Wednesday, October 04, 2006

QLL: Broken Hearts 43-33 Aldersgate

Heart Attack Time Again

Phew and ew. If last night's match was a minor film star it would look likeRon Perlman. Bless his Neanderthal brow.

It's funny we seem to thrash the opposition in one early round and then let them back in through lack of confidence and frustrating errors in the middle. Last night Sean got a first Roman triumvirate question wrong by not saying Pompey and I made a sort of whooshing sound of disappointment ("No!!!"). Mark missed the "chord" question and said "arc" to which I responded: "Look down the line, lads". I'm becoming a quiz team Martinet, it seems (Jesse says I am a stickler).

But these lost points will cost us against teams of a higher calibre. Maybe it's good we are making elementary mistakes right now, rather than against Allsorts. Maybe, we miss Bayley's rock solid solidity at number three (I'm The Cleaner; a bit like Jean Reno in La Femme Nikita without the love of slaughter). Jesse made the fair point that we were never behind, but it sure felt like it we were struggling to get a proper foothold. Never mind the ten-point gap, the problem is we are lacking the form and confidence we had at the end of the last season. This season we have been stop start and way below our best.

Though I'm fine. I got 20. Must be my more aerodynamic head.

However, I should stop having a smoke between the Tube station and the venue. By the time I get to the pub my legs feel like jelly and I seem to be so tired I actually want to rest up before I complete the journey. When I finally get there I look like I've just come from a funeral for my entire family, they having been killed in a blazing motor inferno.

Give up smoking, you say? Never! Smoking gives you up when it feels like it.

PS About The Colossus
I'm still marking them. My brain is fried. Each takes about 20 minutes and once I have completed scoring one I have to take a minute to look around to ascertain what dimension I am.

Anyway, I promise I'll post the final placings up by the end of the week. Scout's honour. Not that I was ever a boy scout. It's just a figure of speech I have never ever used before in my entire life. I thought now would be a good time to deploy it.

Culpability Admitted
A reader writes to me about the marking error on my BQC paper: "I'm also sorry about the James Hopkins marking error I made. I always check more closely that the other guy and it always seems to be the other guy who should have checked more closely than me."

Thanks. Only it's Johns Hopkins. No wonder there was an error. I would be hopping mad, like a schizoid rabbit, if it had got me within touching distance of Pat and Mark, but it didn't. I was still relatively miles behind. It's my self-inflicted incompetence on stuff I should have known that cost me. So really, I don't mind (though I'll be watching like a hawk next time, ready to jump up and shout: "HA! You thought you could get away with it again. Not this time, scoundrel! Mountebank! Desist from your score-butchery!", should it happen next time)

(Don't you love how I conduct private conversations in public just because it gives me something to put on this blog ... yes, I am a damn fule)


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