Monday, March 27, 2006

BH quiz #46

Tomorrow it's Brain of London doo do do doo doo do. Brain's a bit frazzled, but then it always is, but I'm looking forward to it. Until the actual moment when I step into the Rosslyn Park clubhouse and am drawn in a first round match with Mark Bytheway, Mark Billson and Kevin Ashman. Then I will run for the hills!

The Malverns, perhaps? Always liked the sound of them. Not those nasty South Downs down which I have tumbled and knocked many a knee and head.

I will stay there forever and become the Simon Stylites of quiz folklore! It's a sacrifice I'm willing to make.

More widdling
Okay, just watched UC. Good performance from Manchester, especially Gareth. Plus, you could see Stephen "team manager" Pearson's smile from a mile off at the end.

And I have to say I didn't really feel sorry for St Hilda's. Except Mead, the captain (no, I won't do any booze related jokes and Ben Jonson pastiches) Wonder why? Hmmm. Guess.

Having hardly watched the series and had the chance to shout out of the answers or at least mumble them whilst sunk down into a slouching posture, I think I may do my little ego exercise the next time I watch the show. One I have been planning for years. Yes, I will score whichever starters I get before either team and do the same with the attendant bonuses and come up with some fantastical ultimate points tally that will prove I am master of the universe.

Then we will surely see if I can beat these bloody students solo-style. What good is this exercise. It may have something to do with me, me and me. My feelings and my confidence, and absolutely nothing good for the betterment of humanity. Skip to the end ... which is about ... here. Period.

1 The present palace of which "Listed Historical Building" in Scotland was built in 1608 for the Earls of Mansfield by William Atkinson, and was extensively remodelled in 1776 by the Fifth Viscount of Stormont, Earl of Mansfield, with the addition of elaborate French furnishings?
2 Known as "the Glorious", which king of Scotland died in a fall from his horse while riding to visit his queen at Kinghorn in Fife in March 1286?
3 Which political party launched the "Defiance Campaign against Unjust Laws" in 1951?
4 Also the name of the city situated in the river delta that reaches into the northeasternmost part of the Sea of Azov (which the Greeks called Lake Maeotis), Tanais was the ancient name for which river?
5 A specialised structure from which spines and new shoots grow, what distinctive feature of cacti identify them as a separate family from other succulent plants?
6 Granulosa cells are supporting cells found in which organ in mammals?
7 What lipids are characterised by a carbon skeleton with four fused rings, its most important role being that of a hormone?
8 Who played Esmeralda to Charles Laughton's Quasimodo in 1939's The Hunchback of Notre Dame?
9 A major influence on Victor Hugo, which French literary figure is considered the founder of Romanticism and was inspired to write his first work Essai sur les Revolutions (1797), whilst exiled during the Reign of Terror, acquiring fame in 1802 with his apology of the Christian faith, Le Genie du christianisme?
10 Shabdrung Ngawang Namgyal is considered the founder of what country due to his role in unifying the country for the first time in the 1630s and creating its distinctive national cultural identity?
11 What wading bird can be described as Cattle, Slaty or Little?
12 Which Canadian animator created the cartoon characters Ren and Stimpy (full names Ren Hoek and Stimpson J Cat) during the eighties?
13 Which voice actor (1916-1988) created and played the voices of such famous cartoon characters as Yogi Bear and Huckleberry Hound?
14 Which Asian country's name comes from two words which translate as "swift" "strong" and also refers to a resident or the city or more specifically a person from the majority Bamar ethnic group?
15 The 19th Light Dragons, the predecessor of the 19th Hussars, gained much of their fame in India where they were given a badge with the likeness of an elephant upon commemorating which September 1803 battle that took place near a titular village in southcentral India and saw British troops defeat the Maratha confederacy?
16 The Bayani, also known as Azali, were followers of a Persian merchant called Siyyid Mirza Ali-Muhammad who, aged 25, claimed to be the new and independent Manifestation of God, or the Mahdi, and took what Arabic title?
17 Who began his Sword of Truth fantasy series in 1994 with Wizard's First Rule?
18 Originally from Poland, the naturalised American Joseph Green was one of the few directors who made films in which language?
19 What modern name is given to an important Roman in England that linked London to the Roman town of Regnum, near modern-day Chichester?
20 Who wrote the books The Measure of a Man (1959), Why We Can't Wait (1964) and The Trumpet of Conscience (1968)?
21 Which English king was allegedly murdered when, whilst still on his horse, his stepmother Queen Elfrida offered him a cup of mead and was stabbed in his back by one of her party as he was drinking it?
22 Which peak's flat summit saw the first British mountain-top landing of a plane when John Leeming and Bert Hinkler successfully landed and took off again in 1926?
23 Also called urania and named for their distinctive colour, what uranium concentrates are obtained from leach solutions and represent an intermediate step in the processing of uranium ores?
24 Based in Alvdalen, Sweden, Hagstrom are manufacturers of what?
25 Which Leonard Bernstein comic operetta contains the songs Glitter and Be Gay; You Were Dead, You Know; I'm Easily Assimilated and What's the Use?
26 Willy Thys is the secretary-general of which organisation founded in 1920 under the name of the International Federation of Christian Trade Unions and currently boasting 26 million members in 116 countries?
27 Visited by NASA's Near Earth Asteroid Shoemaker probe, what famous NEA of the Amor asteroid group was discovered by Carl Gustav Witt in 1898?
28 What did Baywatch star Traci Bingham study at Harvard?
29 Ireland's only example of which geographical feature is located in Killary Harbour, near Leenane in County Galway?
30 Sir Ronald Wilson, who died in 2005, was renowned for his campaigning for whose rights?
31 Which country's euro cent coins feature the Mouflon sheep and an idol from Pomos?
32 Inspired by original artwork that the artist Elena Kucharik painted, what set of characters were created by American Greetings in 1981 for use on greeting cards and two years later were made into toys by Kenner?
33 A member of a subset of environmental pollutants known as trihalomethanes, what is the more common name for the chemical compound methyl trichloride?
34 In zoological nomenclature, what two-word Latin term is a scientific name that is of unknown or doubtful application?
35 Captain Francis Fowke was the winner of the 1864 competition to design which museum, although since he died shortly afterwards someone else took over the scheme?
36 The Landnamabok or "The Book of Settlement" is an old manuscript that describes the settlement of which country in the 9th and 10th century AD?
37 Les voleurs d'Or (The Gold Thieves) was a lost play rediscovered in 2004 by a Quebec researcher in the archives of the Bibliotheque nationale de France. Who wrote it?
38 A current member of the band SerialPod, Bill Kreutzmann was the drummer for which rock band for their entire 30-year career?
39 The controversial Bates Method is a system of practices that are meant to improve what by eliminating "mental strain"?
40 Set in 1920s London, which Aldous Huxley novel features the literary magazine journalist Walter Bidlake and his sister Elinor, and a fascist group led by Everard Webley called the Brotherhood of British Freeman?
41 What genetic eye condition is abbreviated RP?
42 Antisense therapy is a theoretical form of treatment for what kind of disorders?
43 Which Rabbi and famous Hasidic leader is known commonly as the Divrei Chaim after his magnum opus on Halakha and was the founder of the Sanz dynasty?
44 Which English TV personality was first married to Chris Mather, a naval officer and former rugby league international, though it lasted only 18 months, before getting married to management consultant Patrick King in 1990?
45 Which bank owns the debt consolidation company First Plus?
46 Which fairy tale character was unhappily engaged to a mole before she married the prince of fairies who renamed her Maha?
47 The papal bulls Omne Datum Optimum (1139), Milites Templi (1144) and Milita Dei (1145) all endorsed the powers and privileges of which order?
48 Which British manufacturer made the light bomber and fighter biplane of the 20s and 30s known as the Fox and the torpedo bomber known as the Swordfish (nicknamed the Stringbag)?
49 Called the 'American Uzi', which submachine gun was developed by Gordon B. Ingram in 1964?
50 Grown in Catalonia, arbequina are what type of fruit?

