Monday, August 18, 2008

Still Squiffy

And that's the end of that ... or is it?

It probably is. I was just saying that because I think every one of my secondary headlines need a nonsensical cliffhanger from now on. I mean, it sure works with the turgid, sullen mass that constitutes British TV drama and soap opera. Why don't they ever do them on quiz shows? Tune in next week for the last five minutes of today's exciting show. It would be so very brilliantly infuriating.

So out we went. Not much to say about it. Apart from the fact that it was recorded early in the morning and I wanted to go home once we realised we had about as much chance of winning money as the UK has of getting a Graeco-Roman wrestling gold medal. AT THESE OLYMPICS! Such wit ... apologies ... see the orange headline at the top of this post.

Aside from the fact that cutting correctly answered questions from the broadcast makes quite a few decent players look like monosyllabic dumb-asses, there were a few sparkling exchanges cut from today's broadcast. Though, perhaps, I'm glad they chopped the bit where Paddy accused me of being a "metrosexual" - that's METRO by the way - because I apparently was the only team member who could tolerate watching Sex and the City (it was the continual use of Mogwai is my defence, as of about two minutes ago) and I shot back that he was about three years out of date there. On the cutting floor it went, and probably for the best.

Things I wish I'd done this summer #1: Seen Santogold at The Park stage at Glasto. If only I had known: another regretful reason to hit slap myself round the face with the metally bit of my belt. Love those dancers.

1 What stage name did the Australian-born musician Michael Peter Balzary adopt?
2 Which self-taught American sculptor (d.2006) was known for his large, colourful creations of dinosaurs made from discarded car parts and other junk, as seen in his eponymous travelling exhibition '___ ____'s Twentieth Century Dinosaurs', though he also produced both monumental and fine art, such as the life-sized Universal Woman?
3 Established in 2002, which NFL team play at the Reliant Stadium?
4 Which Bulgar ruler is credited with establishing the confederation of Old Great Bulgaria in 632, doing so by defeating the Avars and uniting all the Bulgar tribes under one rule?
5 What Vietnamese national costume primarily for women, in its current form a tight-fitting silk dress worn over pantaloons, originally derived the first part of its name from a Middle Chinese word meaning "padded coat", and which, in modern Vietnamese, refers to an item of clothing that covers from the neck down and a word meaning "long"?



Answers to FE:XXVII
1 Flea (out of Red Hot Chili Peppers) 2 Jim Gary 3 Houston Texans 4 Kubrat or Kurt 5 Aodai or ao dai


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