beings can be reconciled to God?
6 Joel Osteen, with a reported net worth of $56.5 million, is Senior Pastor of Lakewood Church, the largest Protestant Church and largest congregation in the US, averaging a 43,500 attendance per week. It is located in which Texas city?

7 Featuring the songs Phat Planet and Afrika Shox, the 1999 release Rhythm and Stealth was a number one album for which British electronic duo?
8 In 1964, which two-word term was coined by by the toy company Hasbro to market G.I. Joe to boys who wouldn't play with things called 'dolls'?
Action figure
9 Opal is an hydrated amorphous form of which chemical compound?

10 The 1768m-long Peace Bridge between Canada and the US crosses over which river?


R3 5 Lone Survivor
R4 9 Gorillas in the Mist
R5 5 Nepal
R8 6 Houston
R8 9 Silica / Silicon dioxide

What is the most common beef breed of cattle in the US?
Black Angus
Malaysia, with 100,000 square feet of space is the latest outpost to open internationally for which movie studio, joining Toronto, Berlin and Dominican Republic? 
Pinewood Studios
Which brothers belonged to the early 1980s New Zealand band Split Enz? 
Neil and Tim Finn
Rue de Lille 75343 Paris is the address of which art museum?
Musee d'Orsay
Used in cooking, which type of dehydrated cube derives its name from the French for 'broth'?
In Greek mythology, the broken horn of the goat Amalthea became which object? 
Which fashion accessory can be basket, messenger, pouch or signature? 
Which painting in the Maurithuis was purchased for only two guilders and 30 cents by Arnoldus Andries des Tombe in 1881 and given a restoration in 1994 that revealed its dark black background was originally a deep green?
Girl with a Pearl Earring
Philip Webb designed the L-shaped Red House in Bexleyheath for which Arts & Crafts movement leader? William Morris
Which sitcom featured the characters Lord Percy Percy and Lord Melchett? 
Blackadder, specifically Blackadder II
Which major world figure wrote The Story of My Experiments with the Truth: An Autobiography?
Mahatma Gandhi
In the 1990 book Esio Trot by Roald Dahl, what type of creature is Mrs Silver's pet Alfie? 
Which Spanish composer built his 1911 piano work Goyescas around the work of Goya? 
Enrique Granados
Funny Girl is a 2014 novel by which English author?
Nick Hornby
Which novel by George Eliot features the drowning of Tom and Maggie Tulliver? 
The Mill on the Floss
Which literary heroine loves Angel Clare? 
Tess Durbeyfield
Who is Wooden in a piece by Bartok, Happy in an Oscar Wilde story, Little in a book by Antoine de Saint-Exupery and Black in an Iris Murdoch novel? 
The half-brother of detective Harry Bosch, LA attorney Mickey Haller is the title character in which 2005 novel by Michael Connelly?  
The Lincoln Lawyer
Which wine shares its name with the largest city in southern Iran? 

Monday, October 27, 2014

Friendly Prez Cup October 26, 2014

Score 48-49?? I know it was 47-47 with two questions left

Missing answers = Unanswered question - answers to unanswered questions at the bottom. Word.

Round 1
1 You and I is the new fragrance by which music group? 
One Direction
2 Death of a River Guide is the 1994 debut novel by which Australian author? 
Richard Flanagan
3 Which eight block-long street runs east to west from Broadway to South Street on the East River in Lower Manhattan? 
Wall Street
4 Which two of the six main characters in Friends did not end up with another main character?
Phoebe & Joey
5 Falling on May 18, 2014 this year, Lag BaOmer is a festive day on which religion's calendar?
6 Meyer Lansky, Charlie 'Lucky' Luciano and Ben Siegel are characters in which HBO drama?
Boardwalk Empire
7 Carlos Paredes is known as the defining virtuoso of the Coimbra model of the Portuguese guitar used in which form of music? 
8 Which two-word legal term from the French language refers to an act of God that frees both parties from a contract? 
Force majeure

Round 2
1 The striker Karim Benzema had spent all of his career with which French football club before joining Real Madrid? 
2 How many rugby union clubs play in the Aviva Premiership? 
3 Which American singer topped the UK singles chart in 1982 with I've Never Been To Me, a song she first released in 1977? 
4 Francisco Sa Carneiro airport serves which European city? 

