Friday, October 03, 2008


Days of Daze

What ho! I mean what is up with Kerry Katona advertising CHICKEN TIKKA LASAGNE (seriously) on the Iceland ads? Have we already descended into the Great Depression II? And what about Johnny Rotten shilling British butter? Crazy. Then Clint Eastwood wearing white socks with dress shoes and a suit on the Daily Show. Completely mental.

As for other matters, like the QLL, well, smell. All I can say is that we sure were sloppy and rusty. Kinda like ... no, that's just sick. I think I was spouting wrong answers on purpose so I could hear the moans of despair emerge so painfully from my fellow teammates. Oh what sweet bliss and hilarity it was to hear such chilly banshee screams of frustration. Still, we still won. Despite error after error.

Otherwise, I've been in one of those question-setting periods, where day is swapped for night and I start getting up at five in the afternoon whilst I get thoroughly shabby and start watching all the Nouvelle Vague and Italian film DVDs I have bought but so far failed to watch despite two years in the owning (The Leopard is in my critical view: FRAKKIN' AWESOME. That Claudia Cardinale is SMOKIN' HOT! YEAHHHH!). Now I have resorted to watching Truffaut on YouTube, such has the hunger grown. So very nice that copyright peeps can't be bothered to pull down the poncey foreign film fare. So very very nice.

Anyway, the message from me remains: buy my double-quiz if you haven't. Pretty please. There's a song from Abbey Road I could invoke, which I haven't heard for so long ...


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