Sunday, September 20, 2009

A Note on The Giant

That quiz I set a long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...

It's been over a year now since The Giant was released and paid for by at least 60 (by now very long-suffering) participants.

Apologies once again for those who have waited and waited and waited and probably forgot it ever even happened.

Thus, I have come up with a little compensation package for everyone who ponied up the £15/£7.50 fee and not seen hide or hair of even a suggestion of things like, you know, top ten table and stuff like that.

Therefore, everyone who paid the full £15 for the 1002 Giant questions will get a £4 discount - on a "more than £12/certainly less than £19.99" price yet to be decided - off my Quiz Book. Everyone who paid £7.50 will get a £2 discount.

What's more, EVERYONE who paid to do one or both parts of the quiz will - in the next couple of weeks - be emailed a free 40-page representative sample of The Quiz Book (with question blocs cut from across the entire book) that will equate to 400 quiz questions, amounting to 28,000 relatively fact-packed words (I think).

With regards to the results and the other Giant stuff, I will get on to compiling the final placings, even - eek - marking the remainder, and emailing out the bonus quizzes, once I get the first box of books back from the printers - it's gonna be like the endscene of Back to the Future, without the "oh man, that's sooooo lame" cover illustration; I'm going black&white minimalist and will certainly not spray it with obese question marks and an offensively icky array of primary colours - hopefully, very hopefully, by the end of next month and before the EQC in Dordrecht.

And then - finally! - it will be done, finito, etc, and my increasingly gnawing sense of guilt will recede into oblivion and I will stop apologising at tri-monthly intervals for doing things I should have done about 10 months ago.


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