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BH quiz #48

Well, I was going to write about Brain of London, but perhaps the pain is still too red and hot for me to do it. Or maybe I have a headache after getting up at 3.30 in the afternoon and realising I don't want to write about quizzes at this very minute but instead want to go out and buy something to go with the original Matteson's pork sausage I bought at 4am because I am absolutely gosh darned ravenous and that there is very little time, putting that aside, in which I can do that before I go to book group and talk about how utterly flabbby The Time Traveller's Wife is. You see? I can't just linger in front of this computer and wait for genius to pop and sparkle like fireworks in my head. I have to be fed. Or I will be brain dead. (Sorry)

So I swear I'll do it before I go and see Mogwai tomorrow night, if that is, I am getting a lift straight to Southampton and back. If not, I will have even more time to do it.

This questions are basically the results of me going back through my latest notebook and fleshing out scant notes culled from The Times and The Guardian, as well as questions too long to be used elsewhere. It's an 80-question mother...

1 Introduced by the German astronomer who gave them their name in his 1603 star atlas Uranometria, many of the brighter stars are given what designations that combine the consonant of a Greek letter followed by the Latin genitive of the name of the constellation in which it lies?

2 Who created the cartoon Mr Benn?

3 First produced at Bayreuth in 1882, Wagner described which of his works, about the knight whose quest is to find the spear that pierced Christ's side, not as an opera but as "ein Buhnenweihfespiel" or "a festival play for the consecration of the stage"?

4 Britain's largest land native land mammal, the male of which animal are sometimes called brockets if they are under four years old?

5 The eastern port city of Tamatave or Toamasina was set up as the rival capital of which country in 2002?

6 Featured in Geoff Ryman's new novel The King's Last Song, who is the legendary 12th century ruler who united Cambodia and founded the temples at Angkor?

7 Which poet's new collection is entitled District and Circle, his poems being profoundly affected by the 7/7 bombings and the fact that in 1962 he had a London holiday job that saw him use either line every day?

8 Known for such genre classics as The Laughing Policeman, the Swedish husband-and-wife team Per Wahloo and Maj Sjowall wrote ten novels between 1965 and 1975 that featured which detective?

9 Used by Derren Brown and known by the initials NPL, what methodology of hypnotic techniques was popularised in the early 80s by the American Richard Bandler to embed ideas in practitioners and their clients in which, for instance, they visualised them being successful?

10 Born in Sierra Leone, which 31-year-old French athlete and world champion in the heptathlon and long jump has claimed she is a victim of police brutality and racist abuse?

11 The world's rarest cat, the first steps to reintroduce which animal into its natural habit in an area comparable to Hampshire in the Russian seaboard region of Primorski and China's eastern border zone, comes at a time when only 35 are left in the wild?

12 Which Ukrainian-born author and Army newspaper correspondent at Stalingard, who pocketed stationery from Hitler's bunker and gave the first and most authorative eyewitness report from Treblinka, may finally be getting recognition for his 880-page masterpiece Life and Fate, a book the Soviet authorities once claimed would not be published for 200 years?

13 Who did Ernest-Antoine Selliere, the head of the European employer's group Unice, recently annoy?

14 Produced by Bill Kenwright, what was the first musical to transfer to the West End and concerns the arrival of West Indians in London in the 50s?

15 Which artist, so well known for his lurid cottage-field and glowing firelight drenched works that he has trademarked the name "Painter of Light" and can be seen in an estimated one in 20 American homes, is being sued for a variety of unbecoming offences like sexual harassment and displays of drunkenness that have seen him allegedly pee in public?

16 Which English clockmaker was partner to Thomas Tompion during the last few years of the latter's life and is credited with inventing several design improvements to the pendulum clock, including the mercury pendulum and the orrery, but whose greatest invention may be the dead beat escapement?

17 Which Edinburgh band made it on to Top of the Pops in 1978 with their appropriately named number 17 hit Top of the Pops?

18 The short and awful life of Sandro de Nascimento and his hijacking of a Rio de Janeiro public transport vehicle in 2000 is the subject of which Jose Padilla documentary?

19 De Nascimento was a survivor of which infamous killing of eight Rio streetkids by police gunmen who shot at a group of about 77 children on July 23, 1993 as they slept outside the church which gave it its name?

20 In which 1969 Magnificent Seven sequel did George Kennedy take over the role of Chris Adams from Yul Brynner?

21 Infamous for its lesbian theme, William Wyler directed which Lilian Hellman play in 1936 as These Times, and after Hays Code censorship of the original remade it under its original title in 1962 with Audrey Hepburn and Shirley Maclaine starring?

22 What play begins with Sir Oliver Surface returning from the West Indies in the 1770s to find fashionable London riddled with corruption and avarice?

