Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Quiz Life Intercedes

How to Kill a Blog

Once again, quizzing in its near infinite guises has disrupted the cyber-correspondence of this blogger, what with involvement in a number of quiz shows on the contributor and contestant front, as well as non-televised tourneys and competitions. Funny how becoming a professional quiz writer and making it more of a career and a life distracts me from this three-year-old venture. One of those peculiar consequences that changes the way you spend your time on the internet. That and having my sodding PowerBook break down with its thousands of questions and random missives. Steve Jobs!!! Grrrr. Such a tragic incident has had a terrible effect on the blog because that was where I did most of my writing and setting rather on this shared house computer, which is a filthy XP-ridden PC. Writing questions for the dough also means that there is less of an urge to splurge thousand-upon-thousand here for free: my pseudo-Olympian ideals gone to pot. My apologies once again to daily visitors who used to get their regular fix of trivia obscurity, but you know they will pop up from time to time. Promise.

So far it's been a busy summer, though I know the hazy lazy lull of this time of year is about to set in. There is/was of course Are You An Egghead? of which I will say nothing until it is broadcast in darker months, but don't worry, commentary will all actually be flowery and nice. Other things remain top secret: contracts, accusations of collusion etc. I never leak, and nowhere near like a truly hole-some sieve, in public forums.

After The Blockbuster
Instead, there are other projects on the horizon. My next big quiz has been tested by a couple of Quiz Deities and is ready to go but this time I have decided to make a substantial change, or perhaps, more accurately monumental extension to the format. It will be a summer-long quiz, called something like The Double Whammy, in which over the course of the hopefully sundrenched, possibly a two-and-a-half period, I will release it in two halves making up a grand total of 1002 questions.

Once you have completed the first 501-question set and sent it in, you will then receive the second half, another 501 q's. There will be no half-time deadline. As long as you do both sets over the 75-day time limit, you will be entered in. You can, of course, do the first just to see what it's like for the usual £7.50 fee, then if you want to do the other the total will be £14. Though if you only do one quiz it will still be £7.50. So it's an admittedly £1 off sale offer.

Sorry if this is getting rilly complicated, but the tables will be divided into competitors in the first quiz and the second quiz, as in my past big quizzes, but there will naturally be a Double Whammy table with aggregate scores at the end of it all.

This is basically all down to the fact that doing a 2-for-1 makes setting up the quiz - the admin, the taking in the money once rather than twice for the most part, the opportunity for a bigger participant flow, the predictably scandalous pimping - all the more easier.

I mean, I still haven't chased up monies for about a dozen people for the Blockbuster quiz. But I do remember. Only I won't go all loan sharky about it.

No doubt I will remind visitors to these parts of the quiz/quizzes on a regular and irritating basis. I will bend everyone to my will eventually MWA-HA-HA is my thinking.

Details to follow soon. Well, soon-ish.

The Quiz Book. At Last. Possibly
Yep, the long awaited harder than naily nails quiz book, i.e. the quiz book which will have questions that have never appeared in any other quiz book ever!, I have been prepping for two years or more is in the final proofing stages. 95 per cent of the 2350 questions are original because during the compiling process I kept on taking out ones that had already been on the blog because it made me feel less lazy and also because I want to give you, my fine and lovely potential customers value for money. I will also price it under £10. Er, one penny under. I was going for a £15 figure, but Stainer persuaded me to be nicer on everyone's pockets and stray from any feelings of quiz addict exploitation. What a jolly good fellow, eh?

In other news
The South, aka Sussex aka the Kinda Broken Hearts won The Don Bisset Trophy. Hurrah! My sixth team title in the last calendar, and it might well have been the seventh, were it not for my having to leave my Derbyshire Sevens table quiz team at an unfortunate time to get the soul-destroyingly delayed train home from the WQC. It could have also been the eighth, but let's not dwell on the European Pairs disintegration that set in at Blackpool.

Will I taste such abundant amounts of team glory every again? Sadly, I doubt it.


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