Friday, April 25, 2008

BH150 Part 1: Return of My Red-Eyes

Back once again with the renegade master

Haven't done one of these in a long time. And I still think questions are nice. Lots of quizzy quiz questions. So I thought I really should do another BH set, perhaps because it stops me from watching the same idiotic sloppy pop videos on YouTube again and again and again. There must be something wrong with me. Though some of them are quite good and have geeeetars in them.

Since it is BH150 there are 150 questions, er, plus 10 more. Um, if you count the second part to come above, in a minute. I thought I was writing a total of 150 then I ended up with 160. Sometimes the mind just gets lost, you know. Lost in quiz.

I will go scratch the metaphorical scab that was Tuesday's Brain of London in unnecessary detail and comedy swearing, but not right now. I feel that if I release it into the wild, in the current form it has taken, it might make me look like a bit of a self-absorbed nutter. And that's the truth, ruth...

1 According to the opening lines of Robinson Crusoe, the hero's father was an immigrant from which German city?
2 What was the original name of Christopher Columbus's flagship, the Santa Maria?
3 Which Japanese company manufactures the Aquos flatscreen TV?
4 What does the German term "Vergangerheitsbewaltigung" mean?
5 The German-based Institute for Production Systems and Design Technology is the largest research non-profit in Europe with an annual budget of $1 billion and 56 branches in Germany alone. It is named after which scientist?
6 What is the Portuguese dish "bacalhau"?
7 Sharing its name with a famous battle, what was chosen as the site of the permanent capital of the Republic of Texas in 1839?
8 Which Philadelphian painter opened his repository for Natural Curiosities in the 1780s?
9 What sweet food is derived from the Californian white sage, Salva apiana?
10 Known as "Pancake Week", which festival dates back to pagan times and is the only purely Russian holiday?
11 A 30-mile drive from Coimbra, by what name are the best preserved Roman ruins in Portugal known?
12 Designated in 1976, which natural park is the largest in Portugal and contains the highest peaks in the country, with the only two rivers that start and end within Portugal's boundaries - the Rio Mondeg and Rio Zezerre - starting there and cutting through it?
13 Cecily von Ziegasar is the author of which books, recently adapted into an American TV series?
14 What was Pablo Picasso's birth surname?
15 The G312 code is found on the back of which devices?
16 What name was given to the Karen State that existed from 1965-74?
17 Which type of fish includes the rock hind, red _______, red _______, warsaw _______, and the jewfish or goliath _______?
18 A former member of A Tribe Called Quest, which rapper's real name is Jonathan Davis?
19 Which celebrated baseball shortstop was nicknamed "The Wizard of Oz"?
20 Meaning "outside wife", what is the Surinamese Dutch word for a mistress?
21 The Slovenian Lovrenc Kosir is believed to have come up with what idea for catalysing communication in 1835?
22 Which British-born American songwriter, composer, arranger and orchestra leader (1910-1990) wrote The Stripper, composed the theme tunes to Little House on the Prairie and Bonanza, and married Judy Garland?
23 What is the biggest city in the Maghreb?
24 In 2004, researchers at Harvard discovered a white dwarf star BPM 37093. It is the universe's largest known what?
25 The Palace of Marie Theresa is found in which Austrian city?
26 Meaning "assembly of the land", what name was given to the first Russian parliament of the feudal estates type in the 16th and 17th centuries?
27 Best known for being the site of the sprawling Vegas-by-the-sea resort Atlantis, Paradise Island is part of which group?
28 Meaning "again to erect", what is the archaeological term for the reconstruction technique where a ruined monument is restored?
29 Celebrated for 15 days, what is considered the most important holiday in Tibet?
30 What internet-related concept and name was invented during the beginning of 1994 by Ivan Pope?
31 Gurbanguly Berdimuhammelov is the president of which country?
32 Named after a saint, which building is the home of the Assembly of the Republic, the Portuguese parliament?
33 One of the largest and most historic palaces in St Petersburg, which building was commissioned by Prince Grigory Potemkin from his favourite architect Ivan Starov?
