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My Prince of Wales Quiz From Long Long Ago

As in Four Years Gone

The Prince of Wales in Highgate pub quiz is, of course, the only pub quiz that ever gets mentioned by reverential name, like just about everywhere (in the papers and mags that is) thanks to the marketing/mythologising media-mention skills of Marcus Berkmann and his book Brain Men: A Passion to Compete, I mean, A Matter of Facts: The Insider's Guide to Quizzing or whatever it's called nowadays, as well as legions of lazy-arsed journalists using "research" gleaned from newspaper article databases for their latest lame-brained "trivia fad" piece.

Though I haven't been for quite some time, I very much like the quiz (above all it has 'character' and good, hard questions - oo-er), have defended it against idiotic accusations of off-putting haughtiness (so what if it is?), bought the fine quiz book in hardback at full price in a book shop (why did I do that again?) and sometimes forget that I even set it once, although I thought myself to be far too mumbly - which is still true to be honest - and delegated PA duties to Stainer.

And lo and behold, going through some old e-mail attachments, I found my PoW set and have posted it below.

By the way, anybody who knows my little quizzing quirks, fancies, hates and television/radio disasters will notice that a LOT of demon-exorcising and ironical setting went into it (and not a question-structure or word has been changed or excised from the original, though I would dearly like to; the word 'famous' and its variants - ugh - now being an annoying example in the latter case). But then I always do that from time to time. Quiz in-jokes. Don't ya just love 'em?

The Prince of Wales quiz: August 24th, 2004

All rounds are general knowledge. All questions are one point each except for where stated.

Round 1
1. What day do the people of the Falkland Islands celebrate on January 10th?
2. Alan Reed provided the voice for which famous cartoon character?
3. Give the name that is shared by William of the Just William stories and the family that took in Paddington Bear?
4. "The Man and The Hour" was the name given to the first episode of which popular comedy TV series?
5. The axilla is the anatomical name for which part of the body?
6. What company was originally called Quantum Computer Services before it changed its name in 1991?
7. What in the building trade is a bolster?
8. Michael Tippett's second opera took its name from which mythical figure of the Trojan war?
9. How many roods are there in an acre?
10. Give me the first names of these fictional or real people:
a) Inspector Maigret?
b) Captain Pugwash?
c) Paddy Ashdown?
d) Red Adair?
e) Rambo?
f) Mr Bronson from Grange Hill?

Answers to Round 1
1. Margaret Thatcher day 2. Fred Flintstone 3. Brown 4. Dad's Army 5. Armpit 6. AOL 7. A chisel 8. (King) Priam 9. Four 10. a) Jules b) Horatio c) Jeremy d) Paul e) John f) Maurice

Round 2
1. Robert Catesby famously led which conspiracy?
2. Which Australian city changed its name from Palmerston to that of another Englishman in 1911?
3. Which 1980s Grand National winner was named after a lighthouse?
4. For one point each, name the minor suits in contract bridge.
5. A burial ground for dissenters in the 17th century, in which cemetery in Finsbury will you find the last resting places of John Bunyan and Daniel Defoe?
6. Molloy Deep is the deepest point of which ocean?
7. What familiar set of three numbers is the international telephone dialling code for Russia?
8. Michael Hopkins, the architect of Portcullis House, has also designed which tube station that lies on the District, Circle and Jubilee lines?
9. On Friday which West Indian became the first ever batsman in Test cricket to score a four off every delivery of a six-ball over?
10. Tell me the last gold medal winner in the men's Olympic 100 metres to have been born in the following places:
a) Manchester?
b) Birmingham?
c) St Andrew?
d) Kansas City?

