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Friendly Prez Cup October 26, 2014

Score 48-49?? I know it was 47-47 with two questions left

Missing answers = Unanswered question - answers to unanswered questions at the bottom. Word.

Round 1
1 You and I is the new fragrance by which music group? 
One Direction
2 Death of a River Guide is the 1994 debut novel by which Australian author? 
Richard Flanagan
3 Which eight block-long street runs east to west from Broadway to South Street on the East River in Lower Manhattan? 
Wall Street
4 Which two of the six main characters in Friends did not end up with another main character?
Phoebe & Joey
5 Falling on May 18, 2014 this year, Lag BaOmer is a festive day on which religion's calendar?
6 Meyer Lansky, Charlie 'Lucky' Luciano and Ben Siegel are characters in which HBO drama?
Boardwalk Empire
7 Carlos Paredes is known as the defining virtuoso of the Coimbra model of the Portuguese guitar used in which form of music? 
8 Which two-word legal term from the French language refers to an act of God that frees both parties from a contract? 
Force majeure

Round 2
1 The striker Karim Benzema had spent all of his career with which French football club before joining Real Madrid? 
2 How many rugby union clubs play in the Aviva Premiership? 
3 Which American singer topped the UK singles chart in 1982 with I've Never Been To Me, a song she first released in 1977? 
4 Francisco Sa Carneiro airport serves which European city? 

5 The Spanish flu of 1918 was so called because which King of Spain was afflicted by it? 
Alfonso XIII
6 At his first exhibition in London in 1936, which artist wore a diving suit topped with a Mercedes radiator cap and holding two Russian wolfhounds on a leash with one hand and a billiard cue in the other? 
Salvador Dali
7 Which Pakistan batsman has just scored his 26th Test century to break Inzamam-ul-Haq's national record? 
Younis Khan
8 The Hermannschlact and the Varian Disaster are alternate names for which battle of 9 AD? 
Teutoburg Forest

Round 3
1 Who coached Uruguay to victory in the 2011 Copa America?
Oscar Tabarez
2 Which architect designed the pair of Westminster buildings that were completed in 1906 and formed the original location of New Scotland Yard until 1967? 
(Richard) Norman Shaw
3 What is the largest English-speaking city in South America? 
4 Fear of the Dark, The Final Frontier, No Prayer for the Dying and Powerslave are among the 15 studio albums by which British band? 
Iron Maiden
5 Inspired by the devil from Faust, the Mephisto Waltzes were composed by which Hungarian? 
Franz Liszt
6 Alvy Singer, Miles Monroe and Fielding Mellish are past movie roles played by which director? 
Woody Allen
7 The Swimming Pool is a 54 foot long cut out by which French artist? 
Henri Matisse
8 The board game Diplomacy is set in Europe before the beginning of which conflict? 
World War I

Round 4
1 In Jacques-Louis David's painting Napoleon Crossing the Alps, Napoleon is seen pointing at which pass? 
St. Bernard's Pass
2 Which animal features in the Filipino meat delicacy Lechon?

3 What is the most non-reactive of metals? It does not react with oxygen and does not rust or tarnish. 
4 Sir Ronald Ross won a Nobel Prize for discovering the presence of Plasmodium in the gut of which insect? 
5 In which religion did Ahura Mazda create the first man, known as Gayomart or Keyumars, out of mud? 
6 Colonel Ojukwu led which breakaway Igbo republic? 
7 The Panamanian dictator Omar Torrijos gifted the private island of Taborcillo to which American movie star? 
John Wayne
8 Every year since 1975, the Tour de France has finished on which thoroughfare? 

Round 5
1 Which Mozart opera is based on the pro-Masonic fantasy novel The Life of Sethos by Jean Terrason? 
The Magic Flute
2 The Kroll process and the Hunter process are used to produce which transition metal with a silver colour? 
3 Which Prime Minister coined the term “Selsdon Man” to ridicule primitive Tory free-market policies? 
Harold Wilson
4 Which 1930 standard by Duke Ellington, with lyrics by Irving Mills, was originally titled Dreamy Blues

5 Brainerd, Minnesota is the main setting for which Coen brothers film? 
6 The three Graces are in the retinue of which Greek goddess? 

