Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Holiday, hopefully, it will be alright

I'm in Norway for the next week for my first family holiday in, I think, 20 years (well, it's the first one I've ever had with all my siblings since one of them didn't exist at the time).

Therefore, it will be as quiet around here as, um, the last fortnight.

One more thought: what kind of point have you reached in your life when you see a 2009 Whitaker's Almanac in The Works for £9,99, down from £45, and sing songs of hallelujah?

I will leave you with that brain murmur as I contemplate visiting the Nobel Peace Center and seeing one of the versions of The Scream.

Ta ta

* An oblique reference to the fact that I've been reading A Time of Gifts and Between the Wood and the Waters by Patrick Leigh Fermor, two of the greatest travel books ever, and ones which I highly recommend for quiz reading. Brilliantly, beautiful written, they are chronicles of vanished cultures and places that are filled with so much info about Central Europe that I've been not just marking the passages/facts I should look up for later reference, but practically massacring the pages with stars, lines and constant page corner-folding.


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