Answers to Round 2
1. Gunpowder Plot 2. Darwin 3. Corbiere 4. Diamonds, Clubs 5. Bunhill Fields cemetery 6. Arctic Ocean 7. 007 8. Westminster 9. Chris Gayle 10. a) Donovan Bailey b) Carl Lewis c) Linford Christie d) Maurice Greene

Round 3
1. Which composer of scores for such films as The Great Escape, The Magnificent Seven and The Ten Commandments died last week aged 82?
2. Evelyn Waugh said that fewer than what number of Americans would understand his novel Brideshead Revisited?
3. If you see Michael Winner on TV saying "Calm down dear, it's just a commercial" then for which car insurers is he advertising? A bonus point if you can name the sister company for higher risk drivers he also advertises for.
4. The Sun newspaper declared last week to be what week?
5. At this year's Olympics, which female Three Day Eventer's first name was apparently censored by Greek TV because it is slang there for oral sex?
6. Which two-word phrase, claimed in the film Donnie Darko to be the most perfectly beautiful linguistic combination in the English language, sounds like the name of the production company that makes Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?
7. William Corder was cremated last week, 176 years after he killed Maria Marten in the Suffolk village of Polstead. By what nickname is this murder famously known?
8. Which Daily Mirror comic strip features the footballer Dave Storry?
9. Which skier, prior to his winning run in the downhill at the Innsbruck Winter Olympics, asked his coach: "What have I got to do to win this thing?" To which the coach replied: "Kill yourself"?
10. Give the first names of these Johnsons:
a) This cult American author has written the books Jesus' Son, Already Dead and Angels.
b) Robert Redford played this ex-soldier turned mountain trapper in a 1972 film.
c) This columnist for The Spectator and Daily Mail has written books such as Art: A New History and History of the American People.
d) This boxer became the first black heavyweight champion of the world when he beat Tommy Burns in 1908.
e) This aviator died when her Airspeed Oxford crashed in the Thames Estuary on January 5th, 1941.

Answers to Round 3
1. Elmer Bernstein 2. Six 3. Esure, First Alternative 4. "Cleavage week" 5. Pippa Funnell 6. Cellar door (like Celador) 7. "Red Barn" murder 8. Scorer 9. Franz Klammer 10. a) Denis b) Jeremiah c) Paul d) Jack e) Amy

Round 4
1. For one point each, name the two 1987 films that starred both future Governors of California and Minnesota?
2. As featured in a trilogy of Robert Ludlum novels and two films starring Matt Damon, which assassin and spy's real name is David Webb? One point each for first name and surname.
3. What is the meaning of the Latin legal phrase "onus probandi"?
4. Who went to number two in 1971 with the triple a-sided single 'Brown Sugar', 'Bitch' and 'Let It Rock'?
5. Edward Elgar composed his Nursery Suite for which two famous sisters in 1931?
6. Which brand of tea was first produced by John Sumner in Birmingham in 1903?
7. Which motorcycle manufacturer made the Bonneville, Daytone and Trident?
8. Which indie band recently reached number two with the single 'Can't Stand Me Now'?
9. The Ayatollah Khomeini issued a fatwa against Salman Rushdie in 1989 because of the blasphemous content of which of his novels?
10. Identify the motorway from the cities that it runs between for one point each
a) London to Swansea?
b) London to Cambridge?
c) Coventry to Leicester?
d) Birmingham to Exeter?
e) Liverpool to Hull?

Answers to Round 4
1. The Running Man, Predator (The governors being Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jesse "The Body" Ventura) 2. Jason Bourne 3. "The burden of proof" 4. Rolling Stones 5. Princesses Elizabeth and Margaret 6. Typhoo 7. Triumph 8. The Libertines 9. The Satanic Verses 10. a) M4 b) M11 c) M69 d) M5 e) M62

Beer round - identify the years in which the following albums were released.
1. Rumours by Fleetwood Mac?
2. What’s Going On by Marvin Gaye?
3. Tommy by The Who?
4. Straight Outta Compton by NWA?
5. Loveless by My Bloody Valentine?

Answers to the Beer round
1. 1977 2. 1971 3. 1969 4. 1989 5. 1991

(Ha ha, look at all those motorways. I still bloody hate them with a rage astounding.)


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