Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Defence III

President's Cup friendly 14/10/2012

"That was hard work", Kathryn

"I told you the questions were long", me (took me two hours to write it)

Unanswered questions in large; score was early 30s - early 30s

The Friendly

Round 1
1 The Italian food and wine magazine Gambero Rosso gets its name from a tavern where the Fox and the Cat dine in which 1883 children's novel?
The Adventures of Pinocchio
2 Which 2012 Nobel Laureate is known by a pen-name that means 'don't speak'?
Mo Yan / Guan Moye
3 The illustrator Peggy Fortnum is best known for her originally black-and-white drawings of which bear?
4 In 1879, Rodolphe Lindt invented "conching", a method of refining which substance by heating and rolling it?
5 Which African country was invaded by Italy in September 1911?
6 Which family bought the Palazzo Pitti in 1549?
7 The Polish-born Argentine chess grandmaster Miguel Najdorf gave his name to a much-used variation of which opening?
The Sicilian Defence
8 Which former US Postal Service team-mate of Lance Armstrong co-wrote the Tour de France book The Secret Race?
Tyler Hamilton

Round 2
1 The largest in KwaZulu-Natal, which city is known by the Zulu name eThekwini, from the word itheku, meaning bay or lagoon?
2 One of the founders of classic electromagnetism, which French scientist discovered an eponymous circuital law in 1826?
Andre-Marie Ampere - Ampere's circuital law relates the integrated magnetic field around a closed loop to the electric current passing through the loop
3 In pre-revolutionary era France, the pouce corresponded to which traditional English imperial unit? 1.066 of the English unit equalling one pouce.
4 Which member of Der Blaue Reiter inspired children's author Eric Carle to create the book The Artist Who Painted a Blue Horse
Franz Marc
5 Which aviator was killed in a plane crash with the humorist Will Rogers in 1935? A memorial airport in Barrow, Alaska is named after both of them.
Wiley Post
6 Which global pandemic is believed to have begun in a hospital ward at Camp Funston on the US Army installation Fort Riley in Kansas?
Spanish flu / 1918 flu pandemic
7 Which actor plays Raoul Silva, the villain in the new Bond film Skyfall?
Javier Bardem
8 In 1917, the Royal Flying Corps and the American army chose which Swiss watchmaker - founded by Louis Brandt - as the official timekeepers for its combat units?

Round 3
1 Which Scottish nobleman was the third husband of Mary, Queen of Scots?
James Hepburn Bothwell, 4th Earl of Bothwell
2 Known for having brown fleece and horns in both sexes, the Soay sheep breed is named after an uninhabited islet in which Scottish archipelago?
St Kilda - Soay is Old Norse for 'Island of Sheep'
3 What is the name of the New Zealand singer who features on the Gotye no. 1 single Somebody That I Used to Know?
Kimbra / Kimbra Lee Johnson
4 Spanning the Tagus River, the longest bridge in Europe, including viaducts, is named after which Portuguese explorer?
Vasco da Gama Bridge
5 Which Paris-based luxury pastry maker invented the small, round double-decker macaron? It has a shop at 14 Cornhill.
6 Described as "the world's most influential ad man", Sir Martin Sorrell is the founder and chief executive of which advertising agency - the world's biggest?
WPP - originally Wire and Plastic Products
7 Which Italian tenor released the 1999 classical album Sacred Arias and the 1997 pop album Romanza?
Andrea Bocelli
8 In 1980, which Irish midfielder was signed by Juventus for £500,000 after his side Arsenal beat them in the Cup Winners' Cup semi-finals?
Liam Brady

Round 4
1 Describing a musical pedant, the word 'beckmesser' comes from Sixtus Beckmesser, a nervous, narrow-minded clerk in which Wagner opera?
Die Meistersinger von Nuremberg
2 What did Earle Dickson invent for Johnson & Johnson after he noticed his wife Josephine tended to injure herself in the kitchen?
3 The Daily Mail cartoonist Stanley McMurty is often referred to by which name?
4 The Fall of the Rebel Angels and The Census at Bethlehem in the Musee des Beaux Arts de Belgique in Brussels were both painted in the 1560s by which Flemish artist? 
Pieter Bruegel the Elder
5 Made by Fiat between 1995 and 2005, which roadster was named after the Italian word for 'little boat'?
6 Loyd Grossman once described which veteran DJ's house as being like that of a maiden aunt in Eastbourne?
Tony Blackburn
7 Recently, Guinness World Records gave Zeus, a 3-year-old from Michigan, the title World's Tallest Dog. Standing at 44 inches, what breed is Zeus? 
Great Dane
8 Which African mammal, with the Latin name Mellivora capensis, has become a popular internet meme due to its apparent and exceptional ability to not give a s***, as, according to many images it "DON'T CARE"? 
Honey badger

