Monday, September 01, 2008

BH152: Pieces of Pears

Busy. Busy. Busy.

Why? Mostly because of the Brits in Staveley and other work. So I've decided to put up a load of stuff I can never remember from Pears Quiz Companion. Yes, the notoriously unreliable Pears, but it gave me a good start in this quizzing life, albeit one that I've had to correct in due course once I've realised its factual frailities. And, anyway, it gives me a dodgy reason to resurrect my old BH series. Do not fret: one day it will rise more monumental and dispiriting to go through than ever before. Does it not make you tremble at the mere thought?

1 Clair and Solange are the title characters in which Jean Genet play?
2 Which 'Alps' mountain range spans the Adriatic coast (the former Yugoslavia and Albania)?
3 Darius Rucker found success as a member of which US band?
4 What was the last film made by Rudolph Valentino?
5 Which manufacturer won Le Mans during the years 1996-98?
6 In cookery, the term 'Montmorency' refers to food flavoured with which vegetable?
7 Which Prime Minister of France fell off the Orient Express dressed in his pyjamas?
8 Which civil servant was prosecuted for revealing information concerning the sinking of the General Belgrano?
9 Which Mormon missionary was kidnapped by Joyce McKenney?
10 Which American novel was based on the 1906 murder of Grace Brown by Chester Gillett?
11 What colour fireworks are produced by sodium?
12 In a Jane Austen novel, who marries Henry Tilney?
13 The line 'The Child is Father of the Man' features in which Wordsworth poem?
14 The Dambuster raid was launched from which location?
15 Which company made the Commando, Dominator, Manx and International motorcycle models?
16 Admiral Byng was shot in 1756 for failing to retrieve which island?
17 Who composed Circus Polka, a ballet for elephants?
18 In which film does Gregory Peck play a journalist called Joe Bradley?
19 Which orchestra featured in the Disney film Fantasia?
20 Alec Jesson and Laura Jesson are the protagonists of which film?
21 In ancient Greece, what was a 'cylix'?
22 Who sculpted the Cathedra Petri in St Peter's, Rome?
23 What is the second Sunday after Ascension called?
24 Which female poet wrote Curfew must not ring tonight?
25 Which politician was assassinated by Satwant Singh and Beant Singh?
26 Who, along with the Archbishop of Canterbury, has the right to appear before the Queen with their head covered?
27 Which French ruler was overthrown by the July Revolution in 1830?
28 The dish Scotch Woodcock consists of eggs on toast and which fish?
29 Who was the first female athlete to high jump two metres?
30 What did Margaret MacGregor and Loi Chow become the first participants in in 1999?





Answers to BH152
1 The Maids 2 Dinaric Alps 3 Hootie and the Blowfish 4 Son of Sheik 5 Porsche 6 Asparagus 7 Paul Deschanel 8 Clive Ponting 9 Kirk Anderson 10 An American Tragedy by Theodore Dreiser 11 Yellow 12 Catherine Morland (in Northanger Abbey) 13 My Heart Leaps Up 14 Scampton 15 Norton 16 Minorca 17 Stravinsky 18 Roman Holiday 19 Philadelphia Orchestra 20 Brief Encounter 21 Drinking cup 22 Bernini 23 Whitsun 24 Rose Thorpe 25 Indira Gandhi 26 Baron Kinsale 27 Charles X 28 Anchovies 29 Rosie Ackermann 30 First official professional boxing bout between man and woman (MacGregor won)


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