Monday, August 11, 2008

Time to Yield

Sorry, Pathetic Excuse Comin At Ya

I was going to write about the fact that whenever a major sporting event consumes the entire TV schedule I feel the compulsion to watch every single available moment of it, as is the case with the current Olympics, you know them things what's on the gogglebox all morning and afternoon, as well as other implications for 'training', British optimism and why the hell doesn't the BBC show the Olympic sports I want to watch??? But I don't have the time at the moment. Nyah-nyah-nyeeehh.

1 Launched on 28 October 1971 from Launch Area 5B (LA-5B) at Woomera, South Australia on a Black Arrow rocket, what is the only satellite to be launched by a British rocket?
2 Who links Magners cider and the final season of The Wire?
3 Which Early Horizon civilization is believed to have developed around 900 BC and died out around 200 BC according to Edward Lanning, and after the Norte Chico, laid the cultural foundation for the other Peruvian civilisations to come, with its culture representing the first widespread, recognizable artistic style in the Andes?
4 Known by the scientific name Andrias davidianus, what is the largest living amphibian?
5 Which Czech prose writer, journalist, singer, and actor wrote the humorous novel for youths Klapzubova jedenáctka/Klapzuba's Eleven, (1922) about an invincible football team of 11 brothers, and the novel Cirkus Humberto/Circus Humberto (1941), an epic saga about people working in circuses?
Bonus: A co-writer of the song with Judy Hart Angelo, who sung 'Where Everybody Knows Your Name', the theme tune from the sitcom Cheers?





Answers to FE: XXIII
1 Prospero X-3 2 Steve Earle - he sings Galway Girl on the Magners advert with Sharon Shannon, and he sings the final season version of Down in the Hole in The Wire opening credits 3 Chavin 4 Chinese giant salamander 5 Eduard Bass, born Eduard Schmidt Bonus: Gary Portnoy


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