Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Weekend fast approaching

But then they always do

Don't they?

1 Which Brazilian educator (1921-97) argued in Pedagogia do oprimido/Pedagogy of the Oppressed (1968/70) that literacy is more than a skill and education more than a technique, and are tools for the development of conscientizacao ('conscientization' or conscious awareness) of one's place within society and its power structures as a way of transforming one's existence by becoming an active rather than passive victim?
2 What title, meaning 'Splendour of God', was adopted by Mirza Husayn Ali Nuri?
3 Which American athlete is the only man to have won Olympic golds in both sprinting and hurdling events, doing so in the 100m in 1948 and the 110m hurdles in 1952?
4 Port Adelaide Power, Richmond Tigers and Collingwood Magpies are teams that play which sport?
5 Which German artist, born in Eberswalde in 1944, became known for her large-format colour photographs of often empty public or semi-public interiors and social spaces, devoting herself to this theme from 1979; a theme that has been supplemented since 1990 by her Zoologische Garten (Zoos)?
6 Which King Vidor silent film classic of 1928 is about a New York officer worker Johnny Sims (James Murray), who despite being born on the 4th of July fails to fulfill his quest to achieve the American Dream in the midst of numerous failures and tragedies?
7 The art movement of Cubism was named by hostile critic Louis Vauxcelles after which French artist's description of Braque's images as "cubes"?
8 Which 85-year-old Japanese director, known for his jarring visual style, irreverent humour, nihilistic cool and entertainment-over-logic sensibility, directed the 1960s films Tokyo Drifter and Branded to Kill, and in 2001, Pistol Opera?
9 Which German philosopher and sociologist identified three realms of scientific knowledge in Knowledge and Human Interest (1968) and argued that the empirical-analytical sphere had eclipsed the hermeneutic and critical domains?
10 Who finished in the silver medal position in the 100m at the 1982 Brisbane Commonwealth Games behind winner Alan Wells?
11 Which athlete won 100m Olympic gold in Tokyo and became a Super Bowl winner with the Dallas Cowboys in 1972, but was later jailed for drug trafficking in 1979?
12 It has been said of which Danish artist, whose installations include the "morbid joke" Laughing Gas Chamber (1996) and the ongoing video/publication/installation project Diary of Plasma: "The human body as matter, its relation to authority and to the social body, is a key approach to his world of subversion and ecstasy"?
13 Which American artist's works include the photo-slide show with music, The Ballad of Sexual Dependency (1986), the film I'll Be Your Mirror (1995) and The Portfolio Cookie Mueller (1976-91), a picture series that traced her relationship with the eponymous star of John Waters's early films from first encounters through to the actress's funeral after her death from AIDS in 1989? 14 Which Hindu movement, founded in India in 1960 and in the West in 1971, proclaimed a boy-guru Maharaj Ji (b.1958) as the last avatar of God?
15 Which American philosopher and intellectual historian, who founded the field known as the history of ideas, traced the history of the concept of 'hierarchy of being' - that all creation, from the lowest inanimate matter through plants and animals to humans, angels, and finally to God, forms a continuous progressive chain - in his seminal 1936 study The Great Chain of Being?

Unspeakable bonus: In psychology, what is 'scoptophilia' or 'scopophilia'?




Answers to FE:XXXVIII
1 Paulo Freire 2 Baha'ullah (as in Baha'i) 3 (William) Harrison Dillard 4 Aussie Rules 5 Candida Höfer 6 The Crowd 7 Henri Matisse 8 Seijun Suzuki 9 Jürgen Habermas 10 Ben Johnson 11 Bob Hayes or Robert Lee ("Bullet Bob") Hayes 12 Henrik Plenge Jakobsen 13 Nan Goldin 14 The Divine Light Mission 15 Arthur O. Lovejoy or Arthur Oncken Lovejoy

Unspeakable bonus: I read that it was the morbid desire to watch, which was palatable. Then I looked up a proper definition, which states that it is "a sexual dependency on openly observing sex organs and sexual acts, as opposed to voyeurism which is secret". Which is like, ewwww. I much preferred the former explanation. The latter definition is just plain sex mad.


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