Sunday, April 05, 2009

Nearing the Season's End

This Month's Blog

(Nah, they'll be more regular this month, me promise)

Howdy. Second seems to be the theme of the last two months: President's Cup, QLL and yesterday's Rochester GP (it's always nice to have them in the south-east, even if the vagaries of our nation's rail system means that it still took me three hours to get there), and I will elaborate on them further when I have the time, or, if I can get out of the strange habit of watching four films a day at the moment. This may have something to do with my renewing my LOVEFiLM subscription and deciding to watch all those DVDs I have neglected to watch, despite buying them and freeing them from their plasticky sheaths. Then, as a bit of an off-shoot from the current cinemania, there's my film blog idea - a movie a day in 100 sterling, sarky words and bewildering neologisms - which is gestating, like the parasite inside lovely (in a weird way) Lizzy Caplan's stomach in Cloverfield. Though I have started and abandoned a half-dozen blogs nobody knows about anyway over the past five years. They be lost in the cyber-seas.

And, of course, once I find the parcel of Norwegian Giant papers I have misplaced (don't fret: they're not lost and neither are their scores, I just need them for confirmation and reasons of mild paranoia when I finally publish), the results will be finally unleashed upon a slightly annoyed by now - and I wouldn't blame you - participants.

Papers for Sale
However, I have been working on two Shadow Papers. Replete with original, brand spanking new 240 questions each and - shock, horror - even photographic pictures, they'll be ready for anyone who wishes to dish out £5 per paper (so let's say May 6).

Yep, I'm out to make a fast buck, but 'tis my trade after all and I can assure you of their high quality (you know my form ... but I utterly deny writing The Wire q for the Brain of London qualifier, so don't be pigeonholing me with cries of "that's a [TQG] question!"), even though I haven't actually written them yet.

However, I won't be running them as a competition (ha ha, he says to himself in light of aforementioned stuff and many an apologetic post) and will be handing you the answers at the same time. I'm not so sure about sending them out electronically, due to the ease of forwarding emails and attached files, so might have to stick on a bit of postage and paper/ink costs to the above fee, if I don't see you in the run-up face-to-face.

Anyway, they're coming, so that's something to look forward to, aside from the consequences of the economic apocalypse that are still in the post, I suppose.


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