5 The Spanish flu of 1918 was so called because which King of Spain was afflicted by it? 
Alfonso XIII
6 At his first exhibition in London in 1936, which artist wore a diving suit topped with a Mercedes radiator cap and holding two Russian wolfhounds on a leash with one hand and a billiard cue in the other? 
Salvador Dali
7 Which Pakistan batsman has just scored his 26th Test century to break Inzamam-ul-Haq's national record? 
Younis Khan
8 The Hermannschlact and the Varian Disaster are alternate names for which battle of 9 AD? 
Teutoburg Forest

Round 3
1 Who coached Uruguay to victory in the 2011 Copa America?
Oscar Tabarez
2 Which architect designed the pair of Westminster buildings that were completed in 1906 and formed the original location of New Scotland Yard until 1967? 
(Richard) Norman Shaw
3 What is the largest English-speaking city in South America? 
4 Fear of the Dark, The Final Frontier, No Prayer for the Dying and Powerslave are among the 15 studio albums by which British band? 
Iron Maiden
5 Inspired by the devil from Faust, the Mephisto Waltzes were composed by which Hungarian? 
Franz Liszt
6 Alvy Singer, Miles Monroe and Fielding Mellish are past movie roles played by which director? 
Woody Allen
7 The Swimming Pool is a 54 foot long cut out by which French artist? 
Henri Matisse
8 The board game Diplomacy is set in Europe before the beginning of which conflict? 
World War I

Round 4
1 In Jacques-Louis David's painting Napoleon Crossing the Alps, Napoleon is seen pointing at which pass? 
St. Bernard's Pass
2 Which animal features in the Filipino meat delicacy Lechon?

3 What is the most non-reactive of metals? It does not react with oxygen and does not rust or tarnish. 
4 Sir Ronald Ross won a Nobel Prize for discovering the presence of Plasmodium in the gut of which insect? 
5 In which religion did Ahura Mazda create the first man, known as Gayomart or Keyumars, out of mud? 
6 Colonel Ojukwu led which breakaway Igbo republic? 
7 The Panamanian dictator Omar Torrijos gifted the private island of Taborcillo to which American movie star? 
John Wayne
8 Every year since 1975, the Tour de France has finished on which thoroughfare? 

Round 5
1 Which Mozart opera is based on the pro-Masonic fantasy novel The Life of Sethos by Jean Terrason? 
The Magic Flute
2 The Kroll process and the Hunter process are used to produce which transition metal with a silver colour? 
3 Which Prime Minister coined the term “Selsdon Man” to ridicule primitive Tory free-market policies? 
Harold Wilson
4 Which 1930 standard by Duke Ellington, with lyrics by Irving Mills, was originally titled Dreamy Blues

5 Brainerd, Minnesota is the main setting for which Coen brothers film? 
6 The three Graces are in the retinue of which Greek goddess? 

7 A pastel de nata is a type of egg tart that is a speciality of which country? 
8 Headquartered in Leuven, Belgium and São Paulo, Brazil, what is the world's largest brewer? 

Round 6
1 Which British general surrendered to a combined American and French force at the Siege of Yorktown in 1781? 
Charles Cornwallis
2 Paul Rankin, Kevin Dundon and Rachel Allen are renowned Irish names in which field? 
3 A set of variations on John Dowland's Come, Heavy Sleep, Nocturnal was composed by Benjamin Britten for which English classical guitarist? 
Julian Bream
4 The world's largest generic drugs manufacturer, Teva Pharmaceutical Industries, is based in which country? 

