Wednesday, January 14, 2015

President's Cup Friendly 11/1/2015

Howdy. The friendly score was 38-32. Scores were equal going into the last found, I think. Not much more to say. Ummm....

1 Featured at the end of the film Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Al Khazneh (The Treasury) is an elaborate temple in which ancient city? 

2 Cape Agulhas is the place where which two oceans meet? 
Atlantic and Indian Oceans
3 Which West German Chancellor was the first leader of the Christian Democratic Union? 
Konrad Adenauer
4 Known for recently playing Steven Hawking, which British actor married Hannah Bagshawe in December 2014? 
Eddie Redmayne
5 Which German composed the 1861 work Variations and Fugue on a Theme by Handel
Johannes Brahms
6 Who commanded the British Expeditionary Force during the Battle of the Somme? 
Douglas Haig
7 Home to the largest winter ice sculpture festival in the world, which 'Ice City' is the capital and largest city of China's Heilongjiang province? 
8 The gymnast Olga Korbut was born in which former Soviet republic?

1 America's University of Georgia is located in which college town, associated with such music groups as REM and the B-52s? 
2 A favourite snack of Elvis Presley, a Fool's Gold sandwich includes a loaf of bread, one jar of grape jelly, a pound of bacon and one jar of what? 
Peanut butter
3 Fairbanks is the largest city in the Interior region of which US state? 
4 Which actor accompanied Charley Boorman on the motorcycle journey TV documentary Long Way Down
Ewan McGregor
5 In two films, Gemma Jones and Jim Broadbent have played Pamela and Jim, the parents of which fictional diarist? 
Bridget Jones
6 Which prince was the son of George II and father of George III? 
Frederick, Prince of Wales
7 The bronze statue Let Us Beat Swords Into Plowshares (1958) by Soviet sculptor Evgeny Vuchetich symbolises the main goal of which political organisation? 
United Nations
8 Taught after the trivium, the quadrivium consisted of arithmetic, geometry, music and which scientific subject? 

1 What breed of dog was Balto, the leader of a team that made a heroic journey across Alaska with serum for a diphtheria epidemic? 
2 Boris Karloff's ghost is said to haunt which New York apartment building, better known as the scene of John Lennon's shooting? 
The Dakota
3 As portrayed in a recently released Netflix series, Marco Polo met and lived at the court of which Yuan dynasty emperor? 
Kubla Khan
4 In which 2014 comedy sequel was Wet n' Wild Gold Coast fictionalised as the water park Splash Planet? 
The Inbetweeners 2
5 Which stadium is known as `'the house that Ruth built"? 
Yankee Stadium
6 In 1931, which US firm became the first company to produce electric guitars? Rickenbacker - founded as the Ro-Pat-In Corporation
7 Which branch of physics is concerned with heat and temperature and their relationship to energy and work? 
8 What is the ring name of 7ft-tall WWE wrestler Paul Donald Wight? 
The Big Show

1 Which town's name features on the postmark on the British Guiana 1c Magenta, the world's rarest stamp?

2 Which pie is a traditional part of Thanksgiving meals in North America? 
Pumpkin pie
3 Which coffeehouse company was founded by Jerry Baldwin, Zev Siegl and Gordon Bowker in 1971? 
4 In 2002, what did Paul Kelleher try to decapitate with a Slazenger V600 cricket bat? 
A statue of Margaret Thatcher on display at London's Guildhall Art Gallery (he succeeded with a metal bar)
5 Which German footballer scored the extra-time goal that won the 2014 FIFA World Cup final? 
Mario Götze
6 Which Sri Lankan cricketer played his final Test innings in August 2014, ending his career with 11,814 test runs? 
Mahela Jayawardene
7 Which quiz show has been hosted by Regis Philbin, Meredith Vieira, Cedric the Entertainer and Terry Crews? 
US Who Wants to be a Millionaire 
8 Which two giants, whose names appear in the Old Testament, are associated with Guildhall, London? 
Gog and Magog

1 The US socialite Fanny Ronalds was known for her affair with which English composer, who was played by Allan Corduner in the film Topsy Turvy
Arthur Sullivan
2 The third tallest secular tower in medieval Italy, the Torre del Mangia is a 88m-tall structure in the Piazza del Campo of which Tuscan city? 
3 Mattala Rajapaksa International Airport serves the city of Hambantota in which Asian country? 
Sri Lanka
4 In 2014, the Elton John Stand has opened at which football ground? 
Vicarage Road
5 Which South Korean ferry capsized and sank in April 2014 with the loss of at least 295 lives?  