7 A pastel de nata is a type of egg tart that is a speciality of which country? 
8 Headquartered in Leuven, Belgium and São Paulo, Brazil, what is the world's largest brewer? 

Round 6
1 Which British general surrendered to a combined American and French force at the Siege of Yorktown in 1781? 
Charles Cornwallis
2 Paul Rankin, Kevin Dundon and Rachel Allen are renowned Irish names in which field? 
3 A set of variations on John Dowland's Come, Heavy Sleep, Nocturnal was composed by Benjamin Britten for which English classical guitarist? 
Julian Bream
4 The world's largest generic drugs manufacturer, Teva Pharmaceutical Industries, is based in which country? 

5 Which work by Thomas a Kempis opens with the quote “he who follows me walks not in darkness”? 
The Imitation of Christ 
6 Which country's current head of state is the successor of Franz Josef II? 
7 Which American tycoon said: “The secret of success is to get up early, work late and strike oil”? 
John D. Rockefeller
8 Who missed the penalty that resulted in England being knocked out of Euro '96? 
Gareth Southgate

Round 7
1 Recognised in the residence of the Society of Jesus in Dublin in 1990, The Taking of Christ is a rediscovered masterpiece by which Italian painter? 
2 Which currency's name means 'marten' in Croatian as it comes from the use of marten pelts as a trading commodity by medieval merchants? 
3 In 1002, which king ordered the mass killing of Danes known as the St. Brice's Day massacre? Sweyn Forkbeard conquered England to avenge it. 
Ethelred the Unready
4 Which country has won nine Olympic men's water polo titles? 
5 Chi, bu and li are traditional Chinese units of what? 
6 The dead character Mary-Alice Young narrated which American TV show? 
Desperate Housewives
7 Based in New Delhi, the largest university in the world, with an enrolment of more than three million students, is abbreviated IGNOU. The IG stands for which woman? 
Indira Gandhi [National Open University]
8 Also called the Proto-Canaanite, what is the oldest verified consonantal alphabet? 
Phoenician alphabet

Round 8
1 Invented in 1960 by Simon McLeod, which anti-personnel mine is named after a type of late medieval Scottish longsword? 
2 Formed in 1972, which Jamaican reggae group is partly named after the Swahili for 'freedom'? 
Black Uhuru
3 Trinidad's Black Stalin, aka Leroy Calliste, is known for playing which music style? 
4 Which one-word name describes the subcategory of antiques and collectibles is concerned with all things beer-related? 
5 In 1927, which basketball team played its first ever road game against the Hinckley Merchants? 
Harlem Globetrotters
6 The song Master of the House provides much-needed comic relief in which musical? 
Les Miserables
7 Founded in 1976, what is the highest circulation daily newspaper in Spain that is not entirely devoted to sport? 
El País
8 First developed in Italy, Golden Orange is a cultivar of which fruit? 

Round 9
1 Which Quentin Tarantino film climaxes with the premiere of the movie Nation's Pride
Inglourious Basterds
2 Which famous Swedish family is the main shareholder in Saab, Astra Zeneca and Ericsson? 

3 Which country contains 24 Alps with heights of over 4500m? 
4 Until the 1940s, which Asian country's currency was known as the tical? 
5 Which Flanders-born Italian-based sculptor created four versions of his bronze statue Mercury
Giambologna or Jean Boulogne
6 What is Velvet's surname in Enid Bagnold's novel National Velvet
7 Which TV drama was first set in the Maryhill CID of Strathclyde Police? 

8 Which Danish astronomer was aged 20 when his nose was sliced off in a duel? 
Tycho Brahe

Missing answers
R2 4 Porto
R4 2 Pig
R5 4 Mood Indigo
R5 6 Aphrodite 
R5 8 Anheuser-Busch InBev or AB InBev
R6 4 Israel
R9 2 Wallenberg family


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