Round 5
1 How many Oscars for Best Score or Best Score Adaptation had Andre Previn won by the time he began as the London Symphony Orchestra's principal conductor in 1968?
2 Theodore Roosevelt won the Nobel Peace Prize for negotiating the end to which 1904-1905 war?
Russo-Japanese War
3 Which Marquessate was created in 1789 for Thomas Thynne, 3rd Viscount Weymouth?
Marquessate of Bath / Bath
4 In March 2011, the Morning Advertiser was merged with which other title to create the pub trade's only weekly magazine in the UK?
The Publican
5 Which woman's name gave Kenny Rogers the title of his first UK Number One single in 1977?
6 Jansik Special, Egg Loop, and Improved Clinch are types of what?
Fishing knot / Knot
7 After hearing the speech 'Britain Awake' attack the USSR at Kensington Town Hall, Yuri Gavrilov coined which political nickname in the Soviet newspaper Krasnaya Zvezda aka Red Star in January 1976?
'The Iron Lady' 
8 The latest American reality TV star, 6-year-old beauty pageant participant Alana Thompson is known by which three-word nickname?
Honey Boo Boo

Round 6
1 The Ramones song Bonzo Goes to Bitburg protested whose 1985 visit to a West German cemetery because members of the SS were buried there?
Ronald Reagan
2 The Australian, Murray Rose, was a six-time medallist in which Olympic sport?
3 Which former Australian Prime Minister celebrated his 96th birthday on July the 11th of this year?
Gough Whitlam
4 Based on a Roger Corman film, which musical by Alan Menken and Howard Ashman features the songs Dentist! and Feed Me (Git It)
Little Shop of Horrors
5 Which Great Britain sprinter won his 100m Olympic title in a very close finish with the Cuban, Silvio Leonard?
Alan Wells
6 This weekend, the Staffordshire village of Whittington has hosted the British National Championships in which farming-related activity?
7 On the TV show Would I Lie to You?, actor-comedian Peter Serafinowicz revealed that he had overdubbed the voice of which man in ads promoting Viagra and tackling impotence?
8 Which title character in a Henrik Ibsen play is the wife of Jørgen Tesman?
Hedda Gabler

Round 7
1 Elvis Costello is often credited with the remark that "writing about music is like dancing about…" what?
2 Which surname is shared by Gregory, a Democratic Unionist MP for East Londonderry; Alan and Ronnie, the respective Labour MPs for Tynemouth and Blyth Valley, and the Lib Dem MP for North East Fife?
3 The historical novel 1356 by Bernard Cornwell culminates at which battle?
4 The Fawcett Society began in 1866 when Millicent Garrett Fawcett began her peaceful lifetime campaign for what?
Women's votes / Women's suffrage / Equality between men and women
5 Starring alongside Greg Davies and Helen Baxendale, recently departed Saturday Night Live star Andy Samberg plays the title role in which BBC3 sitcom?
6 The highest density of breweries in the world is found near Bamberg in the Upper Franconia region of which German state? 
7 In 1921, British magician PT Selbit shocked the public by conceiving which illusion? Its endless variations include one performed by the Peruvian, Richiardi Jr, that features fake blood spray.
Sawing a woman in half
8 Worn by both women and men, the yukata is a casual summer form of what Japanese garment?

Round 8
1 Discovered in 1879, when its mosaic floor was struck by a farmer making a sheep pen, the Brading Roman Villa is on which island?
Isle of Wight
2 In which former Yugoslav republic are the Studenica Monastery, the Skull Tower in the city of Nis, and the Smederevo Fortress?
3 Combining literary studies, history and linguistics, what name is given to the study of language in written historical sources?
4 TAROM is the flag carrier and oldest operating airline of which European country?
5 The French Air Force includes 158 Mirage 2000 jet fighters and 75 Rafale fighters, both made by which aircraft manufacturer?
6 Using a ghostwriter, which actress and Dame published the memoir And Furthermore in 2010?
Judi Dench
7 Which comedian made a comeback with the 1980 film Hardly Working, after making the unreleased Holocaust movie The Day The Clown Cried?
Jerry Lewis
8 What nationality is the 33-year-old activist Tawakkol Karman, who became the first Arab woman to win a Nobel Prize and the youngest Nobel Peace Laureate to date in 2011?

Winner of the 1903 Prize for Medicine for treating lupus vulgaris with phototherapy, Niels Ryberg Finsen remains the only Nobel Laureate to have been born in which island group?
Faroe Islands
Founded by David Thorstad in 1978, what is NAMBLA?
North American Man/Boy Love Association
Fronted by Justin Vernon, which US band has released the Blood Bank EP and the single Holocene? Bon Iver
The novel The Golden Egg by Dutch journalist Tim Krabbé has been made into a film twice, first in 1988 and a second time with Kiefer Sutherland and Jeff Bridges. What is the film's English title?
The Vanishing / Spoorloos


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