5 Which work by Thomas a Kempis opens with the quote “he who follows me walks not in darkness”? 
The Imitation of Christ 
6 Which country's current head of state is the successor of Franz Josef II? 
7 Which American tycoon said: “The secret of success is to get up early, work late and strike oil”? 
John D. Rockefeller
8 Who missed the penalty that resulted in England being knocked out of Euro '96? 
Gareth Southgate

Round 7
1 Recognised in the residence of the Society of Jesus in Dublin in 1990, The Taking of Christ is a rediscovered masterpiece by which Italian painter? 
2 Which currency's name means 'marten' in Croatian as it comes from the use of marten pelts as a trading commodity by medieval merchants? 
3 In 1002, which king ordered the mass killing of Danes known as the St. Brice's Day massacre? Sweyn Forkbeard conquered England to avenge it. 
Ethelred the Unready
4 Which country has won nine Olympic men's water polo titles? 
5 Chi, bu and li are traditional Chinese units of what? 
6 The dead character Mary-Alice Young narrated which American TV show? 
Desperate Housewives
7 Based in New Delhi, the largest university in the world, with an enrolment of more than three million students, is abbreviated IGNOU. The IG stands for which woman? 
Indira Gandhi [National Open University]
8 Also called the Proto-Canaanite, what is the oldest verified consonantal alphabet? 
Phoenician alphabet

Round 8
1 Invented in 1960 by Simon McLeod, which anti-personnel mine is named after a type of late medieval Scottish longsword? 
2 Formed in 1972, which Jamaican reggae group is partly named after the Swahili for 'freedom'? 
Black Uhuru
3 Trinidad's Black Stalin, aka Leroy Calliste, is known for playing which music style? 
4 Which one-word name describes the subcategory of antiques and collectibles is concerned with all things beer-related? 
5 In 1927, which basketball team played its first ever road game against the Hinckley Merchants? 
Harlem Globetrotters
6 The song Master of the House provides much-needed comic relief in which musical? 
Les Miserables
7 Founded in 1976, what is the highest circulation daily newspaper in Spain that is not entirely devoted to sport? 
El País
8 First developed in Italy, Golden Orange is a cultivar of which fruit? 

Round 9
1 Which Quentin Tarantino film climaxes with the premiere of the movie Nation's Pride
Inglourious Basterds
2 Which famous Swedish family is the main shareholder in Saab, Astra Zeneca and Ericsson? 

3 Which country contains 24 Alps with heights of over 4500m? 
4 Until the 1940s, which Asian country's currency was known as the tical? 
5 Which Flanders-born Italian-based sculptor created four versions of his bronze statue Mercury
Giambologna or Jean Boulogne
6 What is Velvet's surname in Enid Bagnold's novel National Velvet
7 Which TV drama was first set in the Maryhill CID of Strathclyde Police? 

8 Which Danish astronomer was aged 20 when his nose was sliced off in a duel? 
Tycho Brahe

Missing answers
R2 4 Porto
R4 2 Pig
R5 4 Mood Indigo
R5 6 Aphrodite 
R5 8 Anheuser-Busch InBev or AB InBev
R6 4 Israel
R9 2 Wallenberg family

Saturday, June 07, 2014

The biggest questions I've ever written

BH163: Two Symptoms of Madness

(N.B. They are numbered because they are supposed to be part of a 1000-question supplementary quiz for the BIG email quizzes quiz book e-book I am editing. New material acting as bait for old albeit reinforced and spruced-up rope. 

Current word count? 113,005 words. 

