Monday, February 02, 2009

A Deathly Chill ...

... Threatens to Freeze My Appendages Off

Well, what can I say? More television work has popped up and will occupy me for the majority of the month, while the rest of my time will see me finally clear up the Giant quiz scores (the associated shame of my score-sheet displacement and procrastination growing in my gut and making me giggle madly due to the increasing but already absolute and dirty, dirrrty shame) and mailouts and preparing to visit Belgium for the first time to partake of the Clockwork quiz (great questions, if you can get around the vagaries of Google Translate, cos I can't speak Dutch like)

But at least I now have a working printer! For the first time in four months! Hurrah! I'm gonna print off loads of ... guess what ... QUIZ QUESTIONS! I'll stop with the exclamation marks now. And warm my toes. It looks like they may be the first parts to detract themselves from my body in protest at the lack of protection I have afforded them. It's a trainers thing, you see.