Answers to BH #45
1 Ilfracombe 2 Arthur Hallam 3 George Gissing 4 Carlo Marochetti 5 Legion d'honneur 6 (Arthur) Pendennis 7 Ivanhoe 8 Richard the Lionheart 9 "Mantle plumes" 10 Sydney 11 Australian rules football 12 Dick Wolf 13 Mute Records 14 Grace Jones 15 The Pretenders 16 Hereford 17 Special Reconnaissance Regiment (SRR) 18 The Victual Brothers or Vitalians 19 (Velikiy) Novgorod (meaning 'the great' 'new city') 20 Castra 21 Lancaster Castle 22 Photographic film 23 Polyester 24 Cotton 25 Thrace 26 Imrali 27 Fourth Crusade 28 Croesus of Lydia 29 Cog railway or rack-and-pinion railway or rack railway 30 Spain 31 Mexico (Chihuahua al Pacifico) 32 Rheingold-Express 33 Mainz 34 Alps (more specifically Western Alps) 35 Nissan 36 Blackcurrant 37 Electric Light Orchestra 38 Chess Records 39 Salvador 40 Gloucestershire 41 All sites for Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust nature reserves, others are Slimbridge and National Wetlands Centre in Carmarthenshire 42 Belize 43 Queen Elizabeth II 44 John Spencer (against Steve Davis) 45 Jamie Burnett 46 Perfect 300-point game in ten pin bowling 47 Katharine Hepburn 48 The Boys from Brazil 49 Armstrong's mixture 50 Paneer


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