34 The principal belief of Sikhism is faith in what concept, represented using the sacred symbol of ek oankar, the Universal God?
35 The Mandinka, aka Mandingo, people - a major ethnic group in Western Africa - all descend physically or culturally from which ancient Empire?
36 What was the Tehran building, the Shahyad Tower, renamed after the Iranian Revolution?
37 In which city is Mossad's HQ?
38 What female name was given to the last passenger pigeon, who died in Cincinnati Zoo in 1914?
39 Which American sculptor, born in Fort Wayne, Indiana in 1941, became a leading exponent of Conceptual Art during the 1960s, using neon lights and holograms in addition to producing minimalist works from more conventional materials, like Six Inches of my Knee Extended to Six Feet (1967), and since 1970 has worked principally with wood and fibreglass on such installations as Room with my Soul Left Out/Room That Does not Care and Dream Passage with Four Corridors (both 1984)?
40 Which American comedian-actor produced the platinum-selling album Harmful If Swallowed before releasing Retaliation, the biggest selling comedy album in the US for 30 years?
41 Which small yellow flower was called the "spring messenger" by 18th century naturalist Gilbert White?
42 A stocky grey warbler, which bird was once known as the "March nightingale" due to its early return and sweet song?
43 Which Franciscan friar and mathematician published the fabled volume of Renaissance brain-teasers and puzzles, De Ludo Schacorum?
44 Which Croatian footballer is nicknamed 'Dudu'?
45 Which 1953 Fellini film centres on a group of indolent, middle class boys, all nearing 30 and living with their mothers, including the philandering Fausto, the wannabe playwright Leopoldo and Marcelo, scared of his own little world behind?
46 Prince Edward Island is separated from New Brunswick and Nova Scotia by which stretch of water?
47 Which pop singer married the stunt motorcyclist Carey Hart in 2006?
48 What was the first James Bond film not to feature the line "Bond, James Bond"?
49 Which very fine sun-bleached linen used to be called "cloth of Rheims"?
50 What are the top and bottom grades of France's Legion of Honour?
51 Bernie Sumner, the lead singer of New Order chose the title Power, Corruption and Lies for their second album from graffiti sprayed by which artist on the exterior of a Cologne art gallery in 1981?
52 Goethe said that "you can have no adequate conception of what man is capable of accomplishing" until you have seen what?
53 What two-word term was coined by Friedrich Engels to describe the inability of the working class to understand the nature of its oppression?
54 Divided by the Naka River, which Japanese city is closer to the South Korean capital Seoul than Tokyo and is home to one of the country's oldest Zen Buddhist temples, Shofuku-ji, located in its old Hakata quarter, as well as Ohori Park and the baseball team Daiei Hawks?
55 The Albanian capital, Tirana, is located on which river?
56 Its name being the elision of an expression meaning "Hill of the Antelope", which African capital city sits on just one of its seven hills, Nakasero?
57 The red-domed mausoleum of Saladin lies outside the walls of which city?
58 Which Frenchman patented the electronic musical instrument originally named the ondes musicales in 1922, going on to produce it in 1928?
59 Which firm of music publishers was founded in Paris in 1932 by Louise Dyer, an Australian, who built up a catalogue of limited editions, including Byzantine liturgical music, medieval polyphonic music, motets by Attaignant and keyboard works by Byrd?
60 Which Danish composer (1817-90) had the first of his eight symphonies conducted by Mendelssohn at Leipzig in 1843 and also wrote the opera-ballet The Fairy Spell?
61 Which Austrian composer's opera Constanza e Fortezza was performed in Prague during the coronation festivities in 1723, and formulated the rules for counterpoint in his 1725 work Gradus ad Parnassum?
62 Which Polish composer wrote the 1976-78 opera Paradise Lost to a libretto by Christopher Fry, based on the Milton poem?
63 According to Suetonius in his work Lives of the Caesars, which Roman emperor's last words were "An emperor ought to die standing"?
64 Which Swiss theologian (1741-1801) wrote in his Aphorisms on Man (c.1788): "The public seldom forgive twice"?
65 Quoted in the Brooklyn Daily Eagle on August 11, 1900, which boxer is credited with saying prior to a fight: "The bigger they are, the further they have to fall"?
