Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Post 400: Admin and Excuses, I'm, afraid

The Giant Update: My Bad #3-5

Nick Mills has e-mailed me to point out a trio of factual errors that such a fool as I would put in a quiz I apparently worked for bleedin' ages on.

In Nick's own words...

"Q59 I doubt that Amelia Earhart's transatlantic flight was in
1926: that would pre-date Lindbergh.
* Q198 Horus is not the brother of Seth. Horus's father Osiris was the
brother of Seth.
* Q370 Arthur is not an Anglo-Saxon king; he fought against the

Q59 It was actually 1932. Man, that's one nasty mistake.
Q198 In various versions of Egyptian mythology, Horus was sometimes the uncle and sometimes the younger brother.
Q370 Again correct. Anglo-Saxon has been replaced with British.

Many thanks to Nick for pointing the stuff out.

Also and *GASP*: A Surprise Extension

I have been forced due to a convergence of highly predictable events, involving work/EQC/tardiness, to delay the deadline of The Giant til sometime late next month.

Those who have diligently sent back in their entries long before Oct 28 will get their answers and quizzes at the time I've promised and possibly hand personally to you in a magic envelope (though I can't promise that it will be golden in hue or material), but anyone else who has so far not joined in the party (and what a party it is!) will have ample time to do it.

I think I now truly grasp the amount of injury time effort that goes into doubling up on what was a bloody big quiz format to start with. But, you know it's been fun in that peculiar quizzy way. And it's only now that I've just grasped the fact that the Euros are next week. NEXT WEEK! And I have a mini-buzzer quiz tourney for the non-native English speakers to finish for it. A MINI-BUZZER QUIZ TOURNEY! With 80-100 word starters! The madness...


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