Thursday, November 27, 2008

One More Time

First some quiz article links

Katy Guest on pub quizzes v. Simon Hoggart on pub quizzes (2nd item)

(Commentary on the above to come in due course. As it must)

The Joys of Visiting Questions Past

I've started two posts already that have descended into typical four in the, no wait, FIVE in the morning logorrhea. Words that just went on and on into the distance veering far off the relevant course I had envisaged. So I stop and I start again.

It must be a symptom of re-editing and sprucing up all my old Big Quizzes, as I realised that though they were once in a saleable state, now many questions are rusty as hell and in need of radical remodelling since some people want to buy the 'back issues' as it were (ya gotta shill in times likes these! Remember, three squids for either of the first two/seven-fifty for any of the last four!)

Several are now outdated (e.g. "Who won his fourth consecutive Wimbledon men's singles titles this year?" "Who bought Elvis's first house last month?"), while others were written in a fit of stupidity ("What was the score in that Soccer Aid match?") and many are littered with grammatical and factual misdemeanours (the crime of mispelling both parts of the Test Card F Girl's name, badly). Though some have changed answers, as if by magic! ("Who was the last British Prime Minister not to be elected to that office"?)

And then there are the quiz questions so boring I wondered whether I was catatonic or devoid of all original thought when I set them (who cares what colour sardonyx is?), but then again it was summertime and I seem to remember that in 2006 we had these things called sunshine and heat, always beckoning us outside with their pleasant partnership. Except during World Cup month. A kind of voided state could be explained by my being blitzed on my post-operation painkillers, though competing in the WQC three days after I was discharged was nowhere near the disaster I thought it was going to be. Despite being all bandaged up and very, very fuzzy ("We're in Wales????"). I'm not sure what the moral of that story is. It may not be very moral at all. Digression stop.

Therefore, the crappy must be swapped out for newies or dramatically rewritten and lengthened with new interesting factage I have unearthed. However, it just didn't quite compute until now that proofing 50,000 words is a lot of proofing and as a result my brain feels like it may pop.

As for The Giant

You can still enter at

The deadline is becoming as flexible as the finest bungee cord in the world. However, the three "provisional" score tables (Giant Part 1, Giant Part 2, Giant Total) for anyone who's already handed in either or both parts will be posted here on Monday or Tuesday next week. Latecomers will have their scores sneaked in (don't worry). I have recognised the problem with a 1002-question quiz and a now 3-month (!!!) window to answer them and it may well be Parkinson's Law related. Also, regular reminder emails would've been a good idea. And lots of physical nudging, perhaps.


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