23 An annual open show since 1996, what was The Cheltenham Open Drawing Competition renamed in 2001?

24 Jacques Audiard film The Beat That My Heart Skipped is a remake of which 1978 James Toback film that starred Harvey Keitel as a mafia hood trainee concert pianist?

25 Originally developed as a splinter client cult group from Scientology, what religious cult was founded by Englishman Robert de Grimston and MaryAnne MacLean and most notably worships both God and Satan and has had musician George Clinton amongst its adherents?

26 Also known for his Barcelona chair and table and Brno chair, which Modernist architect's crystal skyscraper for the Friedrichstrasse in Berlin is now mimicked in every major city?

27 Led by Marshall Applewhite and Bonnie Nettles, which UFO cult came to an end when Applewhite convinced 39 followers to commit suicide in California so their souls could take a ride on a spaceship hiding behind the Hale-Bopp comet in 1997?

28 Married to fellow artist Varvara Stepanova, which Constructivist and Productivist artist published his first photomontage, an illustration of Vladimir Mayakovsky's poem About This, in 1923 and was also known for the silver-painted plywood ellipses of Oval Hanging Construction?

29 Hegel called what the basest of the arts beause of its materiality and the everyday ubiquity that ultimately muddied creative purity?

30 Who first used the term Modernism in 1737 as a derogatory term for those he thought abused contemporary language?

31 Which artist said on visiting the 1912 Paris air show and seeing a rotary aircraft engine: "Painting is dead ... Who can do better than this propeller"?

32 Which famous sports team's academy is La Masia?

33 Which MotoGP racer is nicknamed the Roman Emperor and Panda?

34 Valentino Rossi and Colin Edwards ride for which MotoGP team?

35 Captain of "The Originals" the first New Zealand team to be called the All Blacks, which rugby union legend was killed during the Passchendaele offensive in 1917 and gives his name to the cup, introduced in 2000, that New Zealand and France contest?

36 Caused by exposure of skin to damp cold, what medical condition similar to frostbite or trenchfoot is also called Perniosis?

37 Stateless since the 40s but currently living in east London, which German-born artist demonstrated his "acid-nylon technique" on June 22, 1960, and is said to have influenced Pete Townshend's guitar-smashing performances with The Who while he was a lecturer at Ealing Art College?

38 What came about as a result of Tsar Alexander III wanting to give his wife Maria Fyodorovna a surprise gift in 1885?

39 Notorious for such performance pieces or "Event Scores" such as George Brecht's Drip Music, what art movement was loosely organised in 1962 by George Maciunas, a Lithuanian-American artist who had moved to Germany to escape creditors, with his fellow Lithuanian Almus Salcius and included among its associates Joseph Beuys, Dick Higgins and Yoko Onon?

40 What caustic solution, rich in potassium carbonate (potash), and used for glass and soap making, is most commonly composed of sodium hydroxide, as in its "soda" variety?

41 Who is credited with discovering chloroform in July 1831?

42 Surviving as present-day Moot Hill, what famously took place on Caislean Credi (Hill of Credulity)?

43 The full range of what in France fall into four categories: Fermier, Artisanal, Cooperative and Industriel?

44 Who was Queen Elizabeth II's maternal grandmother?

45 The Ramsar Convention is an international treaty concerning what?

46 Which man published a new game he had devised called Happy Families before 1851's Great Exhibition and is also credited by some with inventing tiddlywinks, ludo and snakes and ladders?

47 What two-hulled vessel from Micronesia has crossbears called akas, a main hull called vaka and a windward hull called ama?

48 Which catcher was the first African-American to play baseball for the New York Yankees?

49 Typically 170cm long, tuned in G and having three holes, what uniquely designed and huge folk shepherd's fipple flute originates from Slovakia?

50 Joe Cuba is often styled the "father" of which Latino music and dance that became a craze in the US during the late 60s and is also called shing-a-ling or popcorn music?

51 Known for his work with saxophonist Ornette Coleman, jazz musician Charlie Haden played which instrument?

52 Which appetiser is said to have been invented in about 1950 at Harry's Bar, Venice, when a famous actress advised the chef who gave it its name that her doctor had recommended she only eat meat served a certain way?

53 Given the suffix "nayye" when served raw, what food, the national dish of Lebanon, consists of minced lamb mixed with bulgur and spices stuffed insde bulgur pastry and grilled or fried?

54 What is the only non-episcopal country house in England to hold the title 'palace'?

55 What battle took place near Namur on the bank of the river Mehaigne on May 23, 1706?

56 Which English composer sent a famous letter to Miss Dora Penny written in the Dorabell Cipher, which has never been decoded?

57 Attributed to one of the founders of Intel, whose law concerns the empirical observation that at our rate of technological development, the complexity of an integrated circuit with respect to minimum component cost, will double in about 18 months?