Yep, that's six figures and I am the Grady Tripp of quiz question writers)

(N.B. II: It would be a mistake to consider these pieces of art criticism. Sentences written by other hands have been repeated verbatim. Opinions have been borrowed from the far better qualified then bastardised and further slashed with my own MIAOW-ey claw at Jean-Baptiste Greuze, who doth sucketh big icky balls. Rather, they are quiz Qs gone insane; utterly impractical in the real world of asking-and-answering in every format you can think of)

Number One

545. This genre painter's portraits of young girls, such as Le petit chaperon rouge / Little Red Riding Hood (1883), Strawberry Girl and Knitting Girl, initially draw similar, even accusatory comparisons to the sickly chocolate box cover pretty faces that were painted again and again by Greuze, and which now fill the Wallace Collection to detriment of the museum and views on the reputation of their purchaser, the 4th Marquess of Hertford's taste. 

Such charges are ultimately unfounded and horribly superficial: Daughter Louise, for instance, has an integrity and admiration for its upstanding,neatly-dressed subject uncommon in modern museums replete with “representative” 19th century art. Indeed, these bashful youth-drunk souls hardly ever engage with the viewer head on: always looking away, gazing down or too caught up in the salutary pastime they are devoting themselves to or plotting with siblings or playmates. 

Inspired by his 1864 marriage to Anna Rüfli and their resultant offspring (Louise, Marie, Maurce, Cecile), his paintings of progeny-filled family life and portraits of lone or paired children – Boy Sleeping in Hay, Sleeping Children on Stove, First Smile – were good enough to break out of their sentimentalised genre prison and fed his homeland's yearning for the ideal family life, as well his fellow countrymen's appetite for well-painted saleable compositions that were suitable and salutary viewing for all, especially when they portrayed everyday scenes with the family unit engaged in forthright and didactic activities (The Song) or children centred village life going about its daily business (Turnstunde in InsThe Crèche). 

His nation's most popular artist in his own lifetime, which painter (1831-1910) has been called Switzerland's “national painter” thanks to the timeless accessibility and enduring popularity of his portrayals of Swiss village life?

Number Two

835. Vermeer's oeuvre was rediscovered just prior to that of another artist. However, unlike his Dutch contemporary, this Brussels native has never captured the hearts of the public despite portraits, religious paintings and genre scenes that offer “a world that is immediate and yet strangely aloof, mysterious and yet rooted in reality [and] above all a world of silence”. 

His work The Artist's Studio was painted in Rome, his home from c.1646-c.1655, like many of his surviving 40 or so canvases, and features a youth pointing at a torso by the sculptor François Duquesnoy (1597-1643), who was also active in the Eternal City. Another painting, The Schoolroom (c.1650), depicts a beautiful young embroiderer, whose blue dress and white turban set her off against the artist's typical browns. His empathy is at its most intimate in a portrait of a young servant girl (c.1660) that he painted after returning to the north. Though singled out for similarities to Vermeer's Girl with a Pearl Earring (c.1665), while the latter is enigmatic and tantalising and swathed in garments with an exotic shine, the former is shy, unsure and realistically presented as a 17th century working class girl wearing a plain dress made of coarse brown cloth. They hang near each other in the Mauritshuis. 

His monumental masterpiece Plague in an Ancient City (1652) is his greatest painting in terms of size and, some contend, in terms of technical achievement and historical-archaeological erudition as well. Other notable paintings include the Caravaggio-esque chiaroscuro and naked men of the Wrestling Match (1649) and the pious-prone series, The Seven Works of Mercy (c.1646-49): e.g. the Rijksmuseum's Clothing the Naked and Feeding the Hungry

Associated with the Rome-based genre painters of daily life, the Bamboccianti, he served the ruling papal family, the Pamphilj and, thanks to Cardinal Camillo Pamphilj, was given the title Cavaliere di Cristo by Pope Innocent X. A devout Christian who spent six months with the Paris Foreign Missions Society until his dismissal for unstable behaviour in May 1662, he even proselytised and painted as far a foreign field as Aleppo and beyond. 

Which Flemish painter's reputation collapsed soon after his death in Goa in 1664, and began its recovery during the early 20th century, rising slightly higher and higher ever since?