Thursday, July 26, 2012

Latest comment

"Visiting your blog for months is an exercise in futility. What was once a thriving blog has stagnated..Plz post some quizzes atleast on a monthly ( if not weekly ) basis"

The blog hasn't thrived for close to three years.

Coincidentally, since about the same time I became a full-time TV quiz question writer. For which I get paid.

I don't get paid for questions I write - just for the hell of it - and put on this blog. Those days, when freelance life allowed me to waste hours watching DVD box sets are long gone. 

Thought experiment: Imagine you were told once you got home you received a vaguely insulting phone call from an anonymous stranger, which involved them saying "Do some more of the work you've been doing in the office all day!" 

But do it for free and use your precious evening hours!

Let me hit you with some more knowledge...

Quote 1. As Dr Johnson said: "No man but a blockhead ever wrote, except for money."

Quote 2. As The Heath Ledger Joker said: "If you're good at something, never do it for free."

Do ya feel me? Do ya? Do do do.

And I don't have a single minute to spare writing them anyway. I don't even have time finishing my Quiz Book.

I haven't rejigged, even touched it up since LAST OCTOBER. That's my top free-time quiz priority (and also a top-notch training tool these past four years).

Because my career has consumed my spare time. And any other time, must be spent doing a little relaxing and watching braindead films and telly-shite. Just to relax and float down stream.

If you want to enjoy my questions, watch UC, as well as a couple of other quiz shows (guess which ones I've written - it's fun!) and read The Times every weekday. The latter is the steadiest supply I've ever come up with. Five a day. Seven years and counting. 

Coincidentally, I am paid for those questions too.

In terms of television viewing habits, you probably have heard thousands of my questions, but you don't even know it. And those audience/readership figures make this blog's poor, neglected readers look like ... um ... a number that is only slightly bigger than zero. I'm quite satisfied with that work and exposure.

Honestly, the BH quizzes are on indefinite hiatus. I'm marshalling my personal quiz-learning regime in a far more rationalised and efficient manner. 

A Serious Proposal
Unless, of course, readers of this blog paid me to do them. Seriously. Put it in a big collective pot for a bargain fee of 50p per original question (e.g. ten people want a 30 question quiz - they pay £1.50 each. I think). Think it over.

Otherwise, the only time I see myself putting up question sets are President Cup friendly sets. September time.

Conflating a hobby and a job - a jobby?? - has had its consequences. The necrotising slow-death of this blog was one. And that's that. As Tommy Devito's ruined face-head gushed blood on the lino. Non sequitur fin.