Saturday, October 31, 2009

The October Post

Oh My Gosh

It has been a mighty long time since I last posted. So how could I leave an entire month in the archives empty?

No, that won't do. Ergo, here's the crappy sop to my blogging conscience.

Obviously, I haven't had time to finish my Quiz Book in time for the Euros. I realised I needed a little more time, so I could lavish it with the care and attention, as befitting a 40-month project that is getting bigger and bigger by the day (as a result), rather than rush the big bugger into publication and end up screaming in horror as I spot 20 typos in the first 20 pages (this could/can happen). Then watch the errors mount in up all their awful, many-digited numbers.

Otherwise, I have been watching Being Human for the first time (sokay, ah so'pose). There are many more worthwhile things I could be doing instead, like work, goddamn sodding work pinching and burdening my back, like a giant mutant spider-thing, but NO. I choose to watch stuff on the internet and bemoan the encroaching winter darkness. Bemoan I say!


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