58 Pik Pobedy or Pik Pobeda (Victory Peak) is the highest peak in which mountain range?

59 Lycurgus, the semi-mythical law-giver, is said to have introduced what rigorous education and training regime undergone by every Spartan male between the ages of seven and 18, except for heirs to the kingships?

60 To which family does the apple belong?

61 Which descendant of Cain is associated with The Song of the Sword?

62 In Judaism, what becomes Chumash when it is bookbound or printed?

63 What 371BC battle saw the first ever defeat of a full strength Spartan hoplite army?

64 What town of Laconia was the seaport of Sparta though the city was some 30 miles inland?

65 The cool critical reception of whose first independently published work The Defence of Guinevere discouraged which man from publishing again for many years, although his famous poem The Haystack in the Floods was written just after this time?

66 What is the only zodiacal constellation not used as an astrological sign?

67 Bill Fiske became the first person to hold which local government post in 1964?

68 First used in 1978 by Doctor Who producer Graham Williams in 1978, what pseudonym has been traditionally used on BBC TV drama programmes when a writer's name could not be used for contractual reasons?

69 Used by a bestselling author and Islamic scholar and current US resident whose books include 1995's Why I Am Not a Muslim, what Arabic pseudonym meaning "son of a papermaker" has been traditionally used by dissident authors throughout Islam's history?

70 What Hindu ritual, in which light from wicks soaked in ghee or camphor is offered to hone or more deities, has a Sanskrit name meaning "towards the highest love for God"?

71 Which Chinese martial arts system's oral history can be divided into the Yip Man and Yiu Kai branches, the first of which involves an Abbess called Ng Mui fleeing Qing invaders and copying the fighting style of a snake and a crane, the second featuring an early 19th century Shaolin monk called Yim Sei teaching his daughter Shaolin arts, who was also inspired by a snake and a crane?

72 Mario Vargas Llosa's novel The War of the End of The World is based on actual events in Brazilian history, most notably the 1896-7 rebellion of some 30,000 settlers and Sebastanist millenarist followers of Antonion Conselheiro in which village in the state of Bahia that Conselheiro founded?

73 Which French teenager sold two million copies of her song Tous les garcons et les filles, the flipside of her album title track Oh oh Cheri, in 1962?

74 The first Roman-script continuous text in a Slavic language and the oldest document in the Slovene language, which place in Bavaria gave its name to the three texts found there bound into a Latin Codex, and which came to the Bavarian State Library in 1803?

75 What ice cream, sponge cake or Christmas pudding and meringue dessert has such other names as glace au four, Norwegian omelette and omelette surprise?

76 Made out of synthetic fibre of poly-paraphenylene terephthalamide was invented by Stephanie Kwolek from research into high performance polymers and patented by her in 1966?

77 Named after the British naturalist who is sometimes called the "father of biogeography", what hypothetical boundary separates the zoogeographical regions of Asia and Australasia?

78 Sharing its name with the Lesser Sunda Island, what strait marks the passage of the Wallace Line between the fauna of the Indomalayan ecozone and the distinctly different fauna of Australasia?

79 Which Dutch team's stadium Het Kasteel (The Castle) is the oldest football stadium in the Netherlands?

80 There are 368 species of which mouse-like mammal, which are grouped into three subfamilies: Crocidurinae (White-toothed), Myosoricinae (African white-toothed) and Soricinae (Red-toothed)?

Answers to BH#47
1 Natalia Goncharova 2 America's Most Wanted 3 Samaresh Jung 4 Richard Fleischer (also directed 10 Rillington Place) 5 The Great Seal of the Realm or the Great Seal of State 6 Baroness Amos (also Leader of the House of Lords) 7 Suffolk 8 Buccleuch 9 Sarcoma 10 Volkswagen 11 Nivkh 12 Kennewick Man 13 (double-sided barrel) Drum 14 Bolis 15 Tryptophan 16 Perpignan 17 Apollinarism 18 Esparto 19 Spruce 20 Machaerus 21 Perea 22 Peterborough 23 Morrison Formation 24 Heinkel 25 Munich International 26 Star Alliance 27 Frequent flyer 28 Arequipa 29 Prince 30 Peter Nicol 31 Jonathan Power 32 Burnley 33 (Wayne Fontana's) The Mindbenders 34 Brenda Lee 35 A pig as in The Pig War 36 Bosnia-Herzegovina 37 Phonetics 38 Ghaznavid Empire 39 Caspian Sea and Sea of Azov 40 Kondraty Bulavin 41 Louis XI 42 Niels Ebbesen 43 Federal Express 44 John Tzetzes 45 Muhajirun and the Ansar 46 Teatro Colon 47 Don Rodrigo 48 Toy trains and model railways 49 Adam Adamant 50 The Greek Intepreter


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Oh, by the way, a small inaccuracy in one of the questions. Almus Salcius did NOT go to Berlin with George Maciunas (piano smashing event) he was a permanent long term resident of New York City. Long live Fluxus und Bagism.

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