Wednesday, October 11, 2006

QLL: Broken Hearts 51-44 Atletico

Time for a rest

Thus ends four consecutive days of quizzes: Slough (yeah, well, I will write about it), Prez Cup, Monday night at The Prince George (look it even has its own MySpace page, but then it is Green Gartside's local) and last night's Quiz League of London match.

On Monday night we won the Triple Crown (quizzes 1 and 2 plus jackpot) for the very first time. Only what do you get? A lot of booing and protesting to the Wayne Hemingway/Moby lookalike question master that you really are above suspicion. Our vanquished foes be thickos.

The jackpot questions were hardly our finest hour. You are required to come up with three numbers and combine them to form a total, the closest to the answer being the winners (obviously).

This week it was Harrods. Our first question was what year was it opened and the second was how much did the Al-Fayed brothers buy it for? Our really quite rubbish answers were 1905 (actually 1849) and £6 million (er, £615 million). Yes, these answers were crap.

But we pulled it from the brink of nowhere with our final answer for how many bulbs are there in the facade of Harrods. We said 12,129. The answer was 12,000. Ergo, we were the closest total and we win. Cue loads of murmurring and catcalls. Cue us dividing a hundred odd-quid between us. Cue us leaving and cursing some silly patrons.

League Round Three
So we went down to Streatham last night to play Atletico in the third match of the season.

I somehow believe that nerves will shred my powers of recall before every game and ask myself now what the bleeding hell am I doing this for? This is pure insanity. Then I totally forget about such feelings and get into the game.

Truth be told we were never in trouble. We had a huge ten point or more lead throughout the first few rounds and this instills a feeling of the comfort zone in you, especially when you know you can afford to throw away a few silly points. In the end the margin was cut down to five points. One less than the last time we beat Atletico, which was an incredibly tense game, but one which felt completely different to this one.

That's a goddamn lie, I was incredibly tense. Holding onto the table and putting my head in my hands, wishing that nice, sensible questions that had nothing to do with American financial terms or people from the card game Happy Families would come my way. I was aware towards the end that I was on a full house and started going mildly hysterical. I almost forgot the name of the mayor in The Simpsons. I started believing that the thylacine had nothing to do with the Tasmanian Tiger. But it was okay: I made it and scored my first ever full house in five seasons of QLL. Give me a frickin' ticker tape parade now!

(A full house for people who don't know what it is is when you get every one of the eight questions directed to you in a quiz league match and you get, my I'm getting sleepy, two-points zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz)

Getting Ian back was a boon, especially concerning his knowledge of football teams' old names (look up Gillingham and Stockport County). He always comes up with the unexpected stuff that nobody else knows. Though, of course, like last time he took a cab to get to the Five Bells in time (or over the time). We could have forfeited if we were dealing with unscrupulous quizzer bureaucrats, but thankfully we weren't. Maybe, he should stay in London the night before. Just to make sure.

Having Ian back, however, does affect each of our bonus point tallies. I got a single one last night (and that was on the Ukrainian Orange Revolution and could have been taken by Jesse or Ian), but just like last season you have to look around you and realise, hmm, yes, my team-mates are bloody good and they should never give up two-pointers that other teams often do, on account of them not being quite as good. So, obviously the answer is to go for as many two-pointers of my own with guesses no matter how wild. Screw the team. It's all for me, me, me.

Yes, what a fantastic, selfish plan. I love it.


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