Tuesday, October 10, 2006

He asked for this

Viagara joke-loving, "British quiz veteran" Rob Linham e-mails on a point of pedantry. I did think about just going back and changing the quiz, but this is much more fun.

My dear old thing,

On points of pedantry (on my specialist subject: the great and the good), in case anyone decides to use that QLL-style set you posted, you may wish to note that Nicholas Phillips is Lord Phillips of Worth Matravers (no "l" involved, and he does get rather upset about it), and that Harry Woolf is Lord Woolf of Barnes. Nice chaps, the pair of them.

I remain, etc.

Pst. He's a civil servant by the way. Though he should really be doing this. Come on. Let's be having you. (Yes, Delia was another "Funny Moment")

You know I used to play on the grass tennis courts of Maltravers Park. Really badly.


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