Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Work Overwhelming

I'm setting another big quiz (which is disintegrating my brain as per usual), therefore I've decided ever so graciously to stick some of the leftovers here. Aren't I kind?

1 The French socialist politician Jean Jaures founded which newspaper in 1904, and edited it until he was murdered in 1914?
2 Originating on St Kilda in the Outer Hebrides, which breed of sheep (Ovis aries) has a chocolate brown for its most common colour?
3 Which Russian novelist and poet wrote an 1832 poem in which he claimed "No, I'm not Byron, it's my role/To be an undiscovered wonder,/Like him, a persecuted wand'rer/But furnished with a Russian soul."?
4 In his 1814 poem Ode to Napoleon Bonaparte whom did Byron call "The Cincinnatus of the West"?
5 Which American economist wrote the 1942 work Capitalism, Socialism and Democracy?
6 At which resort, whose name means 'place of reeds' in Nahuatl, would you climb to the top of a cliff, bless yourself at the shrine of Virgen de Guadaloupe and jump (or dive) into the sea?
7 Which French philosopher coined the term 'L'elan vital' (The vital spirit) in his 1907 work L'Evolution creatice?
8 Which Australian swimmer broke Alain Bernard's 50m freestyle world record (he also holds the 100m record)?
9 Who is the first black governor of New York and the first legally blind governor of any state?
10 After Novosibirsk, what is the biggest city in Siberia?
11 Who married his cousin Princess Yashodhara when they were both aged 16?
12 The Flavr Savr was the first commercially grown genetically engineered food to be granted a license for human consumption. What type of fruit was it?
13 Also known for such operas as Harakiri(1973) and Three Sisters (1996–97) and the chamber opera Radames(1975/97), which Hungarian composer and conductor's Love and Other Demons was premiered on 10 August 2008 at Glyndebourne Festival?
14 Which Italian city will host its annual Eurochocolate fair from October 18 to the 26?
15 The novelists Yvonne Vera and Tsitsi Dangarembga come from which country?




Answers to FE:XXXIV
1 L'Humanite 2 Soay sheep 3 Mikhail Lermontov 4 George Washington 5 J.A. Schumpeter 6 Acapulco 7 Henri Bergson 8 Eamon Sullivan 9 David Paterson 10 Omsk 11 Buddha 12 Tomato 13 Peter Eötvös 14 Perugia 15 Zimbabwe


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