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BH155: Just Another Clearout

Tangential bric-a-brac

This is just another batch of questions that happen to be hanging around having been spawned by various jobs: like 'quality' dross left over from the melting of other quiz material. Thinking of some random definition I just read in Cassell's Word Histories.

1 A 1st or 2nd century marble Roman copy of the sculpture, the Diana of Versailles (aka Diane Chasseresse (Diana-Huntress) and Artemis of the Chase), portraying the goddess with a deer/hind, can be seen in the Louvre. The lost Greek bronze original (c.325BC) is attributed to which Athenian sculptor, who worked on the construction of the Mausoleum of Mausolos at Halicarnassus and also produced celebrated ivory-and-gold portrait-statues of Philip, Alexander, Amyntas III, Olympias and Eurydice II?
2 What word for a fault-finding or querulous person comes from the god of ridicule in Greek mythology?
3 What word for a person who acts as a guide and agent for travellers in the Middle East is ultimately derived from the Arabic word tarjama, meaning 'to interpret'?
4 Derived partly from the Greek word for 'letter', what term was coined in 1904 by the German zoologist R. Semon to refer to the physical trace of a memory in the brain?
5 What copolymer, which approaches elastometric materials in softness and flexibility and is used for padding in sports equipment, is known by the abbreviation EVA?
6 The Portuguese national postal service (CTT) issued the world's first postage stamp made of what material on November 28, 2007?
7 Fu Haifeng of China holds the record for the fastest recorded stroke (332mph/206mph) in which sport?
8 Believed to have been first played in the 5th century BC in China, what sport - the subject of a 1961 film made by the Chinese central news movie company entitled The Flying Feather - is a traditional Asian game in which players aim to keep a heavily weighted shuttlecock in the air using their feet and other parts of the body (except the hands) and has a name meaning 'kick shuttlecock' or just 'shuttlecock'? In Vietnam, it is known as da cau and is the national sport.
9 Alec Campbell, who died on May 16, 2002, was the last surviving Australian participant of which military venture?
10 The training scale for which sporting discipline is arranged in a pyramid scale with Rhythm and Regularity/Takt at the bottom and Collection/Versammlung at its apex, with Relaxation/Losgelassenheit, Impulsion/Schwung and Straightness/Geraderichtung coming inbetween?
11 Created by soap writer Irma Phillips, which American television program is credited by the Guinness Book of Records as being the longest-running soap opera in production and the longest running drama in television and drama history, having churned out more than 15,500 episodes since it began as an NBC radio serial on January 25, 1937?
12 The Italian-British traveller, author and journalist Maurizio Giuliano (b.1975) is credited as being the youngest person to have achieved what feat?
13 What river, which runs between Giant Springs and the Missouri River in Great Falls, Montana, is only 61m/201ft at its longest constant point and usurped Oregon's D River (134m/440ft) Guinness Book of Records listing as the world's shortest river in 1989, though the listing was omitted from 2006?
14 Composed between 1919 and 1927, what is the popular name of Havergal Brian's Symphony No.1 in D minor, which partly owes its notoriety to being the largest symphony ever composed (thus described by the Guinness Book... )?
15 Which Turin-born composer (1861-1939) wrote the opera Mala Pasqua!, based on Giovanni Verga's short story Cavalleria rusticana, and the aria Musica probita, the basis for the song 'O Promise Me' in the 1890s American musical Robin Hood?
16 Also the author of a treatise called On Comedy, the 3rd century BC Greek poet and grammarian Lycophron's Alexandra verses called which islands the Gymnesiae (from the Greek word for 'naked') because its inhabitants were apparently often nude due to the pleasant year-long climate?
17 Which massive 10th century Byzantine Greek historical encyclopaedia of the ancient Mediterranean world, with 30,000 entries, probably derives its name from the Byzantine Greek word meaning 'fortress' or 'stronghold' with an alternate name stemming from an error made by Eustathius, who mistook the title for the proper name of the author?
18 Symphonie Cevenole or Symphonie sur un chant montagnard francais/Symphony on a French Mountain Air (1886 - for piano and orchestra) and the 1896 symphonic poem in the form of a set of variations, Istar, are works by which French composer and teacher (1851-1931)?
19 Sir Alex Ferguson was appointed manager of which club in June 1974 at the age of 32 before deciding to join St Mirren on Jock Stein's advice later that year?
20 Which Co. Antrim golf club is the only one outside of Great Britain to have hosted The Open Championship (in 1951)? And which Englishman won it?
21 General Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson recieved his famous nickname due to his actions at which July 21, 1861 clash, also known as the First Battle of Manassas?
22 Deriving their name from a term for a philosophical tenet because they professed to follow the opinions of Hippocrates (and were therefore sometimes called Hippocratici), which ancient school of medicine in Greece and Rime - founded by Thessalus and Polybus (Hippocrates's son-in-law) in c.400BC - was the oldest of the medical sects of antiquity; its doctrines being described by Aulus Cornelius Celsus in the introduction to his De Medecina?
23 The land comprising which US city was once a Native American village called Standing Peachtree and was sold by the Cherokee and Creeks to white settlers in 1822 with the first area settlement being Decatur?
24 Who is considered to be the founder of Arabic botany thanks to his Book of Plants/Kitab al-nabat (c.850), in which he describes at least 637 plants and discussed plant evolution from its birth and to its death, as well as the phases of plant growth and the production of flowers and fruit?
25 Francis Borelli took over as chairman of which football club in 1978 that under his control won its first major trophies in the form of two French Cups (1982 & '83) and the 1985-65 French league, before he was forced to hand over control to Canal+ in 1991?
26 The 15th Patriarch of Moscow and All-Russia, which Tallinn-born head of the Russian Orthodox Church died of heart failure on December 5?
27 Playing the role of Juana, who was Cary Grant and Frank Sinatra's leading lady in the 1957 Stanley Kramer film The Pride and Passion, an adaptation of a CS Forester novel?
28 What name is given to the actor awards handed out at the Venice Film Festival?
29 Belonging to the Italian baroque tradition, which English painter of historical subjects was made court painter by George I in June 1718 and in March the next year "Serjeant Painter"; his works including the eight scenes executed in grisaille from the 'Life of St Paul' in the cupola of St Paul's Cathedral and Portrait of Sir Isaac Newton in old age (1709-12)? He built an eponymous Palladian-style '_________ House' in the south of Stalbridge, Dorset in 1725, which he probably designed himself.
30 Invented by Yukihiro Matsumoto in 1995, which object-oriented programming language combines syntax inspired by Perl with Smalltalk-like features and is named after a precious stone?
31 Which name for the Pentateuch/Five Books of Moses/Torah comes from the Hebrew word for 'five'?
32 Evolved from the wooden stockades of earlier centuries, which Japanese name is given to the native fortresses composed primarily of wood and stone that came into their most well-known form in the 16th century?
33 J. Habakuk Jephson's Statement is an 1884 short story by Arthur Conan Doyle loosely based on which real-life mystery?
34 The Australian swimmer Dawn Fraser won the 100m freestyle event for the third time in a row at the 1964 Summer Olympics, matching which Soviet rower's feat in the men's single scull event?
35 Which indigenous group of Nahua, who took their name from a Kingdom that is now located in a namesake Mexican state, were never conquered by the Aztec Triple Alliance despite early attempts by the Mexica, and were allowed to maintain their independence by the Aztecs so that they could participate in the xochiyaoyatl (flower wars) with them to facilitate human sacrifice? However, as their main enemies, they allied with Cortes and the conquistadors and were instrumental in the invasion of Tenochtitlan.
36 Winner of many Billboard Latin Music Awards, which Grammy-nominated Mexican singer (b.1971) - nicknamed "La Chica Dorada" (The Golden Girl - from the title of her 1992 solo debut album) and "Queen of Latin Pop" - has sold over 16 million albums and is perhaps best known worldwide for her single 'Don't Say Goodbye (Si Tu Te Vas)' taken from her sixth studio album Border Girl (2002)?






