Thursday, October 05, 2006

Nearly Done

TCQ Admin

Right, I've finished marking the Colossus question papers that have been returned to me. I need a bit of time to recover my mental equilibrium, but if there is anyone out there who hasn't sent me their completed answer sheet in and would like me to score it, then please do so ASAP and therefore take advantage of this short period of convalescence on my part.

Join one of the glorious 106 respondents to find out where you are perched in the slightly Anglo-American biased e-mail quiz universe. JOIN THEM.

Remember you will only get the answers if you do it and return it to me. If you get them by other means, I will probably disapprove by looking down my nose at your for evermore.

However, in future when I will demand filthy lucre for my quiz, everyone who pays up and enters the quiz will receive the answers, regardless of whether they wish to return their efforts to me. That's only fair isn't it?

Q: Why do I do this to myself?

A: Because deep deep down I like to drag myself through endurance-testing ordeals whenever they are related to quizzing.

Since I will be missing out on the Liverpool GP I offered, on a kind of flightly and slightly insane whim, to set a mini-buzzer tournament for the team competiton (15 starters per match rather than 20 though), not just trash, but all general knowledge - a mix of pop culture silliness, personal obsessions and brutal academia. I shiver at the thought. In a nice way.

The truth is it will give me something to do, and most of all, because setting starters and bonus sets has obvious and selfish benefits for my own quiz knowledge advancement. It's all about me, me, me (I'm lapsing into blogger raison d'etre again).

Then again, I really think there should be more buzzer quiz tournaments. A lot more (nudge, nudge, Rob). Therefore I feel compelled to step into the breach and at least make other fans of the buzzer format a mite more happier. Table quizzes get a bit moribund after a while, especially since many of us do them every week. We need buzzer quiz tournaments for that extra excitement and exhiliration and deeper knowledge examination. It is all about survival of the fittest and that is why I love the format.

I'm truly happy to provide such a service (though I'm saying this before I have to write the 67 starters and 75 bonus sets ... they will probably drive me bonkers before the end of the month ... no, I'm certain it will ... I can already foresee the question-setting frenzy gripping me and slowly driving me antisocial and weird for a couple of weeks ... it always happens).


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