Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Nice Starter

Early early morning silliness

A nod to the ever excellent Weaver's Week and its particularly excellent analysis of what made this the "Good [but really Excellent] Question of the Week":

Q: The French army captain Charles Barbier invented "night writing", a 12-dot code designed for sending messages during battle in the 1820s. It was modified by an eponymous schoolboy into what form of communication for the blind?
Imperial, Gilad Amit: Braille

Mr Iain Weaver, ace chronicler of UK quiz lore, continues: Why is this a good question? If someone knows the answer, they can get it half-way through, the answer is obvious by the end, and there isn't the terrible swerve that so dogged the quiz earlier in the decade.

Yeah, damn right. Whoever wrote it is a certified bloody starter-writing marvel who deserves all the glorious garlands in the land going for such a magnificent, skillful question construction, if such honours actually existed.

I'll congratulate him (or her, who knows? Could even be an intersex hermaphroditic blokette. Who can be sure these days?) when I see him/her next and give him/her a citizen's knighthood. Whoever they may be.

(Feel free to smack me lightly in the chops for writing the preceding auto-encomium when you next see me. I probably deserve it. Though I really do mean everything I say about the predictable brilliance and expertise-packed content of Iain's columns. Plus, he praised The Chase. Which I believe to be the mark of a highly evolved and discerning human being)


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