66 "I will return. And I will be millions" is the inscription on whose tomb in Buenos Aires?
67 Which French poet wrote in Ailleurs, ici, partout (1946): "L'espoir ne fait pas de poussiere" (Hope raises no dust)?
68 Which American poet wrote Chaplinesque (1926), Garden Abstract (1926) and To Emily Dickinson (1927)?
69 Replying to a request for changes in the constitution of the Society of Jesus, which Pope (1693-1769) said: "Sint ut sunt aut non sint" (Let them be as they are or not be at all)?
70 Which composer claimed in a 1961 newspaper interview: "My music is best understood by children and animals"?
71 In a 1592 Shakespeare play, which three words precede: "... we will be married o' Sunday"?
72 Which character in the von Schiller play Don Carlos claimed: "Die Sonne geht in meinem Staat nicht unter" (The sun does not set in my dominions)?
73 Which Roman historian (86-35BC) said of Rome in his work Catiline: "Urbem venalem et mature perituram, si emptorem invenerit" (A venal city ripe to perish, if a buyer can be found)?
74 Which French biologist wrote in Pensees d'un biologiste (1939): "Kill a man, and you are an assassin. Kill millions of men, and you are a conqueror. Kill everyone, and you are a god"?
75 What did Frederic Raphael call the "city of perspiring dreams" in his 1976 novel The Glittering Prizes?
76 Known for such other works as Topaze (1930), which French dramatist and film-maker wrote in his 1946 play Marius: "Honour is like a match, you can only use it once"?
77 Associated with assassin Thomas Wilkes Booth, "Sic temper tyrannis" (Thus always to tyrants) is the motto of which US state?
78 The French revolutionary Comte de Mirabeau claimed what to be "the national industry of Prussia"?
79 Which female American poet wrote in 1934: "Childhood is the kingdom where nobody dies. Nobody that matters, that is"?
80 Discussing the Italian question with Palmerston in 1847, who claimed: "Italy is a geographical expression"?
81 What word for a slimy secretion comes from the Greek for "to blow the nose"?
82 Named after a German zoologist, which form of mimicry involves two harmful or inedible creatures developing similar appearance as a protection from predators?
83 Which Austrian and south German dance, similar to a slow waltz, derives its name from a district of Austria north of the River Ems?
84 Which soft, long-napped French fabric gets its name from the Latin for 'feather'?
85 What four-wheeled horse-drawn carriage with folding hoods at the front and back which can be raised to cover the occupants gets its name from the west German town where it was originally made?
86 Derived from the Serb-Croat word for 'constable', what word refers to any one of a body of Croatian foot soldiers noted for their ferocity who were enrolled in the Austrian army during the 18th century?
87 Meaning 'belonging to former times', what term refers to any of a great class of Sanskrit poems comprising the whole body of Hindu mythology?
88 The word 'puna' describes the cold high plateau between the two ranges of which mountains?
89 Who created the character of Rambo in his 1972 novel First Blood?
90 From the Sanskrit for 'king son', what word describes a member of a Hindu warrior caste who claims descent from the Kshatriyas?
91 A retrovirus is so called because it contains which enzyme that uses RNA instead of DNA to encode genetic information, thus reversing the usual pattern of encoding?
92 From the Arabic word for "prickly pear", what is an Israeli born in Israel called?
93 Veratrine is yielded from the acrid seeds of which Mexican and Central American lilaceous plant, known by the scientific name Schoenocaulon officinale?
94 Which name is given to a goat-antelope with a thick, dark coat and conical horns, given either the scientific name Capricornis sumatraensis in south and east Asia, or Capricornis crispus in Taiwan and Japan?
95 What word for a slender long-tailed edible crustacean takes its name from the Old Norse for "to slip away"?
96 Allied to the salmon, which small food fish has the scientific name Osmerus eperlanus?
97 The title "Sophy" was formerly used for the ruler of which country?
98 Known by the Latin name Portulacaria afra, which large shrub with succulent leaves derives its name from the Afrikaans for 'fat pork' (e.g. bacon) and "tree"?
