Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Quick Thought

Amplifying a theme briefly mentioned below

For all the bloated, fat-head meeja talk about standards slipping on quiz shows, why do the hacks that write articles about them keep on asking people for their "opinion", rather than looking at hours of old programmes from different eras, transcribing the questions asked and then doing a comparative analysis?

It's quite easy, if massively time consuming at first. And it would certainly give you some kind of actual answer that you have arrived at through empirical means.

I mean, for crying out loud, newspapers love doing it with ye olde O-Level papers and brand spanking new GCSEs. That kind of thing I can trust.

Then again, there are things what were published at several intervals through the years: quiz books with questions taken from the shows they were asked on*.

The funny thing is that many of these uber-hacks seem to give the impression they have no idea if they are hard or not, and that they are so dim they have to ask other folk what they think, when in all probability they watch the show in question themselves.

So you're left wondering whether they're too brain-damaged to form their own opinion. Or whether they're cynical beasties looking for a non-story that has all the pizzazz and whizz-bang drama of a story, and will fill the space reserved for them their paper/magazine very nicely indeedy. What you might call a chocolate-coated turd. Ok, I mean, what I might call. Just me.

But jumping on decontextualised quotes - words, I might add, that may well have been spoken tongue-in-cheek - then constructing, house of cards-style, some ill-informed hypothesis that sounds mildly provocative (while forgetting it is just a TV quiz show, yes, remember it's only a TV show, where people get asked questions because for some weird reason they bloody love being asked quiz questions, why get so het up about it when child soldiers are emptying their AK47 clips into pregnant Congolese widows) is so pointless and moronic, I'm just left making this GRRRRRR sound. Honestly, no other option is left to me: GRRRRRGGGGRRRRGGGGR

*Even if you might have to resort to stealing your Mastermind omnibus edition QB from an Arundel pub (I could tell it was lonely and gave it a home with many, many like-minded friends)


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