Tuesday, August 19, 2008


And not the EMF kind either

Watching the money round of tonight's scintillating episode of Battle of the Brains my reaction was naturally, a colossal booming WTF!!! The change in question 'intensity' was so brazen I almost laughed like a maniac. Compare and contrast to the last Ant Hill Mob match for educational purposes. Any run-of-the-mill pub quizzer could see the difference, as glaring as a bright neon sign shouting JESUS CHRIST! THIS IS TAKING THE ABSOLUTE PISS! planted in the middle of the studio floor.

The show was recorded four episodes after the last money win (Di's Diamonds in the first ever episode; their batch was recorded after ours and then broadcast first), though you might have thought it was seven or thereabouts. Obviously, they thought a £2000 win was needed - otherwise it might have looked, hurr hurr, suspicious - and it just goes to show that they could have given the money away every show if they wanted, but chose not to. I'll let you speculate why. However, if a television quiz is going to have a degree of difficulty then it must keep it consistent in every show. Even Eggheads does it, no matter the wild accusations concerning levity that people aim at it. Botb, instead, is whimsical to the point of incredulity. Just because it wanted to and possibly because it had no idea what it was doing. Honestly, what's the point in having the money carrot dangling before the contestants when it doesn't actually exist 90 per cent of the quiz show's run?

But the outrage is doubled when I think about the most successful team - the Clayheads (at least in terms of total rounds won) coming away with nothing because the production team didn't feel like giving them a fair shake, i.e. give them questions on the JJB Stadium, 'Order' and etc grrr etc. It's all so unfair! Call the UN Security Council! Alert the International Criminal Court! Surely they will do something about this grievous injustice!

1 Which Russian long distance swimmer is the reigning women's 5km and 10km Open Water world champion?
2 Stilson Hutchins founded which world-famous newspaper in 1877?
3 Which Hungarian literary figure wrote Embers/A gyertyák csonkig égnek (1942), the Hungarian title meaning 'The Candles Burn Up to the Stump', a book that expresses a nostalgia for the bygone multi-ethnic, multicultural society of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and was adapted for the London stage by Christopher Hampton in 2006?
4 Which president, who took power in 1967 and died in 2005, is the longest serving leader in African history?
5 Von Willebrand disease (vWD) is the most common hereditary abnormality of what type to be described in humans?




Answers to FE:XXVIII
1 Larisa Ilchenko 2 Washington Post 3 Sandor Marai 4 Gnassingbé Eyadéma (of Togo) 5 Coagulation


Anonymous Craig said...

And there I was waiting for the killer / stopper question in the end game and lo, it never came. Surely it can't be as simple as Wigan...or Order!

I'm wondering if this was one of the first recorded shows and they thought they can't give the money away too often.

2:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Eyadéma may have been the longest serving African ruler at the time of his death, but Omar Bongo of Gabon came to power 8 months after him (December 1967) and is still serving.

11:29 AM  

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