Friday, September 12, 2008

BH153: Pink, Green & Blue Clearout

A bit of an Autumn clean

I'm just clearing out a load of distorted and illegible scribblings in my notebook and sprucing them up for public consumption. There are a lot more to clean up and actually write properly, but then I got me a bit of a malaise with regards to the transcribing during these early morning hours, so it only goes up to 20.

1 Which Italian artist produced a series of 16 prints, including II 'The Man on the Rock', V 'The Lion-Bas Reliefs, VI 'The Smoking Fire' and XII 'The Sawhorse', known as the Prisons (Carceri d'invenzione/Imaginary Prisons): etchings portraying enormous subterranean vaults with stairs and mighty machines that he started in 1745 and first published in 1750?
2 Conceived by Stan Weston in 1963, Rocky (Marine/soldier), Skip (sailor) and Ace (pilot) were the first prototypes for which line of toys?
3 The first jockey to win the Melbourne Cup in 1861 (and again in 1861) was an Aboriginal. Riding Archer, what was his name?
4 Which Spanish city gave its name to the 'Statement on Violence' adopted by UNESCO in 1989, a document that refuted the notion that humans are biologically predisposed to organised violence?
5 Usually translated as 'governorate' (and occasionally into 'province'), what Arabic word describes the politico-geographical divisions of such countries as Bahrain, Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Yemen?
6 Which hugely successful novelist is the Baltimore Orioles' Vice Chairman of Community Activities and Public Affair?
7 Which constant (symbol R) occurs in the formulae for atomic spectra and is related to the binding energy between an electron and a nucleon and is named afrer the Swedish physicist (1854-1919) who devised a formula for the spectrum of hydrogen?
8 The oldest known man-made objects are Oldowan tools, which were made in small batches more than two million years ago in which modern day country?
9 Dr. Stanley Deutsch formulated the contents of what chemical concoction in 1977?
10 Constructed in 62BC, what was the first bridge across the Tiber in Rome called?
11 The family of Thomas and Jane Rose of Dorset became the first free settlers of which country on January 15, 1793?
12 Excavated from a tomb dating from the time of the Western Han dynasty (206BC-9AD), what artwork - currently in the Hunan Museum - is the earliest known example of Chinese painting?
13 Which Bury alternative rock band named themselves after what Dennis Potter called "the loveliest word in the English language" in The Singing Detective?
14 An English doctor and lecturer of Huguenot descent, which 26-year-old man began compiling what he called "a classed catalogue of words" to help him express himself better in 1805?
15 Established in 1668, what is the world's oldest central bank?
16 First performed during the 1868 battle it adapted its name from, what song - written and composed by one of its participants Perucho Figueredo - was adopted as the Cuban national anthem in 1902?
17 Discovered in a library in Worms by Conrad Celtes, who was unable to publish his find before his death, and bequeathed this parchment scroll in 1508 to the German 15th-16th century humanist and antiquarian who gave it its common name, which itinerarium is is the only known surviving map of the Roman cursus publicus, the road network in the Roman Empire, having been made by a monk in Colmar in the 13th century?
18 Derived from the Hebrew for 'chariot', what is the name of the main battle tank of Israel Defence Forces?
19 Which crater lake is the most saline body of water on earth, with 34.8 per cent salt concentration (up to 40 per cent at 20m depth), compared to an average of 3.5 per cent in the world's oceans?
20 Which peak on Guam lays claim to being the tallest mountain as measured from its base, although it is only 406m above sea level it measures 11,530m down to the base at the bottom of the Marianas Trench?





Answers to BH153
1 Giovanni Battista Piranesi 2 G.I. Joe 3 J. Cutts 4 Seville 5 Muhafazah , plural muhafazat 6 Tom Clancy 7 Rydberg constant (as in Johannes Robert Rydberg) 8 Ethiopia 9 Lethal injection 10 Pons Fabricus 11 Australia 12 Mawangdui Banner 13 Elbow 14 Peter Mark Roget 15 Sveriges Riksbank 16 La Bayamesa or El Himno de Bayamo or The Bayamo Song 17 Tabula Peutingeriana (Peutinger table) 18 Merkava 19 Lake Assal in Djibouti 20 Mount Lamlam


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