6 Which Soviet icebreaker was the world's first nuclear-powered ship? 
7 Which American actress was the first person to accrue 10 Oscar nominations for acting? 

8 The Trialmaster is a motorcycle jacket produced by which British firm, also known for making the coat worn by Benedict Cumberbatch in Sherlock

1 In 285, which Roman emperor partitioned the empire's administration into eastern and western halves? 
2 Which American's 15 major title wins remains the all-time record for a female golfer? 

3 Barnard's star is in which 'Serpent Holder' constellation? 
4 Which team never missed the NHL playoffs between 1949 and 1967? 

5 In 1907, which composer of the opera Lea married Crown Princess Louise of Saxony? 

6 Which New York City bridge was described by Le Corbusier as "the only seat of grace in this disordered city"? 
George Washington Bridge
7 A delicatessen favourite, knishes are soft dough shells filled with what? 

8 Originally from Memphis, the hip hop group Three 6 Mafia have been called the "Originators" of which rap style, whose name they coined as a description of their Southern or Dirty South type sound? 

1 Similar in appearance to the xylophone and marimba, which percussion instrument was invented in 1927 by Henry Schulter, Chief Tuner of the company J.C. Deagan, Inc.? 
2 Which sea's name is Kazakh for 'Sea of Islands'? 

3 Khlestakov pretends to take on the title job in which Gogol play? 
The Government Inspector / The Inspector-General
4 Which British actor's movie roles include Sallah in Raiders of the Lost Ark and Gimli in The Lord of the Rings trilogy? 
John Rhys-Davies
5 Who is best known for singing the title theme tune from the film Ghostbusters
Ray Parker Jr
6 The 'Ndrangheta is a Mafia-type criminal organisation based in which Italian region? 
7 Consisting of a long pole with a noose at the end, the Uurga is a type of lasso used by which Asian people? 
8 The banded anteater, marsupial anteater and walpurti are alternative names for which marsupial of Western Australia, whose diet consists almost exclusively of termites? 

1 In 1968, who became the first Dutch cyclist to win the Tour de France? 

2 The famous American Civil War site Fort Sumter is off the coast of which state? 
South Carolina
3 The avoirdupois system of weights is based on a pound of how many ounces? 
4 Produced in Nicaragua, Flor de Cana - Spanish for 'sugarcane flower' - is a brand of which spirit? 
5 The plantar reflex is elicited when which part of the body is stimulated with a blunt instrument? 
The sole of the foot
6 Which American social psychologist is known for his controversial experiment on obedience conducted in the 1960s at Yale, as well as his small-world experiment? 
Stanley Milgram
7 Which country's flag is known as the Hinomaru
8 The Scottish botanist Robert Fortune, who died in 1880, is best known for introducing which plants from China to India? 
Tea plants

Tom Nero is the central character in which 1751 series of Hogarth engravings? 
The Four Stages of Cruelty
What is the most common bird in the world? 
Domestic chicken, with around 50 billion birds
Which US film director created the View Askewniverse? His more recent films include Tusk, Red State and Cop Out
Kevin Smith
Which US city is home to the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden? 
Washington DC
James Boswell wrote a 1786 Journal of a Tour... to which islands? 

Answers to the Unanswered Questions
R1 1 Petra
R1 8 Belarus
R4 1 Demerara
R5 5 MV Sewol
R5 7 Bette Davis
R6 2 Patty Berg
R6 4 Montreal Canadiens
R6 5 Enrico Toselli
R6 7 Oniony mashed potatoes
R6 8 Crunk
R7 2 Aral Sea
R8 1 Jan Janssen