99 The term "splanchnic' relates to which body parts?
100 Which German physicist (1874-1957) gave his name to the splitting of the spectrum into components by applying an electric effect?
101 Presumably the master in charge of the building's whole sculptural programme, the French sculptor Gislebertus signed his name under the tympanum of which cathedral in Burgundy (1120-30)?
102 The pupil of Ribera and Pietro da Cortona, which Neapolitan painter's prodigious output included the ballroom ceiling of Florence's Palazzo Riccardi (1682) and ceilings in the Escorial (1692)?
103 A pupil of Lysippus, which Greek sculptor (4th-3rd century BC) was famed for his statue of Tyche (Fortune), tutelary goddess of Antioch in Syria, showing her seated on a cliff with the river god Orontes at her feet?
104 Which German sculptor (d.1540) in wood and stone produced the painful figures on the high altar of the Klosterkirche, Blauberen, his other works including the Frauenstein Madonna and La Belle Allemande, a figure of Mary Magdalene?
105 Which Italian painted The Assumption, 4 Scenes from the Life of St James and the Martyrdom of St Christopher in the Ovetari chapel, Eremitani church, Padua (1448-59), though all but one of these important frescoes were destroyed during WW2?
106 A member of the Inner Council of Berne, which Swiss painter, poet and statesman (1484-1530) was formerly sometimes wrongly called N.M. Deutsch on the basis of the monogram N.M.D.; the 'D' is now thought to stand in for the surname 'Degen"?
107 Born at Seligenstadt near Franfurt-am-Main in c.1433, who painted The Mystical Marriage of St Catherine (1479), The 7 Joys of the Virgin and Tommaso Portinari and Maria, Wife of Tommaso Portinari?
108 Nok is an ancient culture of which African country?
109 Also known as Dekor, which school of post-Matisse decorative painting often deliberately coarse in the way it uses figurative motifs flourished mainly in New York during the second half of the 1970s and involved Joyce Kozloff, Kim MacConnel and Brad Davis?
110 Which French sculptor carved Francis I's tomb (1558-59) and Henri II's tomb (1564-83) at St Denis?
111 Which style of Greek vase painting was supposedly invented by the Andokides painter (fl. 530-520BC) and continued until mid-4th century BC?
112 Who was playing Ronnie O'Sullivan when "The Rocket" made a record fastest maximum 147 clearance in 5 minutes and 20 seconds at the 1997 world championships?
113 Assassinated by the head of his own country's Central Intelligence Agency, which South Korean general seized power in a military coup in 1961 and was elected president two years later?
114 The first Arab paper factory opened in which city c.784 using skills learned from Chinese prisoners taken at the battle of Talas?
115 King Ah-Cacaw became ruler of which Mayan city in 682AD?
116 General Zhao Kuang-yin reunified northern China and established which dynasty in 960AD?
117 Which Abbasid caliph (786-833) established the House of Wisdom, a library and translation academy, in c.825?
118 Found in the extreme east of the Tarim Basin, what is China's lowest point at 154m/505 ft?
119 Located on the Grand Canal in Jiangsu province, which city was the capital of the Wu kingdom in the 5th century BC and was famed for its silk industry developed under the Sung dynasty in the 12th century?
120 Capital of the Elamites, which ancient city in south-west Iran became an important centre under the Achaemenid Kings of Persia, containing a palace of Darius I and was the site of discovery of the stele (stone slab) of Hammurabi, inscribed with his code of law?
121 A founder of plant physiology, which German demonstrated the importance of transpiration and the role of chlorophyll in plants, publishing his Textbook of Botany in 1868?
122 Which 1919 treaty established the new republic of Austria from the old Austro-Hungarian empire?
123 What is the first day of the month of Tishri, generally in September, usually called?
124 Which Caribbean capital in the Windward Islands was burned by the French in 1805 and virtually destroyed by a hurricane in 1979?
