Tuesday, July 28, 2009

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Yes, it's true...

... it appears I am writing the Ulysses of quiz books (that's not the title by the way). I've already zoomed so far past the 200,000 word-mark, it looks like an Omar Sharif-y dot on the sun-emblazoned scrotumtightening horizon. Obviously I'll save the Finnegans Wake of quiz books for the next one, which I will be writing while long-haired, wild-eyed and living in a twig-thatched shack on an obscure Scottish island. Obviously.

(Cor, I don't half fancy some fried kidneys for some mysterious reason)

Anyway, I thought I'd preview it by posting sample questions (I can spare them, since they are so profuse). It's 2 x 10 questions per page, each in a different category like Science & Technology, Art & Crafts, Sport etc, so I thought I'd do a ten-question-per-day, ten-day countdown each with a different subject. First, one of the 113 GK tenners...

General Knowledge
1. The Englishman Thomas Parr, or “Old Parr”, supposedly lived for 152 years. He died during which king’s reign, the ruler in question arranging to have him buried in Westminster Abbey?
2. Which inmate has or had the prison number: a) 46664 b) FF 8282 c) 18330-424 d) 6660 e) 24601 f) 37927 g) 61727-054 h) C.3.3 (for Building C, floor 3, cell 3)?
3. Published by Transparency International, the annual Corruption Perceptions Index analyses corruption in each nation’s public officials and politicians. Which country came last in 2008?
4. Which substitute ran out Ricky Ponting, much to the Australian's obvious chagrin, in the fourth Ashes Test at Trent Bridge in 2005?
5. The Canadian electro/progressive house producer Joel Zimmerman (b.1981) is renowned for performing sets while wearing a giant animal mask. What is his stage name?
6. Declared world champion in 1933, which Canadian badminton player designed a canvas and rubber sneaker for the B.F. Goodrich Company in 1935 that provided more protection and support on badminton courts? Converse bought trademark rights to them in the ‘70s.
7. Which 1569-1795 union was known as the Rzeczpospolita?
8. William Faulkner’s famous line “The past is never dead. It’s not even past” featured in which 1951 novel that has Temple Drake for its protagonist?
9. The most commonly prescribed psychostimulant, it was patented by CIBA in 1954 as a potential cure for Mohr’s disease. Methylphenidate is better known by what brand name?
10. In which island group are about 950 Long-finned pilot whales (Globicephala melaena) slaughtered in an annual hunting ceremony known as the Grindadráp?








General Knowledge Answers
1. King Charles II. “Old Tom Parr”, as he was also known, lived from c.1483 to November 1635.
2. a) Nelson Mandela b) Jeffrey Archer c) Conrad Black d) Charles Ponzi e) Jean Valjean (in Les Miserables) f) Andy Dufresne (in The Shawshank Redemption) g) Bernie Madoff h) Oscar Wilde
3. Somalia. It was placed 180/180 with a 1.0 rating. Myanmar and Iraq came 178= with 1.3, while Denmark, New Zealand and Sweden came top with 9.3 each. The UK was 16th with 7.7.
4. Gary Pratt (b.1981). He was released by Durham in 2006 and later joined Cumberland.
5. Deadmau5 (pronounced ‘dead mouse’). His albums include Random Album Title (2008).
6. Jack Purcell (1903-91). Converse still make and sell his eponymous trainers today, though they have proved popular due to their vintage fashion appeal rather than athletic use.
7. The Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth (Latin name: Res Publica Serenissima). Its unique political system, known as "Noble’s democracy" or "Golden Freedom", was characterised by the sovereign’s power being reduced by laws and the legislature (Sejm) controlled by the nobility (szlachta). Though the two states were formally equal, Poland was the dominant partner of the two.
8. Requiem for a Nun. It was adapted for the stage in 1956 by Albert Camus, as Requiem pour une nonne, and was Italy’s most popular theatre production of 1959, with 58,898 seats sold.
9. Ritalin. MPH has the chemical formula C14H19NO2 and is also sold under such lesser known brand names as Daytrana (patches), Attenta, Concerta, Equasym, Biphentin and Rubifen)
10. Faroe Islands. It is a community tradition dating back at least 1000 years that sees boats surround the whales and drive them slowly into a bay. In late 2008, the Faroese chief medical officers declared the whales unfit for human consumption due to the level of toxins in them.


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