Monday, July 14, 2008

Inertia Crept

More details about last week? Oh look it's the Sun, let's go out and enjoy it instead of spending it indoors in the depressing shade in front of a life-sucking computer. That's my thinking today. Only you must be thinking "Hey, what's he saying all that for when he's plainly still doing the latter and posting summat on the internets?" (ok, a stupider, less grammar-driven version of you). It's all about baby steps, and the thinking of the idea is the first bit, which is further confused by that odd feeling you get when you see the Sun, all shiney and bright, and you don't quite know what to do with it, although it does inspires thoughts of "Head to the sea! Dirty saltwater, great!". You know it's not like I'm agoraphobic or I prefer being the colour of porridge, albeit porridge of the more lively kind. For now, I've been watching the red-band trailer for stoner-comedy-thriller Pineapple Express in an obsessive manner. Best use of MIA in the mainstream media yet. And yes, I know how tragically snooty-cool that makes me sound, but slow-mo Seth Rogen and that Sri Lankan Londoner go together like, ummm, I haven't really thought out that combination/flavour-mixing. But it works.

1 According to Berber mythology, which African city was built by Sufax, son of the woman it was possibly named after and the wife of Berber hero Antaios, with the Greeks ascribing its foundation to the giant Antaeus, whose tomb and skeleton are pointed out in the vicinity, calling Sufax the son of Hercules by Antaeus's widow? The cave of Hercules, a few miles from the city, is a major tourist attraction. It is believed that Hercules slept there before one of his 12 labours.
2 What geological landform, regarded to be unique to Israel's Negev desert and the Sinai Peninsula, are commonly regarded to be "craters" although they are more accurately described as erosion cirques: examples in the Negev including the Ramon, Gadol and Katan?
3 What term, often strictly defined as a literary genre or form; although it is also found in the graphic and performing arts, derives from a two-word Latin phrase meaning "medley, dish of colourful fruits" and held by Quintilian to be a "wholly Roman phenomenon"?
4 Cultivated for human consumption, the broad bean or fava bean belongs to which genus of c.140 species of flowering plants in the family Fabaceae, native to Europe, Asia and Africa?
5 Who won the first Olympic medal of any kind for Sri Lanka, when he finished second in the 400 metre hurdles at the 1948 Games?




Answers to FE:VIII
1 Tangier 2 Makhtesh (pl. Makhteshim) 3 Satire, the two-word Latin phrase being 'satura lanx' 4 Vicia or Vetches, the scientific name for the broad bean being Vicia faba 5 Duncan White


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