125 Abu Simbel is the location of two rock-cut sandstone temples built by which Egyptian ruler (c.1292-1225BC)?
126 Which French chemist discovered actinium, the first of the actinide series, in 1899?
127 The US historian Brooks Adams held that civilisations rise and fall with the growth and decline of commerce in which influential 1895 work?
128 Which two countries agreed the Adams-Onis Treaty on February 22, 1819?
129 Capital of the namesake province, which seaport and rail centre on the coast of northern Chile was built in 1870 to provide port facilities for the nitrate and copper deposits (the Chuquicamata open-cast copper mine 135 miles to the north-east being the world's largest) and has both ore refining and concentration plants?
130 Known as "the One-eyed", which general of Alexander the Great became governor of Phrygia in 333BC and defeated challengers to gain control of Mesopotamia, Syria and Asia Minor, including his former ally Ptolemy I at Salamis in 306, before being killed at Ipsus in 301BC?





Answers to BH150 Part I
1 Bremen 2 Marigalante 3 Sharp 4 "Coming to terms with the past" 5 Fraunhofer 6 Dried codfish 7 Waterloo 8 Charles Willson Peale 9 White honey 10 Maslenitsa 11 Conimbriga Roman Ruins 12 Natural Park of Serra da Estrela 13 Gossip Girl 14 Ruiz 15 Enigma machines 16 Kawthoolay 17 Grouper 18 Q-Tip 19 Ozzie Smith 20 Buitenvrouw 21 Postage stamp 22 David Rose 23 Casablanca 24 Diamond (apparently) 25 Innsbruck 26 Zemsky Sobor 27 Bahamas 28 Anastylosis 29 Losar 30 Cybercafe 31 Turkmenistan 32 Sao Bento Palau (St Benedict's Palace) 33 Tauride Palace/Tavrichesky dvorets 34 Vahiguru 35 Mali 36 Freedom Tower 37 Tel Aviv 38 Martha 39 Bruce Nauman 40 Dane Cook 41 Lesser celandine 42 Blackcap 43 Luca Pacioli 44 Eduardo Alves da Silva 45 I Vitelloni 46 Northumberland Strait 47 Pink 48 From Russia With Love 49 Lawn 50 Grands Croix/Chevalier 51 Gerhard Richter 52 Frescoes on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel 53 False consciousness 54 Fukuoka 55 Ishm 56 Kampala 57 Damascus 58 Maurice Martenot (as in the ondes Martenot) 59 L'oiseau Lyre (Lyrebird Press) 60 Niels Gade 61 Johann Joseph Fux 62 Krzysztof Penderecki 63 Vespasian 64 Johan Kaspar Lavater 65 Robert Fitzsimmons 66 Eva Peron 67 Paul Eluard 68 Hart Crane 69 Clement XIII 70 Igor Stravinsky 71 Kiss Me Kate 72 Philip II 73 Sallust or Gaius Sallustius Crispus 74 Jean Rostand 75 Cambridge 76 Marcel Pagnol 77 Virginia 78 War 79 Edna St Vincent Millay 80 Prince Metternich 81 Mucus 82 Mullerian mimicry 83 Landler 84 Panne 85 Landau 86 Pandour 87 Purana 88 Andes 89 David Morell 90 Rajput 91 Reverse transcriptase 92 Sabra 93 Sabadilla 94 Serow 95 Shrimp 96 Smelt 97 Persia 98 Spekboom 99 Bowels or intestines 100 Johannes Stark (Stark effect) 101 Autun cathedral 102 Luca Giordano 103 Eutychides 104 Gregor Erhart 105 Andrea Mantegna 106 Niklaus Manuel 107 Hans Memling or Memlinc 108 Nigeria 109 Pattern painting 110 Germain Pillon or Pilon 111 Red figure style 112 Mick Price 113 Park Chung Hee 114 Baghdad 115 Tikal 116 Song 117 Al-Mamun 118 Turfan Depression 119 Suzhou 120 Susa 121 Julius von Sachs 122 Treaty of St Germain 123 Rosh Hashanah 124 Roseau 125 Ramses II 126 Andre Debierne 127 Law of Civilization and Decay 128 USA and Spain 129 Antofagasta 130 Antigonus I


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