Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Enough for a Season

Words to come here about last week when I have summoned them up. Possibly from a cauldron. Not sure yet. Am still rejecting and rejigging important stuff, and dear Lord, do I have to get on with the other half of my Summer Quiz Project, which might very well turn out to be the Autumn Quiz Shebang.

For now, savour watching Ricky Gervais sidekick and goggle-eyed lanky freak of a deathly blond beanpole - I could go on and on and heap further demeaning epithets on this fellow - Stephen Merchant compete as a contestant on Blockbuster.

He sure knows his rubbish eighties pop music, a trait shared by many of my quiz contemporaries. A trait, or do I mean symptom. Of a disease. I'm not too sure. It also goes to show that there is a very faint, flickering chance that quiz show contestants can go on to far more magnificient and esteemed things. The same kind of chance Lottery ticket buyers contemplate when they get those potentially jackpot winning numbers, I suppose.

1 Published posthumously in 1971, A Happy Death was the first novel written by which French writer-philosopher?
2 Who became the first South African Test cricketer of Indian descent in 2004?
3 Which June 16, 1487 military clash is often considered the last battle of the Wars of the Roses, since it was to be the last engagement in which a Lancastrian king faced an army of Yorkist supporters, under the pretender Lambert Simnel?
4 Money no Tora (Money Tiger) was the original version of which current BBC2 show that was created by and aired on Nippon Television 2001-2004, and whose format is owned by Sony?
5 Founded in Bolton in 1895, which world famous athletics footwear and sport apparel company was originally known by the name J.W. Foster & Sons before its name was changed in 1958?



1 Albert Camus 2 Hashim Amla 3 Battle of Stoke Field 4 Dragons' Den 5 Reebok


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