Monday, May 19, 2008

For You, Forever Ago

Oh, lordy, I've just remembered I have a blog to maintain. So obviously this is one of those typically apologetic blogs going on about how bloody busy I've been. Therefore, sorry, I've been bloody busy with all sorts of quiz goings-on and doings-on, most of which are highly confidential, in the embryonic stage etc that I cannot discuss in any scant let alone real detail at all: auditions, run-throughs, writing questions which I go over and over until I'm convinced they look absolutely pathetic and must write some new ones when it's plain to any impartial observer that I'm just being completely weird and all pedantic like. Questions which I then send off to far off climes, like Manchester, while I ready myself for the hopefully kind feedback.

Anyhow, yes, I am applying for 'Are You an Egghead?' and am auditioning tomorrow. I do hope they disregard any confusing comments and possibly deranged screeds about the show I might have left lying around the internet years ago and write them off as midly youthful folly when they hear my gushing encomions. Whatever encomions are. Aren't they some sort of Icelandic pastry? Anywayhoohow, time to get me some nice mature folly, methinks. Ya no wot ahm talkin' 'bout 'boiiii. The kind that is so much more serious. Do I hear life's winged chariot sweeping near? No, it's a bloody huge bus, whose driver should stop slapping his horn like a MASSIVE C...


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