Answers to BH155
1 Leochares 2 Momus (from Momos) 3 Dragoman 4 Engram 5 Ethylene vinyl acetate 6 Cork 7 Badminton 8 Jianzi or ti jian zi (or ti jian or jianqiu) 9 Gallipoli 10 Dressage 11 Guiding Light (known as The Guiding Light prior to 1975) 12 Visited all the sovereign nations of the world 13 Roe River 14 "The Gothic" 15 Stanislao Gastaldon 16 Balearic Islands 17 The Suda or Souda (alt. name Suidas) 18 (Paul Marie Theodore) Vincent d'Indy 19 East Stirlingshire 20 Royal Portrush Golf Club; Max Faulkner 21 First Battle of Bull Run 22 Dogmatic school or Dogmatics or Dogmatici 23 Atlanta 24 Al-Dinawari or Abu Hanifah Ahmed ibn Dawud Dinawari 25 Paris Saint-Germain 26 His Holiness Alexy II (b. Alexey Mikhailovich Ridiger) 27 Sophia Loren 28 Volpi Cup 29 Sir James Thornhill 30 Ruby 31 Chumash 32 Shiro (though -jo is attached in other cases) 33 The abandonment of the Mary Celeste 34 Vyacheslav Ivanov 35 Tlaxcalteca (from Tlaxcala) 36 Paulina Rubio (Dosamantes)


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